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By | June 4, 2010

here is a brief list of some of the typical gemini characteristics, and words associated the gemini zodiac sign.

  • Aloof
  • Communicative
  • Dual
  • Soul mate
  • flexible
  • Manipulative
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Information
  • Gossip
  • Superficiality
  • Short Distance Travel

The zodiac characteristics of Gemini is to be always on the go! In astrology the house ruled by Gemini represents short distance travel . There for Gemini like to be on the move as opposed to being made to stay in one place for long periods of time.

Don`t expect this zodiac sign to be quiet – they just cant! Gemini characters represent communication…Mostly them being the “transmitter” and you being the listener, Gemini can talk for literally hours without feeling tired. Believe me I know… I have been the listener and I`ve been the one to get tired. The good thing about this is they don’t mind being told…that you`ve had enough. They won’t take offence…its probably do to them being an air sign. Air signs tend to be relaxed about many things most of us are not.

Most Geminis characters are physically slim. During my many years of study on the zodiac signs, I`ve learned that Geminis often have fast digestive systems, and this causes them to be slim which allows them to be light on their feet in true mercurial fashion. One Gemini I new admitted to me that he only ate junk food from the store and fast food ie burgers and fries, and that he hated healthy foods like salads. This guy was slim… I could`t believe it.

Gemini characters tend to be well liked socially and make friends easily. And why not? Geminis know how to tell people what they want to hear. This talent allows for gemini to get what he wants from others with much effort. They manipulate with a very smooth tounge..but don’t worry you wont even know that this is happening.

Gemini Personality Astrological planet rulership

Mercury representation in astrology…

  • communication
  • duality
  • imitation
  • mobility
  • versatility
  • literature
  • language
  • information

This causes “gemini zodiac” character traits to be…

  • witty
  • great with children
  • fun to converse with
  • accepting of the personality of others
  • great with learning new languages
  • great at mimicry
  • open to other cultures
  • sociable and successful


This causes “the twins” to have many friends and the life of the party to any social event to which he is invited. Geminis characters have a quick wit and knack for applying information when and where it is most beneficial such as. when flirting with someone to whom they are attracted or chatting it up with head honcho`s at work to make a good impression.

Geminis characters tend to be great with children, and because of this alot of the time they choose to work with children. Again this is due to geminis amazing ability to put them selves in the place (feelings and experience of the others) Gemini feel right at home surrounded by the laughter and joy of children because it allows them that fun, optimistic, youthful environment that feels like home for them.

Geminis characters are probably the zodiac sign most open to other cultures. This zodiac sign instinctively knows that by creating friendships, and romantic love relationships, wand romantic love relationship, with those from a different ethnic background than their own, that they could never be bored. Also their will be so much more new interesting information to absorb. This is why many Geminis marry outside of their ethnicity.

The twins biggest desire in life is to meet and settle down with his soul mate. Because of this Gemini are monogamous and take their romantic love relationships very seriously. Gemini enjoys life more when he is in a committed relationship where he can have someone to share life and all his quirkiness with.

Geminis characters are very good imitators. This why most tend to be so funny! They make it their goal t o make you laugh. Just ask the Gemini in your life to imitate someone famous and see the humour for your self.

The Gemini characteristics when in love

Gemini characters when in love is not as expressive or as demonstrative as other zodiac sign personalities. Well…not as tactile…but they will show you they love you by supporting you in any way you need and always being their for you. They will accompany you whenever you need.

When in love “gemini zodiac sign” zodiac sign will …

  • spend many hours in conversation with his love partner – gemini personality talks alot
  • remember special dates and buy appropriate gifts i.e. birthdays and anniversaries – gemini personality is romantic and thoughtful
  • Forgive the love partner easily when they say sorry – gemini personalities tend to be light hearted
  • show friendship within the relationship – gemini personalities will still become your best friend when they love you
  • Share all that he owns including finances – gemini personalities are very commited to their love partnerships

The typical gemini characteristics when in love

  • non jealous partner – Geminis character loves to spend time with friends
  • honesty within the relationship – Geminis characters are very honest with their partners
  • loyalty and monogamy – the Geminis character is one of the most monogamous of the zodiac
  • close friendship within the relationship – Geminis characters value friendship within the relationship
  • partner to laugh at his jokes – Geminis characters love to tell jokes to their mates
  • to do many activities together – Geminis characters like a  partner who will do things with him 

 Typical gemini characteristics when at work

On the job Gemini needs …

  • Work where there is much information to share and receive.
  • Work where he can use his language skills, reading, writing, talking etc.
  • Work that allows him to communicate with others.
  • Work with good pay to accomodate geminis shopping binges
  • work that allows him to be on his feet is more enjoyable for gemini
  • work where information is sent and received
  • One of the hardest things or the twins zodiac sing is to be quiet or left alone. This zodiacs sign needs to be around other to feel at peace.

The Gemini zodiac personality loves to shop (both the males and the females) They usually have a hard time choosing between two items of clothing, therefore will often buy both. For this reason the zodiac sign need s a good paying g job. They typically also enjoy looking good in expensive name brand clothing …so an abundance of money in the poket is a must.

