How to Use Visualization to Win the Lottery: Step By Step


Step #1 – Comfortable Meditative Position:  

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Sitting in An arm chair, or how to win the lottery visualizationlying down on your back, with your hands and arms at your side, on a bed is good.




Step #2 – Relax:

– Put yourself into the Alpha brainwave state: close your eyes, count yourself down into the alpha brainwave state (count backwards from 50 to 1 at a 

alpha brain wave lottery

comfortable natural pace) This will relax you surely and 




y. If you feel your limbs become heavy like lead, or if  you notice your breath become shallow, then you have reached the


 Alpha Brainwave State. This is important, so that the images and feelings you are about to create will be accepted by your subconscious mind.


Step #3 -Lottery Visualization Meditation:  

Imagine/Visualize that you have just won the lottery. See yourself at how to win the lottery subconscious mindyour own lottery winner press conference. Include the press, the flashing lights of cameras taking your photo, and you as the focus of the press event.


Step #4 – See the specifics  of winning the lottery in the present:

See yourself holding the large Cardboard lottery check with your first and last name on it.

Step #6 – Feel the Embodiment of the Visualization:

Hold that positive image of yourself (visualization) for 5-10 minutes, until it feels like you are actually winning the lottery in your physical body. There is a feeling, and when you come out, and open your eyes, you will understand what I am talking about. ) Your subconscious mind does not know the difference and only seeks to make what you impress upon it –Real.

Step #8  – How many days should I visualize/Meditate My Lottery Win:


 Do this visualization  exercise for at least 21 days straight at minimum – 4 straight months at maximum. Cynthia Stafford visualized for 4 Months and won $112 M, in the lottery.



Step #9 – Allow!:  

Stop visualizing in order to allow. When we use our subconscious mind, to send out the request to the universe, that we want to win the lottery, this is called “the asking process.” When we stop asking, this part of the manifesting process  is called “allowing.”  Allowing is important because, we must allow the universe to do its work in manifesting our desire on our behalf. During the “allowing” process, be sure to stop all subconscious efforts to win the lottery. It is within the “allowing” energy, that the lottery win, will manifest itself. While you are asking the lottery win will not come, because the universe is still getting clear on the details, things always manifest when we least expect it to, and when we forget about it.


Lottery Winner: Manifesting $112 Million

how to win the lottery

Cynthia Stafford puts great stock in the power of positive thinking. “Everything starts with your thoughts,” she says. “Whatever it is you want to achieve, you’ve got to believe in it first.” One thing Stafford believed in fervently was providing a loving home for the five children of her brother Keith, who was killed in a 1999 car accident. After rescuing the kids from foster care, Stafford quit her job as a computer-training account executive and settled in to be a full-time aunt. As the years ticked by, money grew tight. “The kids were asking for things,” she says. “I did not like telling them no.” The solution came in a vision. When the number $112 million appeared in her mind in late 2004, Stafford wrote it down, put it under her pillow and set her mind to winning the lottery. 

When a Quick Pick jackpot rose to her magic $112 million mark in the spring of 2007, Stafford bought a ticket. The winning number, announced on Mother’s Day, proved to be hers alone. “It definitely changed my way of living,” she says. She divided the haul with her dad and another brother. Childcare and expenses had been “a family effort,” she says. “It just felt right.” She also set money aside for her nieces’ and nephews’ futures, started a foundation that exposes underprivileged local kids to the arts and indulged a self-professed shopaholic streak (many Birkin purses, one Bentley convertible). Then Stafford got back to the business of positive thinking. She envisioned a film production company, then founded it. She also envisioned her perfect guy. “I had a list of qualities I wanted,” she says. She found him-on the set of her first movie. Now married to Lanre Idewu, 35, who owns a fitness company, Stafford still plays the lottery. “Why not?” she says, laughing. “This time I’m visualizing a much larger amount.


20 Powerful Weight loss Affirmations

Weight loss Affirmations

20 powerful affirmations to lose weight,

get sexy, and make healthy food choices.

Your affirmation does not have to be true….to work wonders in your life

The way the affirmations work is on your subconscious mind, whatever you feed your subconscious, it will believe and then it will go about doing everything in its power to make that thought, that is impressed upon it, real in your current life experience. I too have struggled with losing weight and i know simple solutions work best. The mind is where the weight loss happens before it manifests in the physical.

