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The Truth about “Good Luck” &  “Bad Luck”

A lot of people think they have good luck all figured out. Good luck is a 2 step process. Removing the bad luck, and bringing in the good luck. That is why as an avid gambler, and someone who has studied the subconscious mind, I created this website for people who want to have good luck in life. So Remove the bad luck first, then this will give you a clearance so to speak, then bring in the good luck. This is when you use your prayers, good luck charms, Lucky Days etc. If you put good luck on top of bad luck you get what? More bad luck, with perhaps a sprinkle of good luck.

I highly recommend my manifesting Pyramid for anybody who wants an all around good luck, in work, life, gambling everything. Then I recommend, the incense for the home to remove negative energy and entities. Then I recommend you keep track of your lucky days if you are a gambler. I will have more services and products to help with good luck and bad luck and gambling, love, lottery etc. But for now these 3 should do the trick to help you get started.

Is it possible to win the lottery by your subconscious mind?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to win the lottery by the power of your subconscious mind, and Cynthia Stafford is proof that we as humans do have the power to train our subconscious minds. She used Visualization and meditation to bring about her win of $112 M. Amazing, and an inspiration to the rest of us to train our subconscious mind to bring about positive and drastic changes in our lives. Part of winning is to believe. But its beyond belief, it’s to know that you have this inborn ability that if utilized, can remove all fears about life. Especially the fear of obtaining wealth and riches.

Cynthia Stafford predicted, she would win the lottery for a Second time !

Cynthia Stafford said in one of her interviews, that she would win again. Could you imagine such a statement. Most people haven’t even won a lottery Jackpot once, let alone to win again. Her exact statement was in response to a question. She said “thanks for reminding me, I am going to win again.” It was amazing. Now that I have been following her story, I understand the second win. Cynthia Stafford has gone bankrupt. She must win big in the lottery again to regain the lifestyle that she had. I know she can and will do it again. By the power of her mind. Amazing.

We train our subconscious mind every day without knowing it

The truth is we train our subconscious mind every day without knowing it, it’s better to learn how to do it deliberately without making a mistake so that we create things we want instead of things we do not want. Cynthia Stafford is amazing example that we can use our minds for prosperity and abundance and to even choose the amount of money that we gain. God is so good. Cynthia Stafford said that she always believe in the power of the mind. She said she was always interested in books of that nature. His favorite is called The power of your subconscious mind by Doctor Joseph Murphy. She said it is this book that gave her the example of what to do in order to win the lottery. Book a private coaching session with me by phone, for one on one subconscious mind training. email me, at or

1 tip for training your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy

One tip for training your subconscious mind by Dr Joseph Murphy is to say one single pertinent word of the goal you want to reach, just as you are drifting off to sleep . He says our subconscious mind can take care of all the details because its only job is to make real whatever we impress upon it. So one of his examples is to repeat the word wealth slowly as we are drifting off to sleep, the subconscious mind will get the message.

How can a person manifest a lottery win?

To win the lottery you have to play consistently. I only play the lottery on my pay-day, which is once a month, the probability is that, that is not going to cut it. People who win, stop at the gas station every day on their way to work. Buy a ticket before they get home from work. Pick up a lotto ticket after they drop their kids off at school. Buying lotto tickets must be part of your daily routine. This is how you will win. You won’t know when, but this is key to making it happen eventually.

You have to “Detach” yourself from winning

As someone who studies energy and its effects on the subconscious mind, I know the importance of detaching yourself from the outcome. In other words, yes it is good to desire to win the lottery, and it is great when one couples that with buying lotto tickets consistently and daily. However it is the energy of detachment that really causes it to manifest. Have you ever made efforts to do something it didn’t work, you forgot about it, and later, it came to pass. That is because the universe gives us what we want when we stop asking for it. The universe give is what we want when it’s sure our order is complete. So, detach yourself from winning, and you increase your chances of winning.

