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By | June 4, 2010

Aquarius Characteristics and Personality Traits

  • Aloof
  • Social
  • Futuristic
  • Friendly
  • Attractive
  • Un-loyal
  • Organized
  • Detached
  • Humanitarian

 Natural Humanitarian

The zodiac personality of Aquarius is that of a natural humanitarian. One great example of this is Oprah Winfrey and her Angel network. A querulous cares about people who don’t have the basic necessities of life. This is a thought always looming in the Aquarius mind.

Because Aquarius are into to the fact that money must be acquired in order to have it, and it is not something that grows on trees. But rather something that must be attained. Aquarius tends to be quite frugal. Pinching pennies even when they have more than enough! For an Aquarius. No amount of money is ever enough.

 Planned Finances to the Letter

Aquarius personalities planned their financial futures out to the letter! They know how much they should be spending each day and allow themselves a budget. This is a very smart thing for any zodiac sign to do with money. Period. However Aquarius must pay attention not to get too caught up in the planning and forget the happiness that spontaneous spending can bring.

 Blurred Lines of “Friendship”

Aquarius personality likes to form equal relationships with everyone. No one person, can be in an Aquarius life, is more special than the other! This can be a problem in romantic relationships. To know if you are special to Aquarius you will have to hear it from his/her lips otherwise you may just really be the “f” word. friend…and find out the hard way  that they didn’t see you as something more.

Aquarius personality character astrological planet ruler-ship kewords

  • shock
  • freedom
  • disruption
  • change
  • independence
  • eccentricity
  • liberation
  • creativity
  • electricity

The Uranus planet ruler-ship causes Aquarius to be…

  • Unusual
  • Non-judgmental
  • Very aware of possible change
  • Humanitarian
  • Eccentric
  • Enjoying the unusual
  • Planning for the future
  • Technology
  • Great public speaker
  • Great Communication skills
  • Friendly

Uranus planet of change

Uranus is a planet of shock, disruption, and change. Most Aquarius water bearers are aware that life ( and especially the financial aspect ) can turn at the drop of a hat! For this reason the various personality are always aware of how much money they have and would rather save a dollar and spend a dollar any time.
Due to this awareness this zodiac sign are true humanitarian. Helping out those in need.

Uranus planet of the “Unusual”

Uranus also causes (influences) the unusual. so most Aquarius have friends from all walks of life and they do this intentionally. As an air sign the Aquarius personality enjoys exchanging information with those who can stimulate him intellectually.

Great at making new friends 

In Astrology “the water bearer” rules “group relationships.” This makes Aquarius great public speakers and group leaders. They are also great at socializing and making new friends. Almost any time almost anywhere!

Aquarius Loves Technology

Uranus rules technology. Therefore this zodiac sign enjoys owning gadgets that help them to stay organized and on time. Such as Palm pilots, laptops, digital watches, and of course an electronic day planner.

The Aquarius male / female personality when in love

When Aquarius personality loves you may will….

  • Want to spend time going on many outings with the lover
  • spend plenty of time on the telephone with the lover
  • show gradual affection
  • would treat you more like a close friend
  • will listen to your ideas and opinions more seriously
  • will tell what he thinks about you rather than what he feels

Aquarius “water bearer” expectations in love…

  • Plenty of personal freedom to do as he likes
  • note jealousy displays
  • to be monogamous even though he may not
  • relationship to mature slowly
  • to be close friends within the relationship
  • to enjoy varied activities together
  • to accept his or her zany opinions ideas and thoughts

Aquarius personality zodiac Child personality and characteristics

  • Feels bad for those children less fortunate
  • is mature and will ask questions about unusual topics
  • we’ll talk way too much if not curbed
  • wants to plan the lives of his brothers and sisters
  • forgives easily
  • may not fall in love until they are a teenager
  • each usually beautiful but may not feel attractive
  • enjoys gadgets such as video games stopwatches computers and the Internet

what to teach young Aquarius personality

it’s not polite to keep talking without letting the other person talk to
he cannot love everyone equally
he must learn how to do things on his own or without others by his side
it’s not good to try and shock people to see their reaction
planning is good but have fun playing two

“The water bearer” personality at work

On-the-job Aquarius needs…

Stability and consistency
Mental stimulation
Room for creativity
Ability to socialize with others continuously
Room for advancement
To work with others as opposed to a low
Smooching with “higher ups”

Best types of employment for the Aquarius personality

Computer programmer
Electrical engineer
drama or dance teacher
Website designer
Personal planner
Financial planner
Guidance Counselor
Mortgage broker
Group therapist
Life coach
Retirement planner

Some personality trait’s the Aquarius zodiac sign could improve on

Live more in the moment instead of for the future
Enjoy spending money as much as saving it
Fall in love really
Contemplate more frequently the joys of life
Make playtime a priority as well worktime

The Aquarius personality child

Has many toys that operate electronically
Has many friends
Will want the best quality of everything
Wants to be the center of attention
Needs time to reflect on past behaviors good and bad
Does not like to be hurried

What to teach the young Aquarius personality

He does not have to “shock” or get a rise out of people to create friendships
To enjoy life one day at a time
Encourage him or her to be creative for example music, art, and drama
Not to be too hard on himself

“The water bearer” zodiac as a friend

As a friend Aquarius are very supportive. They will be there anytime you need them. Aquarius don’t have a lot of spare time due to their insatiable appetite to plan and make money. Period. However for a friend they will make time! For Aquarius just friendships are of paramount importance. Most Aquarius have many friends and no love meet due to these personality traits typical of this zodiac sign.

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