You can program your subconscious mind for weight loss

I have created for you 20 weight loss affirmations based on my own successes using affirmations and based on my studies of the subconscious mind. I know what works and what does not work. My hope is that these weight loss affirmations, will help you achieve your weightloss goals, and become a happier more well rounded individual.

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #1 “Dieting, weight loss, and exercise comes natural…”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #2 “In control of the food I eat”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss: #3 “Losing weight is easy”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #4 “I always make healthy food choices”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #5 “In control of food cravings and hunger”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #6 “Losing weight is easy!”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #7 “…The size I always wanted to be.”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #8 “No more cravings for sweet or salty foods”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #9 “Food has no control over me”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #10 “I am leaner and stronger!”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #11 “I Lost 20 Pounds!”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #12 “I look forward to going to the gym”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #13 “Losing weight has become so easy”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #14 “I love to work out now”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #15 “…sexier and sexier everyday.”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #16 “No desire to eat carbs”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #17
“I love to eat healthy foods!”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #18 “Losing more and more weight every day”
Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #19 “Today losing weight was easy”

Visualization for more effective affirmations

Create a vision for yourself, already at your ideal weight. see it, in your mind eye, every night before you drift off to sleep, and upon waking up in the morning, then say your weight loss affirmations. I like to say my affirmations in the shower. I find it puts a positive energy over my day, and helps me to remember to say them daily. Sort of like combining two tasks into one.

Can I use more than one affirmation at a time?

Yes, you most certainly can use more than one affirmation at a time. I have 3 affirmations going right now. One for money, one for wealth building, and one for general happiness. They are all working just fine. Actually I manifested an unexpected $750.00 in just one month. That felt good. Look out for my other affirmation books.

What is your best tip for weight loss beyond using affirmations?

Cut out carbs!

I have seen so many people having success with weight loss, simply by cutting out carbohydrates, while still enjoying all the other foods they love to eat, including junk food.

Eating strictly fruits vegetables, no salt no sugar, no sweet drinks, only water to drink, will take the weight off super fast as well. I have done this combined with daily exercise and weight loss affirmations for rapid weight loss results.

Apples are a great snack to carry with you when going out for the day, and to snack on at home between meals. They are packed with fibre and help keep the metabolism running smoothly. Try eating an apple before or after your meal.

How to use the affirmations

Say these affirmations as if you are eating your favorite cake in slow motion and you want to show and tell the whole world just how yummy and delectable it is. Read your affirmations with seduction, conviction, and in the present tense, as if it has already taken place.

How many times a day should I read my affirmations?

Read your affirmations twice daily. Upon waking up, and once before drifting off to sleep. If you read your affirmations 3x daily instead, you will increase its power.

Should i memorize my affirmation?

No. there is no need to memorize your affirmations. Part of the power of these affirmations is in reading them right off the screen. Reading the affirmations helps our subconscious mind to absorb the words. I used very powerful love affirmations to meet and marry my husband, who turned out to be my twin flame. PLease look out for my love and relationship affirmation book in the future.

What can i expect from using these weight loss affirmations?

After you have started reading your weight loss affirmations consistently with feeling and conviction as if your desire has already has occurred, you can expect to see positive change in your life regarding curbing cravings, desire to exercise, more commitment to work out, etc. Of course results will depend on your personal commitment to lose weight and your consistency in using your weight loss affirmations.

Why do affirmations work?

Affirmations work because the beauty of them is already who you are. I did not say a part of who you are, but who you are period. They say that people are energy, and that when we are completely in spirit we communicate telepathically. Therefore the use of affirmations “works” upon our inborn ability to achieve what we want simply by thinking it.

3 tips to Make your affirmations part of your daily routine easily

  • Put your affirmations on your mirror using a yellow sticky note!
  • Place some affirmation sticky notes on your laptop at home or on the side of Your computer screen at work.
  • Carry a Q card of bright colors in your purse or backpack, with your favorite weight loss affirmations written on it.

How affirmations have changed my life

I have been my best, and accomplished my most, when I have implemented positive daily affirmations into my life.

My power is in affirmations, meditation and God. Affirmations have restored my hope, my power, my love for life, and given me a new life that I love. Now I am bringing these tools to you. I hope that You will have great success with these weight loss affirmations.

