scorpio compatibility, scorpio love compatibility, scorpio love matches

By | May 29, 2010

scorpio compatibility, scorpio love compatibility, scorpio love matches

scorpio and aries compatibility:
as far as compatibility goes these two will be highly physically attracted to one another…and both may think its love…but the scorpio will know better. Love doesn’t mean a great time “between the sheets.” Love is something deeper and more meaningful…a connection…a knowing…But for aries…love is a good time “between the sheets” and enjoying eachothers company. These two need more common ground to last.

scorpio and taurus compatibility:
These two will also be highly attracted to one another. This is common place for opposting zodiac signs. However your opposite zodiac does not take long to get on your nerves…many of the things they do…you yourself would have done differently…perhaps sooner or later these two just decide they are different peoople…

scorpio and gemini compatibility:
This is an interesting love match. The transmitter of information, and the intense loyal lover. These two are different. However because scorpio is so down to earth and accepting of other people and because gemini is so busy in his own world…these two may be able to make it. However this pairing is not my first choice for high compatibity zodiac relationships. It’s just not!

scorpio and leo compatibility:
This is a compatible zodiac love match for scorpio. Cancer loves to create a comfortable home…and looks forward to domestic life and settleing down. Scorpio looks forward to looking after those he loves and tending to their needs. These two make a find team and will share feelings and emotions

scorpio and virgo compatibility:
Earth and water also makes a fine match as is the case of compatibility between scorpio and virgo. These two work well together. The lesson for virgo in love with scorpio is …”lighten up…its just a part of life!” And one of sthe lesson for scorpio with virgo is…a little “sensuality and less frequency can go a long way.” wink wink, nudge nudge

scorpio and libra compatibility:
Scorpio compatibility with libra is usually pretty good. They both feel that the greatest love, is honest love, and therefore strive to be communicative and transparent about their own feelings thoughts and opinions in a love union. For libra love is as important as air. They have so much love to give that they must have a special love partner to give it to. For scorpio, life is alot more meaningful when you have someone to share your self and your experiences with. These two can make eachother very happy.

scorpio and scorpio compatibility:
Two scorpios make a soul mate connection. Both are water, both are passionate and both like to express passionate loving feelings towards their partner. Should be a good love match.

scorpio and sagittarius compatibility:
These two may hit it off initially however later, they may find they are very different. Sagittarius likes freedom to do as he pleases. Scorpio likes to be as close to his love partners spiritually, emotionally, and physically as possible. See how these two are not the best zodiac love match for eachother.

scorpio and capricorn compatibility:
 Scorpio and capricorn are typically very compatbile. The only snag that may be of concern is capricorns tendency to structure things…and to achieve high status. Scorpios are generally very down to earth and see right through people. They dont appreciate “phonies” or “fakes” or those that think they are better than others just cause they can afford to wear expensive clothing. This two may disagree but at the end of the day…The will make up

scorpio and aquarius compatibility:
Scorpio compatibility with aquaqrius is not the best. However these two both make planning for their financial future a priority. They could get along on that basis. As far as love and chemistry go…things could fizzle our between these two. No fault of the passionate scorpio of course. But Aquarius tends to cool his heals if he doesnt feel stimulated…this one is a coin toss.

scorpio and pisces compatibility:
Pisces is one of the best love matches for scorpio. These two water signs will hit it off from the word “go.” They have the same out look on life…and value the same things. Feelings and emotions brought to the forefront are ingredients for a healthy happy relationship for these two zodiac signs.

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