Making others laugh…Geminis have a way with words…and enjoy making others laugh. If the twins zodiac doesn’t know any good jokes he will teach him self plenty. They must socialize in a fun, light “free” feeling way….This is typical of the air signs. If laughter is part of their communication …Gemini is “happier than a pig in…” I learned that term from an old gemini friend of mine.

Best Type of Employment for “the twins” personality

Something that requires, witt, quick thinking, excellent co-ordination, socializing, organization, language…

  • Geminis characters tend to be good with their hands – Disc Jockey
  • Geminis characters are known for being humourus – Comedian
  • Geminis characters personality is good with his hands – Electrician
  • Geminis characterslove information – Book Store Attendant
  • Geminis characters can charm the birds out of the trees and make you feel like their best friend – Customer Service Agent
  • Geminis characters are quick thinkers, people magnets, and love to transmit information – Communications Specialist
  • Geminis characters tends to be great with children – Child and Youth Care Worker
  • Geminis characters enjoy socializing, having a good time, and creating a fun atmosphere – Bar Tender
  • Geminis characters is good with his hands and, information – Typist
  • Geminis characters are known for their ability to be flexible and dual – Language Teacher
  • Geminis characters make some of the best party planners and hosts of the zodiac signs – Parter Host / Party Planner

Some personality traits Gemini could improve on

  • Curbing the urge to gossip
  • Not talking so much
  • Becoming more intune with a higher power
  • Less superficiality and more reality
  • Less time spent drinking and more time spent doing soul searching

“The twins” personality and character as a child

likes to selectively choose who he will share his toys with

  • has alot to say
  • will make his parents laugh with his straight forward questions
  • is very inquisitive
  • loves his brothers and sisters deeply
  • prefers to be read to over reading books himself
  • wants to go every where with mom and dad
  • What to teach young Gemini

  • not everybody wants to converse with him
  • it is impolite to talk about others behind their backs
  • there are other games besides video games
  • tell someone when you are leaving the front yard
  • don’t talk to strangers! (very important for this child zodiac)
  • Gemini personality zodiac sign as friend

as air signs gemini are always willing to listen. Yes, they do talk alot and when they care about someone they are great listeners too. geminis get along with other air signs as well as fire signs. check out the love compatibility chart for more information.

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J.P. on May 15, 2015 at 5:57 am.

I am a Gemini, and SOME of these (not all) I'd have to personally disagree with, lol! I've ALWAYS told people I know that the 'superficial' part is not always a Gemini trait. At least speaking for myself it isn't. I'd lean more toward believing that to be true of a specific decadent, rather than Gemini as a whole if that's the case of the Gemini sign. BUT I do not believe the superficial trait is only of the Gemini as a whole! I believe the superficial part would be an overall learned and adopted part of an individual character. Meaning, how they're taught growing up [or from what they have observed as something that is okay], learned based on association or chose to be superficial at some point in a person's life. I hope that made sense lol.

Yes, we DO (and probably EVERY Gemini does) talk a lot. I will be the first to admit that myself lol. Cannot help it. Often times, it's either because we have just so much information to share, have a lot to say, enjoy good conversation with those who can retain and enjoy great conversation just as well, and possibly because if we aren't able to get whatever is in our thought out [at the time], we believe we WILL forget what it was we are trying to convey (and not because 'it must not have been that important' — as so many would like to say in general to many people).

Now please, don't take this the wrong way (as it is very hard to determine the actual emotion behind most people's text/typed words… unless otherwise expressed in great detailed [as in a book for example]) but not all of these characteristics are true. Whether it be based off of one or two — there are more than those few out there, who have their own personality that IS NOT true to what the popular astrology claims. We also don't mind Leo's (who are almost just as talkative and comedic) being the center of attention either! Heck, sometimes, Gemini's can be just as quiet as they talk to where you'd not even notice they were there! But uh, usually (most times than not) that's not always a good thing. In this case, one of two things one would need to worry about (1), there is something most definitely wrong, and ya might wanna ask them if they're ok (if they want to talk about it/need someone to talk to) or (2), They are VERY pissed off! Gemini really get along with just about everyone, because they're genuine. They would really rather try to, rather than not. They really love to give people the benefit of the doubt. They like to meet new people and make new friends. And btw, I LOVE to read books, opposed to being read to! Maybe just as much as I like to write (as you can obviously see lmao) Sorry for the novel btw.

And when I was a child, I KNEW BETTER than to talk to strangers, or leave the front yard at all! Because back then, not only was the fear of god put into us… but the fear of MOM! It's called respect. If I didn't respect my parents or my Mother (including her rules)… overall… we were ALL toast lol!

J.P. on May 15, 2015 at 6:02 am.

OH and Not all Gemini drink so much. Some not at all! This includes gossip (drama goes along with that). As far as being in tune with a higher power — what exactly are you referring to when you say this is something a Gemini could improve on? If you mean Christianity, that's a bit unfair. A higher power could be their innermost spirituality! It's really not fair to say they can improve on something they (or anyone else) may/may not necessarily lean towards in their belief system. If it doesn't resonate with them at all, then as they accept others as they are (unless someone is outright treating them like crap), others should grant them the same courtesy, wouldn't you say? on October 16, 2015 at 9:06 am.

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