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #1 “Dieting, weight loss, and exercise comes natural…”

“I am powerful.
Being slim and sexy feels so good.
Dieting, weight loss, and exercise, comes natural to me now.
Thank you universe.”

This weight loss affirmation is for the woman who struggles with all the important aspects of losing weight.

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #2 “In control of the food I eat”

“I am powerful and in control of the food I eat…and the quantity.
I enjoy eating healthy, and I enjoy healthy food portions.
I just love my new body, and my new life. Thank you universe.”

This weight loss affirmation is for those who feel out of control about the foods they eat.

Powerful affirmation for weight loss: #3 “Losing weight is easy”

“I am powerful. Losing weight is easy!
I always knew I could do it.
Thank you universe. I am so blessed.”

If losing weight has been difficult, use this affirmation to reprogram your mind to make it easy.

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #4 “I always make healthy food choices”

“I am powerful. I always
Make healthy food choices.
I eat only when I am hungry.
I am truly blessed. “

If you struggle with choosing healthy nutritious foods, instead of unhealthy foods, try this weight loss affirmation.

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #5 “In control of food cravings and hunger”

“I am powerful and in control of food cravings,
Even though I get hungry at night, I do not eat.
Thank you universe.”

Do you have a hard time fighting food cravings….?this weight loss affirmation is for you.

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #6 “Losing weight is easy!”

“I am powerful,
Losing weight is easy.
I choose to eat healthy food. I love life. Thank you universe.”

If you have been telling yourself that losing weight is hard…use this affirmation for change.

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #7 “…The size I always wanted to be.”

“I am powerful, I am now becoming the size I always wanted to be. Slim, sexy and healthy.
Life feels good. I am so blessed.”

To help to boost you to the size you want to be…use this affirmation.

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #8 “No more cravings for sweet or salty foods”

“I am so happy now. I have no more cravings for sweet or salty foods. I always knew I could do it.
Life is such a pleasure.
Thank you universe.”

Is the desire for sugary and Salty foods, keeping you fat? Use this weight loss affirmation with conviction.

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #9 “Food has no control over me”

“I am powerful. Food has no control over me. I keep busy, snack healthy and I am losing weight.
Thank you universe.
I am so blessed.”

Do you feel like food is controlling your life…?this weight loss affirmation is right for you.

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #10 “I am leaner and stronger!”

“I am powerful. The universe guides me to eat healthy foods that help me lose weight. I am leaner, stronger and I have more energy.
Thank you universe. I am so happy.”

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #11 “I Lost 20 Pounds!”

“I am so powerful. The universe is supporting me in my weight loss journey. I am losing more and more weight everyday. I lost 20 pounds already.
Thank you universe.”

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #12 “I look forward to going to the gym”

“I am so powerful. I look forward to going to the gym. I now have the body I always wanted. Thank you my beautiful universe.”

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #13 “Losing weight has become so easy”

“I am powerful. Losing weight, and staying fit has become so easy now. My future is bright. Thank you universe.”

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #14 “I love to work out now”

“I am powerful. I am losing weight and keeping it off. I love to work out now. I always knew I could do it. Thank you universe.”

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #15 “…sexier and sexier everyday.”

“I have the power and I am losing weight. I am getting sexier and sexier everyday.
thank you my beautiful universe.”

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #16 “No desire to eat carbs”

“Losing weight is easy now.
I have no desire to eat carbs.
Success feels good.
I am so happy. Thank you universe.”

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #17
“I love to eat healthy foods!”

“I am powerful. I love to eat healthy foods. No more sugar cravings, no more salt cravings. I am losing weight and I feel amazing.
Thank you universe.”

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #18 “Losing more and more weight every day”

“I am losing more and more weight everyday. My energy is through the roof, I feel great.
Thank you universe.”

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #19 “Today losing weight was easy”

“I am powerful. Today losing weight is easy.
I feel the difference in my body. I am so happy, thank you universe.”

Powerful affirmation for weight loss – #20 “I make healthy food choices”

“I am powerful. I make healthy food choices.
I am enjoying my weight loss journey. Thank you universe.”


