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By | June 6, 2010

aquarius and aries compatibility:
These two make a fine match. The aries is adventurous and can never get enough but he lacks planning and so therefore when he does achieve his goal he will look back and wish he had done some things differently. Aquarius plans things to the letter…they reach there goals no matter how long it takes them. Can you see how these two can benifit from a love relationship together?

aquarius and taurus compatibility:
these two are very similar in there goal setting, but two very different people…however with the things they do have in common…these two can have a happy successful relationship. Both do not like change, both plan for the future, both believe in hard work to create a good comfortable life style, both like to save money, and both are willing to make sacrifices for the creature comforts of life…this could work…
aquarius and gemini compatibility:
these two are compatible for sure. The are both airs signs, which means they both enjoy socializing and making new friends. Gemini will teach aquarius that life looked at from the right angle, really is “light and breezy,” and aquarius can teach gemini that when you make plans for the long term, things seem to fall into place alot easier….and…the way you want them. These two are good for eachother and will have much to talk about.

aquarius and cancer compatibility:
These two have much in common despite being of different elements. Aquarius is an air sign, but still loves consistency, a stable comfortable home, lots of friends and family around. Cancer is a water signs, but enjoys having family and friends over and strives to create a comfortable home for himself and his spouse to be…the only concern is that aqauarius will have to be as tuned in as the cancerian or there may be some ripples.
aquarius and leo compatibility:
These two are opposite zodiac signs. Opposites usually just get on eachothers nerves and more time is spent trying to hold the relationship together rather than enjoying it. However they could learn alot from eachother as is usually the case with love relationships of opposite zodiac signs.

aquarius and virgo compatibility:
These two might not be so compatble. Virgo is an earth sign, and likes order structure and purity. Aquarius is an air sign and likes things that are unusual, being different, and going against the grain…these two would get more compatiblity from there own element or from another zodiac sign. It could work…however, with lots of love and commitment.

aquarius and scorpio compatibility:
 These two are not on the higher end of being compatible…but they do have similar values. Scorpio is comtted, deep, very loyal, and trust worthy. Aquarius, is aloof, likes detachment, enjoys freedom, and being a little unusual. These two will think the other is so unusual…they may just part ways without even discussing it. If it does work…its probably because one has a dominance of the others element in their natal chart.

aquarius and sagittarius compatibility:
 These two could make a fine match….if the sag doesn’t get annoyed at the Aquarius’ tendancy to be frugal. Sag likes expensive items, dressing up, and expansion. Aquarius likes, thrifty spending, a bargain, and sticking to the plan…One will certain have to adjust to the others ways, if these two are to find love compatibility together.

aquarius and capricorn compatibility:
These two are similar in certain ways. They like to plan for the long haul. They both rather to save a dollar than spend a dollar. The are both very wise and mature. However with these two zodiac signs in love, a person may wonder where has the love gone? These two may get so caught up in planning that there may not be any room for relationship. But from what I know both these zodiac signgs are quite happy living for the future and maximizing the present moment. In my opinion, they make better business partners than lovers.

aquarius and aquarius compatibility:
These two wil l have a soul mate experience. They are highly compatible because they are the same element and the same star sign. Enjoy.

aquarius and pisces compatibility:
Pisces can be trickly. They are known for being deceptive and are not playing by the same moral standards as most of us. They will smile and hug you all in an effort to show you how much you are loved by them…however should ou upset them they will make you pay through the nose. Aquarius is easy going and detached. As an air sign they do not understand all those deep feelings and emotions. I would recommend the aquarius go find someone more on his level…someone he can intellectualize with, without concern for the future of the relationship.

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