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By | June 6, 2010

Star signs personalities oh yeah This is the part of my web site where the honesty comes out so if you dont like it…please dont read it but dont read it can complaing cause its too real for you. ok as long as we understand each other.

pisces star signs zodiac personality traits: The pisces star sign is the first water sign of the zodiac. In astrology pisces represents the life cycle stage of 22 weeks after conception, to birth. This causes some pisces to be needy and emotionally sensitive in character. 

aries star signs zodiac personality traits: The aries star sign is the first fire sign of the zodiac. In astrology aries represents birth to 7 months. This may explain why many aries personalities tend to be self centered and insecure or unsure about them selves. It is good for an aries to have someone in their life who will be honest with them. Some times knowing whats “right” can be difficult task for this zodiac sign.

taurus star signs zodiac personality traits: In astrology taurus governs the period of 7mths – 1yr and 8 months. It is no wonder then that taurus are not the best at dancing, and some other things that require a steady, or particular physical stance. Characteristic of this time period is also “steadiness,” a time when we are all getting to know our world through touch and sitmulation of the eyes. Taurus loves beautiful people and items, and they love to collect items for the home, which make them feel secure.

gemini star signs zodiac personality traits: The gemini nstar sign is the first air sign of the zodiac. In astrology gemini governs the life cycle stage of 1yr and 8 months to 3yrs and 6 months. This causes some gemini to have a youthful out look on life, not be so good at coordination of clothes, and they will lie to get what they want without giving it a second thought.

libra star signs and zodiac personlity: The libra star sign rules the period of life from 23 yrs to 41 yrs of age. For this reason libras a very concerned with having a life partner to share and do things with. Libras are famous for being affectionate, kind and considerate towards their husbands and wives.

leo star signs and zodiac personality:The leo star sign rules the age of 6 to 12 yrs. This is part of the reason leos tend to fall in love so easily. They love with the innocense of a child. It is also for this reason that leos tend to be quite optimistic about life and love. Leo is one of my favorite zodiac signs in astrology.

scorpio star signs and zodiac personality: The scorpio star sign governs the ages of 41 years to end of life. For this reason scorpios tend to be wise, and mature. They are great people to go to for advice when confronting a pressing issue. Scorpios tend to look at life in a backward motions from end to beginning rather than from beginning to end. With this perspective they are able to make wise choices that better them, in many ways, such as financially, emotionally, and spiritually.


sagittarius star signs and zodiac personality: The sagittarius star sign rules the life period of conception to 7 weeks after conception. In astrology sagittarius rules the 9th house. Many sages are into religion or some form of higher learning including but not limited to astrology. This time of life is the time where the soul meets the physical experience.

capricorn star signs and zodiac personality: The capricorn star sign rules the age of 7 wks to 12 weks after conception. This time is about formation and hardening of the bones. This zodiac sign values buiding strong foundations in life such as, stable home, that is paid for, and a solid family life, and having finances saved and put away for the future. For this star sign, foundations represent security in life. etc.

virgo star signs and zodiac personality: “the virgin” rules the time in life of 12 yrs to 23 years. In life this covers a time when we are just getting to know our selves and making decisions about what we want. This is also a time when we are getting to know our selves sexually and experimenting with intimacy on many levels. It is no surprise then that virgos tend to have a hightend awareness for sensuality and sexual pleasures.

Cancer star signs and zodiac personality: “the crab” represents the time in life of 3 yrs to 6 yrs old…cancerians tend to be quite sensitive and receptive to the feelings of others and what is taking place in the environment around them. A stable happy home life is important for this star signs over all happiness and success. Should you hurt the feelings of the crab…it is important to apologize quickly or the crab could feel you just plain, dont care…

Aquarius star signs and zodiac personality: 12 weeks to 22 weeks after conception. This is a time when things are changing forming and getting ready for the future. the baby may begin to kick and make him self known. Foundations are also important to this zodiac…This is why saving money for a rainy day is important for aquarius…causing them to be ambitious and furgal in nature.

compatible star signs compatibility zodiac elements
so you want to know what star signs are compatible?

  • aries have compatiblity with – aries, sagittarius, aqaurius, gemini
  • taurus are compatible with – taurus, capricorn, virgo, pisces, cancer
  • gemini are compatible with – gemini, libra, aquarius, aries, leo
  • cancer have compatibility with – cancer, scorpio, pisces, virgo, taurus
  • leo have compatibility with – leo, sagittrarius, libra, aquarius, gemini
  • virgo have compatibility with – virgo, capricorn, taurus, scorpio, cancer
  • libra have compatibility with – libra, gemini, aquarius, sagittarius, leo
  • scorpio have compatibiltiy with– scorpio, cancer, pisces, virgo, capricorn,
  • sagittarius have compatibiltiy with -sagittarius, leo, aries, libra, aquarius
  • pisces are compatible with – pisces, scorpio, cancer
  • capricorn are compatible with – capricorn, taurus, virgo
  • cancer are compatible with – cancer, scorpio, pisces

star signs that dont get along opposite signs:

If you are searching for information on what star signs go together and which ones do not…you have come to the right place….mostly its about the elements. The elements have all the answers regarind star signs, and star sign compatibility. check out the star signs compatibility opposities page. Check out the star sign compatible page for which zodiac get along and why.

I am just in the process of creating a “dating by your mans astrology sign page. I tell women what zodiacs to look for and what you can expect from a man of that sun sign.

star signs in the bedroom your man: Do I believe that men who share the same star sign are the same in the bedroom? The same…no. Similar…yes….there are some signs I now expect to be boring…(hee hee) you will have to what my videos to find out which ones they are. Then there are some that will be be pretty good like…I think aries…but I only had one aries boyfriend…but based on the mars rulership…they are soppose to be pretty good. That goes for the men and the women.

Besides the star signs there is a whole slew of information astrology has to offer, such as…

predictive astrology, in which certain events are acertained based the location of the planets of a particular date

karmic astrology, which tells us why we are here, what we are here to learn, where we are coming from and the habits we must try to avoid in this life.

suitable employment, lets face it…everybody has their own individual personality and not everyone is suited for every job. It is benificial to know what you are good at and why you are here so you can steer your life in that direction createing a smooth soul journey for your self instead one that “just doesnt feel right” Take you abilities and make them work for you and be happy creating money.

love astrology, every one wants to know “who is my compatible love match?” and of course, why shouldnt they. Check out

Astrology and the star signs have been a hobby of mine for the past 16 years. I bought my first astrology software at age 22, and since then have been tracking the astrological trends and compatible love matches in my own life and the lives of friends and family. I like to ask people I meet, what their star sign is and then tell them some interesting facts about their personality. Most find it fun and want to know more about star signs and astrology. I now use astrology to let me know what “hot” opportunities lie ahead for myself and those close to me. Check out some of the links below.

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