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By | June 4, 2010

The zodiac characteristics  of leo and ” The lion” is very adventurous! Leos characters have a huge zest for life. That may be because they are ruled by “the sun” Lions like to be in the spotlight and be admired, what better place to do that than out in the public. Leos characters instinctively know adventure brings opportunity , fun and socialization. All Leo joys of live! Here is a brief list of some of he characteristics typical of the lion character

  • leo characteristics – generous
  • leo characteristics – affectionate
  • leo characteristics – in love with love
  • leo characteristics – gamblers
  • leo characteristics – humourous
  • leo characteristics – big spending
  • leo characteristics – well paid
  • leo characteristics – brave
  • leo characteristics – forgiving
  • leo characteristics – outgoing
  • leo characteristics – adventurous

dont expect this personality to “pinch his pennies” Leo characters just wont have it! Last dollar in the pocket? no problem. The typical leo personality will spend it on fun. Why? Because leos belive, life is in the moment!!!

Usually Leos characters are very generous. They treat their friends the same way they treat themselves. Lavishly spending on them without a consideration for tommorow. The leo zodiac sign has the biggest most giving heart of any of the other zodiac sign personalities. Thats why this is my favourite star sign in all of astrology.


Most lions tend to be heavy gamblers. This is because leo character likes to play and leo loves to play with money…how better to enjoy both of these favourite past times at the same time than to gamble. Scratch tickets, bingo, race track…are all leo ruled activities. Dont get carried away dear leo…this can also lead to addiction…just a little reminder.

leo characters seems to fall in love quite easily. He can’t help it. He see the dating part of the realationship as “the relationship!” There is no “getting to know you” in the mind of a typical leo. Which is innocent and beautiful in a way. Leos fall in love the same way most of us did when we were children. We were willing to give all our hearts..and accept that persons good character traits and their bad character traits.

List of leo characteristics:

positive leo characteristics:

  • leo character is confident
  • leo characters tend to be ambitious
  • leo characters are very stylish
  • leo characters are quite generous
  • leo characters are humourus as a way to impress others

negative leo characteristics:

  • boastfulness
  • some leo characters are insecure
  • many leo characters are superficial, but not in a bad way
  • the leo character is very quick to fall in love

leo characteristics and  astrological planet rulership

leo personality is ruled by the sun in astrology, the planet of …

  • the personality
  • leadership
  • adventure
  • vitality
  • direction
  • individuality
  • inner truth


this planetary rulership causes the typical leo characteristics to be:

  • overly generous
  • very sensitive to the opinions of others
  • not cautious i.e. with money
  • business concious
  • needy (of attention and affection)
  • big spenders
  • child like in his behaviours at times
  • likes to be admired by others

Most people would not assume based on leos outward personality that they are very sensitive, especially about love and affairs of the heart. A leo s heart can be broken very easily if the one he admires should reject him. Leos are also very sensitive to the unhappiness of friends and family members. Most will try to do whatever they can to help a loved one in need.

Most leo personalities are not cautious…because the leo personality chooses to live in the moment and know that tommmorow is up to a highter power. Because tof this knowing…leo wants to spend this very moment playing – to the maximum! Way to live the fast lane leo!! Woah!!!

Because the lion likes to spend money…they are always planning next business. Most leos either have a job that pays them well, or two jobs to create a high income, or go into business for temselves. All of this simeply to have more money to spend and fell like a king.

A lions dream life is to have all the moeny he deisres, to be admired by many people, and to be loved unconditionally. And of course to have fun every day!!!

The leo male / leo female personality traits in love

 If you are in love with “the lion” you can expect…  

  • lots of attention. leo personality loves to shower his lover the way he enjoys being showered with attention him self
  • lots of outtings. leo loves to check out the new places in town and enjoy those places even more if they have their love partner by their side.
  • to be number one in the leos life. Romanitc love realatoinships are of paramount importice to the zodiac signs over happiness.


zodiac leo personality expectations in a love relationship.

  • leo characteristics – to enjoy friendship within the relationship
  • leo characteristics – the partner to laugh at his jokes
  • leo characteristics – the partner to look his or her best beside him
  • leo characteristics – to be admired
  • leo characteristics – to be treated with respect
  • leo characteristics – the partner to behave as if he him self were royalty i.e. no swearing, smoking etc


The zodiac leo character employment / work


on the job this personality needs …

minimum supervision: in the leo personality mind he is alreay king/queen of his environment. He doesn`t need a “superior” to check up on him. He him self feels he can do their job and maybe a little bit better at that! (Leos do ahve excellent natural manegerial skills by the way) too much supervision just gets on the nerves of the leo personality.


room for advancement :the lion zodiac sign hates being at the bottom so to speak. This is why room for advancement in the work palce is extremely important to him. Remember! Leo personalities love money! and deteste supervision…so moving up quickly is a must!

work with his own gender: ( piece of advice for those unmarried leos)

leo you fall in love easily….I recommend working with your own gender as much as possible until you meet that special someone…this will help you keep your mind focused on your work in stead of falling in love and then…well you know …!

to be trusted :leos know deep inside them selves they are roaylty!!

This zodiac character hates not being trusted. It may even be see as an insult but a true leo will never tell anyone this…they are too proud a lion! It is the mission of many leo characters to create a life of royalty for all the world to see….

best types of employment for leo zodiac character

  • manager
  • party host or party planner
  • hotel concierge
  • ceo
  • upscale clothing designer
  • casino attendent
  • entrepreneur
  • appraiser
  • real estate agent
  • any job that allows leo to show off or be incharge is good for this astrology sign!

personality traits leos could improve on

truth is, since this is my favourite zodiac sign….there isn’t much I could say that they should improve on….they could probably inherit some of the personality traits of their opposite star sign aquarius…

  • learn to save money for the future
  • life is not all about living big
  • dont wear his heart on his sleeve
  • take it slow in love affairs…

The characteristics of the leo zodiac child are

  • will always want to be first or incharge when playing games with others (children and adults)
  • will cry when he doesnt get his own way
  • expects his desires to be fullfilled
  • wants the best and latest toys on the market
  • will share his toys with friends and neighbours willingly
  • will be an easy child to bring up for mom and dad as long as they explain why the do what they do i.e. disciplning him

What to teach young leo personality


temper tantrums are immature and childish
the world does not belong to him just yet. When he is older he can create his own fame and fortune
sometimes when you have a cursh on someone your feelings can get hurt…this is a normal part of life


“the lion” character as your friend

a leo personality is one of the best friends anybody could ever have. I have had two leos that were my best friend at different times….I will never forget them. Very loyal and trust worthy….and of course they are always putting on a show. Personally I have jupiter in leo…so this didnt bother me at all. The only thing I would warn you about is that they wont tell you when you have hurt their feelings…instead they will just avoid you…which of course just leaves you with questions and wonder. Above all leos are fun, considerate, and extremely generous! go leo go!

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