Twelve zodiac signs meanings: Aries, Taurus, Gemini…

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Aries

Aries is ruled by mars the planet of action, aggression, war and sex. The Aries zodiac can make a person unnecessarily challenging, competitive, argumentative and successful. Aries likes to be first and won’t settle for second. You can tell when an Aries walks into a room because he does so appearing confident and fearless. Click here to find aries compatibility,love matches or check out the zodiac love compatibility chart

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Taurus

Taurus is ruled by Venus. The zodiac sign meaning of Taurus is gentle, persistent, stubborn, steadfast, and sensual. This zodiac sign has also been know to be boring, plain, too organized and too materialistic. You can identify a Taurus by their natural ability to help others to organize their lives and provide support to friends in need. Get Taurus compatibility matches here.

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Gemini

Gemini is ruled by Mercury. The zodiac sign meaning of Gemini is of the twins. This, is indicative of Geminis dual personality and enormous urge to acquire a long term love partner in life…even better than that to find his “soul mate.” Geminis can be argumentative, have addictive personalities and make excellent love partners and spouses. They tend to be faithful, supportive, and very undemanding. How can you tell when you have met a Gemini…watch them charm the birds out of the trees!

twelve zodiac signs meanings: cancer

Cancer is ruled by the moon. The zodiac sign meaning of cancer is the crab. This is indicative of cancerians need to retreat when feeling hurt. however if you ever meet a cancerian when they are happy you will find them warm, friendly, and entertaining. How can you spot a cancerian in a group. He’s the one who cracks the jokes that causes you to laugh out loud. Did Cancer make the list of “the best zodiac signs…?” find out!

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Leo

Leo is ruled by the sun. The zodiac sign meaning of Leo is the lion. This is indicative of Leos desire to be the king of all he does especially money and admiration. Leos love to be well regarded by their peers, and take consistent action to make this so. But they are not “show offs.” They just want to be the king! A real king knows he is a king and will always be a king no matter what and has respect for others. Want to make a Leo happy? Say thank you meaningfully every time they do something for you. Check out the personality traits of Leo for more in formation.

twelve zodiac signs meaning; Virgo

Virgo doesn’t really have a planet ruler ship, but most astrologers believe it might be chiron. Virgos are analytical, neat, discriminating, pure, down to earth, and obsessed with details. Virgos are also quite intelligent due to their ability to discriminate and categorize. Virgos are a mutable sign so they are flexible…Virgos are usually very successful because they are an earth sign and because they like to see things in order. This refers to getting the groceries done, getting the laundry done…all the day to day things of life, seem to come naturally to Virgo making them great long term partners.

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Libra

Libras planetary ruler ship is Venus. Libras love love! They also love to laze around with friends chatting away, and of course – in true Libran style… looking pretty / or handsome! Libras can do anything they make up their minds to do. They just need love to motivate them. Libras are fun relaxed, open minded, adventurous, and love to live life to the fullest. They make excellent marriage partners and parents and party planners. Libras excel at anything that allows them to socialize…especially in a one to one setting. All in Libras are fun and love to make those around them laugh.

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Scorpio

Scorpios planetary ruler is Pluto, the planet of intimacy regeneration and transformation. Scorpios triplicity is fixed, so they don’t favour change. When a Scorpio loves you, you can pretty much bet it will be forever. They like to love for the “long haul.” They will forgive you for most things as long as you do them “unintentionally,” as opposed to intentionally. Scorpios motto in life is…”live and let live” They are very supportive of loved ones and expect total honesty in return. The Scorpio zodiac is one of my favourite signs. Keep up the good work Scorpio. Learn more about scorpio by checking out the “scorpio zodiac symbol” page.

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Sagittarius

Sagittarius is benevolent, optimistic, expansive and free! They don’t like anybody telling them what to do. Why should they? They’ve got there own plan. In true fire sign fashion, a Sagittarius man or woman wants what they want, and goes out and gets it. You’ll be left in the dust if you expect this zodiac to wait around for you. Sagittarius are always willing to help out a friend in need. They are ruled by lucky Jupiter, which loves freedom and adventure and of course the best of any and everything. Want to be friends with a Sagittarius..talk about all the good fun things you plan to do in your life. Did Sagittarius make the list of “the best zodiac signs…?”

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Capricorn

Capricorn is the mature grandfather of the zodiac. He keeps time, understands the importance of being prepared, and keeps going until the job is complete. Capricorn zodiac in astrology is ruled by Saturn…the planet of lesson and maturity. Capricorns thrive on structure and rules, better than most zodiac signs would. This is why most Capricorns begin to really enjoy life in the later stages. As a cardinal sign…The Capricorn zodiac don’t let the grass grow under their feet. When there is a task to be done – they get it done!