You have to Think positively about playing the lotto

People, who have negative thoughts about playing the lottery, will, rarely win. People, who think positively about it consistently, have a higher chance of winning. The reason is they have the right energy. The manifesting energy to win. Positive energy always manifests things faster than negative energy. So let me give you 1 example. Whenever you do not win, don’t say “I am never playing this game again.” Instead say to yourself, “I am now one ticket closer to winning the big one.” And so it will be. – Buy my to win the lottery by your subconscious mind beginner book on 

Increase your chance of winning the Lottery…

Another simple yet overlooked tip for manifesting a lottery win is to buy more than one ticket at a time. Cynthia Stafford says the day she won the lottery, she told her father to buy 2 tickets, which means she increased her chance of winning. She did not buy just one ticket. Every day that goes by, that you buy a lotto ticket you increase your chance of winning, every time you buy 2 or more tickets, you increase your chance of winning. It makes sense right. Even buy 3 if you can afford it, it will increase your odds. It’s a simple tip but it’s overlooked.

A man with a lotto strategy

There was a man one day buying lotto tickets at the booth. He had a pouch full of lotto tickets. He had about 5 3 in his hand and gave them all to the teller. The teller than began to count out  $600 dollars for him. From what I could see taking place, and from the amount of money he had and all the folded up lotto tickets in his pouch, I could tell that this man was making a career out of playing the lottery. But that he also played more than one ticket at a time. I don’t know what game he played I didn’t ask, but I do know this, if he was buying  multiple lottery tickets for the same game he was increasing his odds of winning. Clearly he was benefiting from a lottery system.


Positive thinking vs. Negative thinking

Is positive thinking a real thing that can help someone? Yes I believe so. They say that Like attracts like. I have done experiments thinking positively and thinking negatively and I can tell you the results are shocking. Others have done experiments too. Based on my experiments, positive thinking brings positive experiences. Negative thinking brings negative experiences. Therefor if a person wants to win money in the lottery lets say,  the best thing they can do is think positively about winning the lottery. I had a friend who was highly intuitive. She would know things about her friends that she wasn’t supposed to know. This meant her negative thinking was inevitable. The real problem was she rehashed the past all the time. This woman had negative experience after negative experience. She would blame the other people. But actually she was creating her own reality.

1 Tip if you want to win the lottery for bedtime

Here is a tip for someone who wants to win the lottery. Before bed close your eyes and see yourself winning the lottery, then you will be thinking positive about the lottery on a daily basis, which means you will attract positive experiences pertaining to winning and playing the lottery. That is just the way the energy flow. Do not curse and swear when you lose this is one of the worst things you can do.

What about Lottery Meditation?

I have never heard of mediation for lotto. If there is one I am the one who invented it. However I do have a little thing I have done to receive money and I shared it with a friend it worked for her. It is a type of meditation I suppose. Cynthia Stafford said she meditated for 4 months in order to acquire her lottery win. She Must have done something right because she won $112 M in the lottery.

Visualization Guide on YouTube

I know exactly how to meditate to cause a lottery win. I have published a visualization guideline for winning the lottery on YouTube but I did leave out two critical points. Come on, I can’t give away all my secrets for free. How am I so sure they work? I know because I have used the meditation to cause other events to happen. For example I have doubled the amount of money on my paycheck. Easy enough. Now that I think about it to win the lottery, is a little harder so to speak energetically because for most of us it is something that has never happened before. I also met my husband this way, which really impressed me because I did not expect it to work.

Manifesting something new vs something repeated yet varied

The things that have happened already are easier to manifest perhaps with some tweaks, but things we never experienced before does require meditation. I have also caused People to receive things in the third world on my behalf so to speak. So I could say manifesting is what I do best. Cynthia Stafford says she meditated for 4 months, I say you can meditate for 2 months and receive the same results.

Timing – your Astrology Chart and Good Luck for Winning

OK so we all know not every minute of every day is a minute to win the lottery. There is only certain days of the month that are a window to win the lottery. It’s not guaranteed, it’s just a probability if you are playing. Basically when you read an astrology chart in this way. It is telling you…

Astrology Planets:
• Jupiter – There is an opportunity to be lucky on this date
• Uranus – Something freakish could happen on this date
• Venus – Something positive to do with money may take place
• Pluto – Rebuilding breaking down and rebuilding the new (finances) view money
• Neptune – Something Dreamy could happen on this date
Astrology Houses:
• 5th house – Lottery, Gambling and games of chance
• 8th house – Inheritance and money
• 2nd house – Money and values
• 11th house – hopes dreams and wishes
• 9th house – spiritual beliefs, expansion philosophies
These are the key points astrologers are looking at in combination to see if a lottery win is possible. I always like to draw up a chart for my clients for 1 full year. So they know their best times to play and when to double up on those lottery tickets.


