libra compatibility, libra love compatibility, libra love matches

By | May 29, 2010

libra compatibility, libra love compatibility, libra love matches

libra and aries compatibility:
 The compatibility between these two may be a “strain,” or “stress” on both involved. These two are opposite star signs. Aries is the sign of self, libra is the sign of partnership, these two can butt heads on many issues. However if they can make it work they will have a love relationship like no other.

libra and taurus compatibility:
The compatbility between libra and Taurus may seem authentic at first because they are similar, however the really are two very different zodiac signs. Libra is all about love, marriage and partnership. Taurus is all about finances, saving, and creature comfort. Take time to assess this one before getting serious.

libra and gemini compatibility:
These two are very compatible. Gemini is chatty, gossipy and in search of his “twin soul!” Libra is sociable, affectionate and in search of her life partner. These two have it made. They may not know it though if they only spend time together starry eyed and holding hands all the time. Oh yeah, that is what love feels like.

libra and cancer compatibility:
These two may feel that they have found the one. They will feel compatible…but really they are very different. Libra likes being in a relationship, but acting as if she is not. Cancer likes the live in aspect of the partnership…can you see how this can get hairy. Close but no cigar. If the Libra has matured by the time she meets her Cancerian mate….then they may live happily ever after.

libra and leo compatibility:
compatibility for Leo and Libra is great. They are air and fire, air feeds fire…a great love match. Libra who loves to be in the limelight understands Leos need to be admired…after all Libra likes the same thing but on a much smaller scale of course. Leo understands Libras need for harmony and love. These two are great for each other.

libra and virgo compatibility:
Well these two may be very good for eachtother. The sensual intelligent virgin and, the friendly affectionate hopeful. It could work…no spark as far as Im concerned. They may get on eachtohers nerves after a while. The virgo may see libra as the air head who just wont quit, libra may see virgo as the ever demanding control freak who can’t relax.

libra and libra compatibility:
Of course they are compatible. Any zodiac sign with its own creates a “soul mate” experience. Libra can have someone to smile and chat with, share tips on how to make a great marguerita, and go shopping with. A match made in “love” heaven. Sometimes signs that are the same get on eachothers nerves cause they see them selves in the other person and can only stand it for so long…have to try to know…

libra and scorpio compatibility:
Scorpio. These two are somewhat compatible. If the Scorpio can convince the Libra to get out of the mirror just for a minute to learn that people really do like you for whats on the inside…maybe they can spend some quality time together. Perhaps happy go lucky Libra can teach Scorpio to lay off “the probe fest” for a while. hmph!

libra and sagittarius compatibility:
Sagittarius is firey and expansive. Libra is airy and esthetic…how could they not get along? Just kidding, the thing these two have going for them is thier complimentary elements, and the fact that one is cardinal and one is mutable. The Sagittarius mus be sure not to unleash his “inner beast” on poor Libra in a fit of rage. Libras cry easily sometime.

libra and capricorn compatibility:
Capricorn These two are not the best match. Initially it may seem like a match made in heaven. Both are very outgoing, like to dress up and enjoy socializing with friends. But later they may question just how compatible they really are with eachother. Capricorn is an earth sign and wise, mature, and likes to follow the rules. Libra is an air sign, easy going, flirtatious, and loves to have fun. Go figure.

libra and pisces compatibility:
Pisces These two both believe in romance, however they have different values. The air sign likes to share in meaning less banter…the water sign likes to share deep emotions….not so good. Pisces may get fed up with libras need to take in information instead of sharing those feelings in the relationship…libra may get fed up with pisces neediness.

libra and aquarius compatibility:
Aquarius and libra can make a fine love match if aquarius can take time out of his busy schedule to just go on a date. Libra can show aquarius how to let loose and let tommorow handle its self. Aquarius can show libra how to pland and prepare to be successful…these two are good for eachother.

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