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Aquarius

Aquarius is the trend setter and the actor of the zodiac. They love to entertain groups of people. This could be with a wild story or with their on stage theatrical personality.
Aquarius are also planners. They like to improve their financial status and save money. Saving money is important to them so much so that they are willing to spend less “now” in order to have more money later. Aquarius are chatty…they don’t know when they are talking too much. This is probably due to their planet ruler Aquarius who represents constant change and doesn’t really seem to know where his place is. The best quality about Aquarius is they like every body and make friends easily.

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Pisces

Pisces are the feelers of the zodiac. Sometimes they take on the feelings of others not realizing that they are not their own. Pisces loves to be in touch with his or her own emotions. They dream of the perfect life…where feelings and emotions are a priority. Pisces need people in there life to ground them, otherwise there ruling planet Neptune can cause them to lose touch with reality. Apart from this, Pisces make great friends to talk to and spend time with as they are always just reaching for the ideal in all situations.

compatibilities between zodiac signs meanings explanations the best zodiac signs personality traits zodiac characteristics dates scorpio symbol libra scales aries twelve zodiac meanings character traits love matches love compatbility soul mates libra compatibility chart star signs taurus compatibility music and songs…and much much more!


Leo Man, Leo Male in Love & Relationships

leo male, leo boyfriend, leo husband, leo men, leo man

  • Leo man characteristics
  • Leo male love
  • Leo Traits
  • Leo Husband Personality
  • Leo Male dating character

The leo sign is ruled by the sun, in astrology

This Causes him to be....
  • boastful and sometimes arrogant
  • ego pleasing
  • falls in love too easily
  • live for the moment
  • hates direction from superiors
  • very generous to all that love him
  • humorous
  • very supportive of his love partner
  • has a huge zest for life
  • good mind for business and making money
  The Gift Giver
The Leo boyfriend will always buy you gifts because he cant help him self. He is generous to a fault and loves to have a special lady in his life to pamper and spoil. This "king" of the zodiac is sure to make you feel like a queen.

Likes Happiness!

The Leo boyfriend will listen! A surprise...compared to most men and other zodiac personalities, I know. The Leo boyfriend is a great catch. He really cares about how others feel, and tries to make others around him happy and comfortable.

You Always come First!The Leo zodiac sign will dedicate him self to his relationship. Rarely will you ever feel like you come second to this zodiac signs male friends. He puts his woman first, and his family

hey Big spender... The Leo boyfriend loves to spend money. He almost cant keep it in his hand. Leos believe life is for the living. So the Leo boyfriend spends like there is no Tomorrow...learn to love it.

Shy about Deep feelings

The Leo man often hides his feelings. He prefers not to put his burdens on others, even if they are the source of his unhappiness, this is just his zodiac character.
  • a libra woman
  • a Gemini woman
  • playing x box
  • going go carting
  • playing with play do
  • making paper mache
  • playing competitive sports
  • swimming
  • basketball
Hello their ladies. The leo male, and leo boyfriend are my favorite. I have never had a relationship with one, but knowing what the zodiac leo personality traits are all about, I predict that the leo boyfriend would be one of the best a girl could have. Get a complete lovers compatibility report from boyfriendastrology.com  The sun shines brightly and is warm, touching everyone they come into contact with, with an energy that is loving warm, kind, and fun. This is the biggest reason this is actually my favorite zodiac sign in astrology. Share your thoughts with me, in the comments. Are leo boyfriends all that? list of leo characteristics, and, leo character traits  
  • zodiac Leo negative characteristics:
  • too Sensitive
  • bad with spending (money)
  • Loves to party too often
zodiac Leo positive characteristics:
  • Very warm and understanding
  • so, affectionate
  • Treats his lady like a Queen
  • Takes all his friendships and relationships very seriously
leo boyfriend personality traits The leo boyfriend is one of the best! Here is how you know he loves you leo zodiac love matches in astrology, and zodiac compatibiltiy for leo The Leo zodiac sign best love matches are ... a Leo woman, an aries woman, a Sagittarius woman....or and... These zodiac signs are good for leo in love compatibility because they will understand leos need for adventure, spending money, and consistant fun.