Good Luck & Your Personal  Energy Field Matters

Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, education, marital status etc. There is one thing we all have in common. That thing is that we all have an energy field. As long as you are alive you have an energy field. You energy field is your living breathing connection to all things in the universe. Your energy field is the one thing you have total control over that can help you win the lottery.

Your energy field may be manipulated and changed & charged by 4 variables

1. Your bio rhythms – the measurement of your energy field from the day of your birth in cycles
2. Your thoughts – your thought change your energy field moment by moment
3. Your beliefs – Your belief’s stay in your energy field and can bring your grief or freedom
4. Your perceptions – Your perceptions are like your thought they douse your energy field at any given time.

How can we use this information to help us win the lottery?

Your Bio Rhythms are a calculated measured of your energy field up to this day. I find it very accurate. Ken Dickerson also found it very accurate and used it as a guide for him to know when to win the lottery. You Bio rhythms are broken down into 4 measurements and cycles.
1. Intuitive energy cycle
2. Physical Energy cycle
3. Intellectual energy cycle
4. Emotional energy cycle
This is great because when I first started reading them they only had 3 bio rhythm cycles minus the intuitive. So as you can imagine
1. Intuitive Cycle – Good energy day are good for – choosing lottery numbers and games to play. Or for choosing anything perhaps in casino games.
2. Emotional Cycle – Cycle shows us – when we could potentially have a good to great day (perhaps a lottery win day) – Great for any game of chance or any endeavor even outside of gambling.
3. Physical Cycle – shows – when something great could happen to us. (such a s a lottery win, a win at a bingo hall, )
4. Intellectual Cycle – Great for picking lottery number and any games where you have to make smart choices to win.

Knowing your bio rhythm energy patterns energy – is great for all games of chance including

like casino gambling like card games, like poker, black Jack, games where we have to use our intellect in order to win.

• Bingo hall
• Online poker
• Table card games
• Slots
• Scratch tickets
• Lottery tickets

OK so now we understand that, and we know that I offer these reading on this blog for $5.00 for each month for 12 months. It’s a total of $60/Year Reading of bio Rhythms. Great but how can we couple this with some other strategies to make our efforts for winning even stronger? We have to get back to understanding the points mentioned earlier.


The power of Thought, your subconscious and winning the lottery

This is something you have control over, but most of us don’t want to take the responsibility for. Also we don’t realize the impact on our lives our thoughts have on the experiences we have. We think our thoughts are neutral because they are not said and not heard. Not true. Thoughts can be just as damaging as words; thoughts fester, and change our behavior. Thoughts attract other thoughts and our thoughts affect our energy field. Therefore they affect our potential to attract or to block our desires, at any given moment.
You will have to train your conscious mind, as I did, to think only positive. Have you ever heard the term, blocking abundance? People block their own abundance all the time with thinking the opposite of what they want, or simply by thinking negative period. Here is an example. Emily wants to become slim, but constantly says inside her own the mind. I hate being so fat! Any time you catch your self-thinking negative about someone or about yourself, or a situation, simply say inside your mind,  “Cancel that,” then replace the thought with its positive opposite thought. By doing this you will come to realize how powerful your subconscious mind really is. It takes time and practice, but you will become more aware of how you are using your thoughts to affect your life.

You’re Beliefs and good luck

Your Beliefs can block a lottery win too. Perhaps a person believes “I will never win,” or “I am not meant to be rich,” I can’t win it’s too hard, “those things happen to other people not me.” These are beliefs that are silent, but that block abundance and attraction power in our aura.

Your Perceptions about things and good luck

Perceptions can happen any time. They are like thoughts but basically it’s the way we shape and interpret things that are taking place around us, and to us. We may feel that only old people hit it big, or that only people who are retired hit it big in the lotto, or cooks who are spiritual and believe in silly things like the law of attraction. These perceptions are blocking to our own success, and winning, because they tend to be negative. The subconscious mind does only a few very important things. The main job it provides us with is to make whatever we impress upon it, real. In other words our perceptions become reality via our subconscious mind and our perceptions.

