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By | June 6, 2010

Taurus compatibility in Love

Taurus and Aries love compatibility:
….if Taurus meets the Aries when the Aries has “chosen ” to grow up…these two can be a fine match. As this pairing matures they will have much in common as security of home and money become of prime importance. Aries is easy to get along with as long as he gets all of Taurus attention…This should be easy for Taurus to achieve because Taurus doesn’t have many passions…as long as money comes in abundantly these two will get along just fine.

Taurus and Taurus love compatibility:
….Taurus compatibility with taurus will create a “soul mate” experience. It is said in astrology that the best sign for you is always your own. Two taurus in love will understand each others need for comfort and stability. They will accumulate objects of interest and share their findings with each other.

Taurus and gemini love compatibility:
…Gemini compatibility with taurus will create a union that is fair and understanding. personally I think these two don’t do much for each other but whatever….taurus will teach fleeting gemini how to take a more “practical approach” to life…gemini can help the taurus to “lighten up” …and have more fun.

Taurus and cancer love compatibility:
…cancer and Taurus will make a fine couple. cancerians like to make a nice comfortable home for family and relaxation. They are also good cooks. These work out just fine for taurus…after a hard days work taurus likes to get cozy in front of the television with his favorite home cooked mean and put his feet up. These two get a 7/10

Taurus and leo love compatibility:
…leo and taurus….can you say ,,,NO! not good for each other…they are too different and the same in uncomplimentary ways….taurus do not like change…leo does not like change…leo likes to rule loudly…taurus likes to graze quietly. The out look of life for these two is totally different. NO!

Taurus and Virgo love compatibility:
…virgo and taurus compatibility will be good. They are both earth signs and like to plan ahead. both also like a comfortable organized home to entertain friends and organize prized possession. Virgo helps Taurus to organize..taurus helps virgo to long term plan…these two are complimentary…8/10

Taurus and libra love compatibility:
….libra and taurus….”ahhh yess…ohhh nooo!” These two will hit it off initially…feeling as if they have met the one. Both love to entertain, dress up, and share affection…but as time goes on…the taurus will see the libra as lacking in substance…and the libra will see the taurus as boring and too caught up in the future.

Taurus and scorpio love compatibility:
…scorpio and taurus compatibility. First off you should check out the page on zodiac star sign opposites about this love match. There you will find out more about this pairing. Theses two will be wildly attracted to eachother…until one decides that they can’t put up with the other one any more. Most likely it will be the taurus saying this to the scorpio…because scorpio loves for life. They are opposite zodiac signs.

Taurus and Sagittarius love compatibility:
….sagittarius and taurus compatibility. These two don’t really have that much in common. One is of the fire element. The other is earth…non complimentary! Common ground..? Hm…not really. The sagittarius will find the taurus too plain…the taurus will find the Sagittarius…just too plain firey!

Taurus and Capricorn love compatibility:
…capricorn and taurus compatibility. These two are right for each other. They both plan for the future. are smart about spending, and both like to walk into a room and be admired for their nicely tailored attire. both capricorn and taurus believe in working hard to earn the quality of life desired. They will have much to talk about in later years.

Taurus and Aquarius love compatibility:
…Aquarius and taurus compatibility. Cant say much for these two. No real sparks. They are both frugal. They may hit it off for that reason.

Taurus and Pisces love compatibility:
….pisces with Taurus is suppose to work. However I knew a couple that was this zodiac love match, and the pisces just complained that the Taurus was too “non responsive” so maybe this is not the best love match. However, if the pisces has some Taurus planetary placements in his / here chart,…this could work.

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