Leo Boyfriend As a husband

I think its clear. If the Leo zodiac boyfriend is just amazing. He is just as a amazing or even more so as a husband. Leo male personalities make great fathers to their children. They rule the 5th house in astrology which rules children and creativity, therefor they love to spend time with their children and will enjoy the activities that their children enjoy as well...such as... almost all children s activities will be fun for the leo husband. tell me about the Leos in your life....are they fun, generous and affectionate? leave me a comment.  

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Virgo Man: Virgo Male, Virgo Boyfriend in Love and Relationships

Virgo Male

How to Recognize him at a Dinner Party

Virgo zodiac sign man, is the guy at the dinner party, who can’t stop checking your body. At first you are not sure…but you double check over the back of your shoulder just to be sure. He sees you looking and smiles. He is slim, his hair red, cut short. He winks at you. You smile and give him a flirtatious wink back. He is wearing a red dress shirt and some nicely tailored grey slacks. His appearance is clean and neat. You notice he is allowing his eyes to travel up and down the back of your entire body, and he looks pleased with what he sees. You hope he will approach you soon, because you want to get to know him…but some how he just keeps checking out your body from afar…weird!

 Virgo Boyfriend Personality & Characteristics


  •  House Rulership: Sixth House: Job, Routine, Small Animals, Health, Hygiene
  •  Virgo Boyfriend Planet Rulership, Chiron:
    Strict, Analytical, Suppotinve,. Discriminating, Orderly/Organized, Tactile, High Standards


  • Total body clean!!!
  • The Virgo Boyfriend likes total body cleanliness. (Hygiene) Many tend to practice “above average” hygiene routines. You may find that your Virgo Boyfriend, often prims, and tweezes, more than the average man.The Virgo boyfriend may have a small pet at home as this zodiac sign tends to be attracted to “small animals.” The zodiac sign of Virgo, enjoys helping those in need, so his pet may have been formerly abandoned and found, or may have come from the local pound.
  •  Keeping up appearances!Virgo Boyfriends like to keep up their appearances, Many have a membership at their local fitness gym or, have some “strength training” equipment at home, as they like to stay slim and fit.(fitness)
  • Many Virgos prefer to wake up in the morning and be productive getting all errands done for the day, even on his off days. The Virgo Boyfriend will have a daily routine, besides his Job, and will not like to be encouraged to deviate away from this. (routine)
  • Very Analytical
  • The Virgo Boyfriend may be very Analytical. In the beginning of your courtship he may ask you many questions in order to understand, your behavior, and your outlook on life. He does not mean to Judge, but he may draw conclusions based on your responses. (Analytical)
  • High Standards for Relationship
  • The Virgo Boyfriend may have very high standards in terms of what he expects from you. He is serious about life, personal achievements, and maintaining a successful appearance. (High Standards) He is likely to tell you what he thinks of you in an effort to encourage you to raise your standards.
  • As an Earth sign, The Virgo Boyfriend is a natural at organization, and order. He likes to keep his car and home, organized, neat and tidy. So, keep this in mind when you visit his pad, or when you get into his car. (Orderly/Organized)
  • Affectionate to a Fault!
  • The Virgo Boyfriend is very affectionate and supportive. When you need him, he will be there. Nursing, is a quality of the 6th house (Virgos house) So Virgos are known to be very sensitive to the feelings, and needs of others. They are always willing to help a friend in need. Even over, and over, again.


 Virgo Boyfriend Dating Behavior

  • May “nit pick” many things when he is unhappy about something 
  • May seem Oddly sensual
  • Enjoys doing unusual things in the bedroom
  • Is sensitive to your beauty
  • Can become Critical of your actions
  •  May tell you if he doesn’t like your outfit
  • May “click” with your pet
  • Does not mind running errands for you
  • May admire and touch your hair, skin, and clothing
  •  Is organized and clean, and expects the same
  • May expect you to do things perfectly (Perfectionism)
  • May have a feminine body or feminine gestures
  • Enjoys making out for a long period of time
  • Seeks marriage and commitment not long term dating
  • May be the leader in the relationship

 Virgo Boyfriend Love Compatibility


  •  Virgo Boyfriend & Virgo Girlfriend

The Virgo Girlfriend and the Virgo Boyfriend are a perfect match. Two same zodiac signs creates an instant soul mate connection. Love and Understanding. A Great love match.

