sagittarius compatibility, sagittarius love compatibility, sagittarius love matches

By | May 29, 2010

sagittarius compatibility, sagittarius love compatibility, sagittarius love matches

sagittarius and aries compatibility:
sagittarius is typically compatible with aries. Both are of the fire element…and both love adventure. However one is about the self…and the other about expansion…can you see how this might not work. If they feel like soul mates they may be able to go the long haul together smoothly…but if not its going to be a bumpy road for these two zodiac signs.

sagittarius and taurus compatibility:
These two may have more in common with a paper bag than eachother. Taurus is mature, reliable, stable and dependable. Sagittarius is easy going, adventureous, expansive and optimistic…One is of the earth element, the other is of fire…they may instictively know that there may be someone for suited for them other than eachother.

sagittarius and gemini compatibility:
these two are whats known in astesology as “opposite zodiac signs!” They will be attracted to one another initially…as opposites so often are…but later they will realize they may have more in common with someone else. When a zodiac personality dates “their opposite”…they get annoyed by the other person just because they would do things much different than that person. Sounds simple…but really its very draining being in love with your opposite star sign.

sagittarius and cancer compatibility:
These two zodiac signs are very different. One values the home life, puts family first, and lives to make others feel safe, secure and comfortable. The domestic life is most important. The other values the self, independence, freedom, and loves to take unplaned adventures. The freedom to live as he chooses is one of his most important values. Now could these two star signs get along in love. Yes ofcourse, as long as one is willing to bend to the others desires and life style. In my book they could have a more fullfilling love life with other zodiac signs.

sagittarius and leo compatibility:
These two will enjoy lo ts of laughs, love, and shopping together. These two are both of the fire element…an important ingredient in astrological sign compatibility. Leo is one of sagittariuses top 3 love matches. Why? Because thee two think alike and want pretty much the same things out of life. A nice home, fancy expensive clothes, lots of friends around, lots of money to spend, and to be admired and appreciated…almost a soul mate match…but not quite.

sagittarius and virgo compatibility:
Yikes these two may not be so compatible. Virgo is an earth sign, neat organized and thorough. Sagittarius is a fire sign, adventurous, little regard for planning, and highly independent. Virgos like to make lists and get everything checked off once completed. Sagittarius has an idea and that moment takes action necessary to see that idea come to fruition…no lists needed. These two could work our if sagittarius allows virgo to run the show and sticks to the plan…other than that this love match may be turbulent

sagittarius and libra compatibility:
Now this could be a very nice love match. These two can be highly compatible depending on a few things. Libra is flirtatious and a natural social butterfly. Sagittarius is adventurous independent and expansive…for these reasons they get along. However libra is dreamy and loves to play pretend but they wont tell you that thats what they are actually doing. Sagittarius gives you two seconds to start behaving like an adult and then they live you in the dust. So I soppose this could work out for as long as it does…as long as these two keep finding fun exciting parties and other social events to attend. In astrology fire and air are always compatible…except when it comes to opposite zodiac star signs.

sagittarius and scorpio compatibility:
Hm…these two could certainly find a better love match. Keep in mind it takes ten planets to have a complete and clear assessment of a persons zodiac personality. However just based on the sun sign…these two are not so compatible. Scorpio is deep, penetrating, unforgiving, and dependable. Sagittarius can be superficial, lacking depth of emotion, and never holds a grudge. Can you see how these two are different? Besides sagittarius may find scorpio too serious and lacking in expansion…scorpio may find sagittarius too expansive and lacking in preditability…the kind that makes scorpio very comfortable.

sagittarius and sagittarius compatibility:
Two people with the same star sign creates a soul mate e xperience. Only when you date ssomeone of the exact same zodiac sign as yours will you experience this wonderful feeling. Two sag…they will be good for eachother…because they will understand eachothers need for self improvement, spirituality, and freedom. A great zodiac love match.

sagittarius and capricorn compatibility:
Typically earth signs like capricorn, like to save money, and typically fires signs such as sagittarius like to spend money. Now these two could be compatible if capricorn is willing to make the money and allow sagittarius to spend it. Then there would be great harmony between these two zodiac signs. But should capricorn try to restrict the sagittarius in anyway shape or form (as capricorns are so good at this because they are ruled by saturn, planet of limitations) there may be hell to pay. Sagittarius is ruled by expansive jupiter and always wants his room to play however he feels. Those that try to tell him what to do or how to do it, wont stick around for too long. The sagittarius temper will come boiling out and soon. These two may be no longer.

sagittarius and aquarius compatibility:
Aquarius is a great compatibility love match for the sagittarius personality. In astrology it is said that “air feeds fire.” The sag being the fire sign, and the aquarius being the air sign. Aqurius likes to have fun…just as long as it is “planned fun!” The sagittarius won’t mind the planning…just as long as he gets to have the fun!…These two can be good for eachother.

sagittarius and pisces compatibility:
Pisces emotions can run way too low for the optimistic sagittarius. Sagittarius may be just too easy going for the deep feeling moody pisces. Pisces puts feelings and emotions at the forefront of happiness in his world. Sagittarius puts money, looking good, and spending, and friends at the forefront of his happiness. These two are different. They may not have much to say to eachother. Well only on the superficial level. Deeper than that…they may realize they look at life from different angles.

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