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By | June 4, 2010

Here is a brief list of keywords associated with characteristics typical of the libra personality.


  • balanced
  • flirty
  • stylish
  • dreamy
  • affectionate
  • outgoing
  • indecisive
  • lazy
  • relationships

The zodiac sign of “the scales” is totally dreamy. About what? About everything…But most importantly about love. Libras can and most have day dreamed about the perfect love relationship for hours. ONly taking a break to go to the bathroom and grab a snack. Yes it really is true. its beautiful in a way all that love in their minds aww…


If you are dating a libra and you don’t like public displays of affection …run the other way! Libras are always touching their partners . Almost at every breath taken. Again I am not joking…Libras are extremely affectionate and wont change any time soon.


Most librans are very stylish! Be sure to look, neat tidy and well put together beside them or you will hear about it! Libras have a hightened sense for all things having to do with art…especially colors and style.

Most librans tend to pack on the pounds quite easily. Why? Because they adore sweets such as cakes cookies and desert foods, and avoid doing exercise. Exercise to this personality is just a way to ruin a perfectly good hair style, or new pair of shoes…and this is unthinkable. However they have no qualms about visiting a nail salon or spa…just so long as they can sit down for the event!! hee hee

Many scales are big time flirts! They just cant help them selves. Love, lust and passion…are all libra/venus ruled emotions. Just so you know…this zodiac personality will even flirt when they are already hitched. This is just to make sure they “still got it!” They are trust worthy and loyal to their partners for life…regardless of “the urge to flirt!”

libra personality venus astrology planet rulership keywords:

  • brothels
  • promiscuity
  • relationship
  • no stirings attached
  • cheating
  • flirting
  • romance
  • affection
  • lovers
  • beauty
  • harmony
  • love
  • partnership
  • creative

this rulership can cause libras to be…

  • flirty
  • social
  • in love iwth love
  • affectionate
  • flirtatious
  • outgoing
  • narcissistic
  • chatty
  • feminine
  • more sylish than most
  • creative
  • overindulgent

Too much in love with love and not in love with the person. Libras do date just to have someon on their arm from time to time. Rahter than being with someone because they are compatible and in love. The truth is sometimes libras can be shallow…but not all the time ofcourse…hee hee (balancing the statement there)

Narcississtic: with the scales hightend sense of ccolor and style they can ceasily make them selves look very appealing. so much so that they just sit looking at themselves….just incase you dont know this is called “NARCISSISM.” Beware libra!

Overindulgent: If libra likes something they tend to over do it. This applies to any and everything. Love mates, food, dancing, taling, bathing, they love to make them selves feel good. This is a perfect example of the scales tipping totally out of balance.

Most librans are very artistic and usually found in employment related to art, drama, or music. But they need alone time or else they burn out and their creative juices stop flowing.

The libra personality when in love

The personality of the scales in love is total devotion and lots of affection.

when libra personality zodiac sign loves you they will…

  • show you off to the world
  • defend you even if you are in the wrong
  • touch you about every ten minutes
  • tell you what to wear
  • be your biggest cheer leader in what you choose to do
  • allow you free reign to do as you like

libra personality expectations when in love

  • forgiveness to be given easily
  • to be complimented
  • partner to be honest with them
  • to be the only love partner
  • to be bought gifts
  • to be listened to
  • to be given lots of affection
  • to appear at many social functions together

“the scales” at work

on the job libra needs…

to sit in one place

great pay to have money to spend on clothes

to wear their own clothes as opposed to a uniform

an after noon shift is good for late night libra

a nicely lit room to work in

comfortable seating (chairs)

clean atmosphere and tidy work environment

to sit in one place for the duration of the working period: Libras are know to be lazy. This is why it is best for them to stay in one place while at work. This way they will not use up too much of their valuable engery

to wear their own clothes as opposed as opposed to a work uniform: libras are very fasion concious. They love coming up with their own styles to impress others. A uniform does not allow for the scales to express their artistic flair or that fabulous fasion sense. The scales especially like to show of their n ew closthes and for them going to worki is totally like going to a fasion show and being the model. ( the center of attention ) This keeps libra wanting to go into work…otherwise…work is not really their thing.

opportunities to socialize: The libran personality needs opportunities to socialize at work. this zodiac sign will create them. Talking to customers, collegues, higher ups, the maid….whomever! Just as long as libra gets to chat it up with someone meaninglessly every hour or so…they will be quite happy.

Being ruled by venus: This zodiac sign beign ruled by planet venus, can hardly stand to be in a working environment where things don’t match. This makes them feel “out of balance” and for libra this just doesn’t feel right. This is why it is so important for libras to find work where asthetics are influence libra to feel good from the inside out.

in libra day dreams: the work less and make more money. Many cardinal astrology signs consider self employment…for the obvious benifits…entrepreneurship suites this zodiac sign just fine. Plus running a business would mean having more money to spend on clothes (hee hee)

best types of employment for the libra zodiac sign personality

  • modeling
  • makeup artist
  • interior deisgner
  • wbsite designer
  • hair stylist
  • judge
  • fasion designer
  • dating agency owner
  • real estate agent
  • personal shopper
  • marriage counselor
  • employment that allows libras to help relationships to blossom or use their innate fasion sense would suit this zodiac sign just fine!

some personality traits “the scales” could improve on

become more independent
put the needs of the self before the needs of others
less affection to love mate more inner love to self
have beliefe that they can create the financial life they desire
have more meaningful love partnerships as opposed to frequent superficail flings
the libra personality child

adores sweets
can never get enough affection
enjoys all types of friendship
is a ittle shy at first with strangers
loves to day dream
is charming
show a flair for creativity very young
is more in touch with spiritual life than physical life

what to teach young libra

life exists in the hear and now
day dreaming about what you want to become can make it a reality
money must be earned in order to have it so you can spend it
not to eat too much junk food
the opposite sex can and will break your tender heart
love comes in many forms

libra as friend

The libra personality friend is patient, understanding, and fun. libra is the type of friend who is always by yoou side, literally! libras love close realtionships of various kinds. Friendship is no exception. The scales will talk to a friend in need until they feel better. The great thing about this zodiac sign is they don’t judge they just listen.

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