Now that you have learned all of that, you understand 2 things, that thinking positively is one of the most important tools a person has at any given time, for achieving any goal, and that, your bio-rhythm cycles can tell you when your energy field is at its peak for attracting and manifesting good things, including winning the lottery.


By the way if you have any questions, leave them in the comments I would be more than happy to answer. I also do one-one coaching, for any goal, or question and answer period for $35.00/hour. Cheers.

How to win the Lottery how to win the lottery with your subconscious mindby power of your subconscious mind

You can win the lottery by using the power of your subconscious mind…check this out…
:Your frontal lobe located right behind your forehead is your creative center. This is the part of the brain that learns new things, makes conscious decisions, sets your intentions etc. As you practice mental rehearsal (visualization) and truly concentrate and focus on the outcome that you want, the frontal lobe is your ally because it also lowers the…volume on the outside world so that you’re not…as distracted by information coming in from your five senses. “Real visualization (imagination) involves all your senses and all your emotions”


Cynthia Stafford is an avid reader who believes in the power of the mind. In 2007, she decided that she wanted to win $112 million. Following the advice of author Joseph Murphy, Stafford wrote the figure “$112 million” over and over again. She meditated on the figure and visualized what her life would be like after winning. She also wrote down everything in detail, from the house and car she would buy to the charities she would donate to. Stafford frequently reviewed and focused on her list.


My New Subconscious Mind Lottery E book

lottery positive affirmation script

Table of Contents

  1. 7 Rules tfeeling luckyo Increase your Manifesting power Now!
  2. 7 Feng Shui Symbols for Prosperity and Lottery Good Luck
  3. How Journaling can help you win the Lottery
  4. A “Super Power”
    Meditation technique to program your Subconscious Mind Deeply
  5. How to deeply program your Subconscious mind with words (Technique #1)
  6. How to deeply program your Subconscious mind by Reading (Technique #2)
  7. How to deeply program your Subconscious mind with images (Technique #3)
  8. How to turn Losing Lottery tickets into a Big Jackpot Win!
  9. How to know your “subconscious mind training” for lottery is working
  10. Stop!
  11. Gratitude manifest more

After four months of visualizing a lottery win and what she would do with the winnings, Stafford won the California Mega Millions jackpot in May 2007. The amount she won was $112 million – exactly what she had envisioned. Stafford believes the key to her big win was that she created a written plan and visualized what her world would be like if she had already won.
Stafford followed the advice of author Joseph Murphy, who said, “Live in the embodiment of your desire, and your thought and feeling will soon be manifest.” That is a fundamental principal of the Law of Attraction: feel the feeling of your desire already attained.
“You must assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled until your assumption has all the sensory vividness of reality. You must imagine that you are already experiencing what you desire. That is, you must assume the feeling of the fulfillment of your desire until you are possessed by it and this feeling crowds all other ideas out of your consciousness.”

The story that inspired Cynthia Stafford to win the lottery


The following is what I believe the story in “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” That inspired Cynthia Stafford to win $112 M in the lottery. Under the heading “How to Attract the money you need.”
“I met a young man who told me that his fondest dream was to become a physician. He was taking science classes and doing brilliantly, but he had no way to pay for medical school.
To support himself, he cleaned doctors’ offices in the local hospitals professional building. I explained to him that a seed planted in the soil attracts to itself everything it needs for tis proper unfolding. All he had to do was take a lesson from the see and plant the required idea in his subconscious mind.
Every night, as this young man went to sleep\, he visualized a medical diploma with his name in big, bold letters. He found it easy to create a sharp, detail image of the diploma. Part of his job was to dust and polish the framed diplomas hanging on the walls of the doctors’ offices, and he studied them as he cleaned them.
He persisted with this visualization technique every night for about four months.
Today this young man is a prominent doctor in Montreal, Canada.”


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Here is what you didn’t read that is in the eBook…

How to win the lottery using the power of your subconscious mind

how to win the lottery with your subconscious mind


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  1. 5 Visualization Exercises  to help you visualize like a pro
  2. 8 subconscious Tips to help you attract a lottery win…..
  • How long you should visualize your lottery win
  • The correct way to visualize your lottery win
  • Important details to include in your lottery visualization
  • Emotions you should avoid to attract a lottery win
  • Affirmations to draw a lottery win to you
  • How to turn a losing ticket into a win
  • How to Raise your vibration
  • How to release blockages to abundance