leo compatibility, leo love compatibility, leo love matches

By | May 29, 2010

leo compatibility,  leo love compatibility, leo love matches
leo and aries compatibility:

These two are both fire signs, which in most cases would mean an instant love match…however seeing that Leo likes to be the ruler of his domain…and Aries likes to first and win in everything…well…maybe they are not the best love match. At first they will be attracted to the strength and “grandeur” of eachother…with time…thier union may just become a competiion…these two usually stay together for reasons of intimacy…they will need something else in common to keep the “fires burning” nice little pun there!

leo and taurus compatibility:
These two can actually get along. It’s not a zodiac love match I would recommend to friends or family members but it could work. Heres why it could work. These two zodiacs love money…earning it, saving it, and spending it. The issues would be around..how the money is spent and how much. The other thing this couple needs to be aware if is that they may be lacking in spontaneity. Both being “fixed”zodiac signs they hate change, and avoid it as much as possible.

leo and gemini compatibility:
The compatibility for these two should be very good. Leo is charming and makes friends easily. Gemini is chatty and also makes friends easily. “Hey lets have a evening dinner party for all of our friends?” said the Gemini to the Leo…and they lived happily ever after. The Leo had they party he wanted and the Gemini fulfilled his wish of chatting it up into the wee hours of the morning!

leo and cancer compatibility:
“Can we just stay in tonight?” said the cancerian to the Leo. “No!” said the Leo. “I’m being admired tonight, at a friends house. You are more than welcome to join us, if you like.” Leos love excitment and admiration, too much homeliness can be a real drag to them. Leos have a fire burning to experience the joy of life that he enjoys and intends to keep alive. A cancerian would probably find more happiness with someone more like them.

leo and leo compatibility:
Two leos love compatibility!? Need I say more. Oh my they will have a “soul mate” experience out of this world. Hosting dinner parties, drinking champagne, spending money, competing for who has the best out fit on, these two will enjoy a love relaionship fit for a king. Go Leo!

leo and virgo compatibility:
:Leo will enjoy virgos quirky affections. As long as the attention and focus is on the Leo, he will be happy. Even if it is just the Virgo combing his hair, or rubbing his back. Its all good.

leo and libra compatibility:
a Leo and a libra are a good love match. The Libra is affectionate towards his partner, loves to hold hands, and serve up breakfast in bed for thier significant other now and then. Leos are fair, generous, respectful and always giving others reasons to admire them. These two will hit it off. They may even feel like soul mates.

leo and scorpio compatibility:
A scorpio may be too down to earth for the “reach for the pie in the sky” Leo. Both of these signs are fixed so they may think when they meet eachother that it will work out because a good income is of great inportance for each of them. But as time goes on and Scorpio has completed her probing…She may see that Leos real goal is to be admired. Scorpio may or may not be ok with this…it all depends on how the Leo treats others in the presence of scorpio.

leo and sagittarius compatibility:
The compatbiility between these two should be good. Leo is a zodiac sign of the fire element and so is Sagittarius. Both love money, expensive items, spending, entertaining, and of course more money! These two will get along as long as every body had “thier own throne to sit on”

leo and capricorn compatibility:
This is not the best love match for either of these zodiac sign. Capricorn is about limitations rules and authority, Leo is about fun adventure and being treated like royalty. These two can find more love and understanding from a paper bag. Capricorn needs a structured environment and stable comfortable home life. Leo needs fun freedom and to rule check out the love matches page to get the 3 best love matche for these to signs.

leo and aquarius compatibility:
again, this is a “miss!” Aquarius is leos opposite star sign so it wouldnt be good. Aquarius likes to plan and live for the future…he also likes to save his money for the road ahead. Leo likes to live in the moment and likes to enjoy life to the fullest…the only thing leo plans is his out fit for next weeks party.

leo and pisces compatibility:
Typically these two will not understand eachother. Pisces needs to feel nurtured and supported by his lover….at all times…leo needs to feel admired and respected by his lover …at all times…these two seek different things and are of a different element…they will have to work hard to understand eachother if it is to work for the long haul.

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