  • Virgo Boyfriend & Libra Girlfriend

Virgo and Libra have a good Chemistry. They are both interested in pushing boundaries and testing new waters. From Libra Girlfriend Virgo will learn to lighten up and have fun no matter what the situation. From Virgo will learn that to be successful in life, you must first build a solid foundation by applying yourself every day. A great love match.

  • Virgo Boyfriend & Scorpio Girlfriend

The Scorpio Girlfriend is reserved, deep and penetrating. She is also very committed to her boyfriends. The Virgo Boyfriend is free spirited, Analytical and fun loving. He is committed to his Girlfriend. A great love match.

  • Virgo Boyfriend & Sagittarius Girlfriend

These two can achieve a lot in life as partners. Try not to get into verbal spats that escalate into ugly words that cannot be undone. Sagittarius woman is fiery and loves to increase her earnings. Virgo boyfriend is routine, but he also likes to increase his earnings. A good love match.

  • Virgo Boyfriend & Capricorn Girlfriend

Capricorn Girlfriend is one of the Best Love Matches for the Virgo Boyfriend. Virgo is somewhat flexible as a mutable sign, and very down to earth. Capricorn is outgoing, and also down to earth. These two understand each other. A great love match.

  • Virgo Boyfriend & Aquarius Girlfriend

The Aquarius Girlfriend is friendly, organized, and free spirited. The Virgo Boyfriend is friendly, organized, and also free spirited. These two have a lot in common. They are both goal setters and high achievers. A great love match.

  • Virgo Boyfriend & Pisces Girlfriend

These two are opposite zodiac signs. They will be instantly physically attracted to each other. However sometimes opposite zodiac signs in love experience strain, in the relationship. Can work if both are committed to the relationships. A good love match.

  •  Virgo Boyfriend & Aries Girlfriend

The Aries Girlfriend will provide much fun, friendship, and stimulation for the Virgo Boyfriend. The Virgo Boyfriend won’t mind it, as long as he knows, he is the only man in her life. The Virgo Boyfriend, helps the Aries woman to set boundaries, and learn to enjoy life in a more low key manner. A good love match.

  • Virgo Boyfriend & Taurus Girlfriend
Taurus Girlfriend is of the Best Love matches for the Virgo Boyfriend. Taurus Girlfriend may be wild at times, but she is hard working and loves to build money in the bank. The Virgo Boyfriend, is sensual maybe even “freaky” at times, but he is also hard working and like to save money for the future. These two earth signs have a lot in common. A great love match.
  • Virgo Boyfriend & Gemini Girlfriend

This is a great love match because both these zodiac signs are both flexible, and value friendship within the relationship. Gemini Girlfriend is social, warm, and caring…Seeking her soulmate. Virgo Boyfriend, is down to earth, very loving, and seeking his one and only lady. A great love match indeed.

Virgo Boyfriend & Cancer Girlfriend

Water and Earth Get along in astrology. Cancerian Girlfriend will find comfort in her virgo Boyfriend. Virgo Boyfriend provides stability, friendship, routine, and support, for the sensitive, domestic, loving heart of the Cancerian Girlfriend. A great love match.

Virgo Boyfriend & Leo Girlfriend

The Leo Girlfriend may be too wild for the Virgo Boyfriend. Leo Women are free spirited, and like to push the limits in having fun. Virgo Boyfriends, are dedicated, affectionate, and searching for his wife. If the Leo Girlfriend is ready to settle down, these two will share lots of affection love, and stimulation within the relationship. A good love match.

Virgo Boyfriend Best Love Matches


  • Virgo Girlfriend, Taurus Girlfriend, Capricorn Girlfriend Scorpio Girlfriend, Virgo Cancer Girlfriend



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My First Blog Post

My First Blog Post

This is my first blog post. I had to get it out of the way. Today is July 13, 2018, 12:19 am. I gave my ex my heart, my soul, my body, my love, my time, my money, and he crushed every single inch of every single thing I gave him. It was the best thing that every happened to me. Now I see my self and my life completely different. Never again, I am worth too much. The next man I give the privilege of being with me, if he will not roll out a red carpet for me no questions asked, then he is not worth my time. Uranus came and slammed my 7th house, in 2017. I’m done. Done. Thank you. Done. Thanks for reading. More about this in another blog post. I cannot talk about all at one time. Thanks.