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By | July 18, 2010

  • leaving home on christmas
  • planet jupiter in astrology
  • peeing in the wind
  • falling in love with my body
  • how to reset your sleep schedule
  • the law of attraction and compatibility
  • orange county choppers “Dad gets a new pup”
  • “Face book Privacy policy” and online info
  • black planet online community
  • yoga excercises for weightloss



leaving home on Christmas day and mint chocolate chip ice cream


Right now today: december 24th 2009 I am feeling very hopeful. some may say this is due to the transit of uranus through my 5th house. I believe it is too. But at the same I feel slight doubt. Thank goodness its only slight. I will leave my home tommorow just to avoid my mothers christmas “fakeness” I just don;t want to be a part of it. In fact I will write much more about my mother in one moment. When I return. I’m about to go indulge in some “mint chocolate chip ice cream!!” mmmmm!


The meaning of jupiter and your wealth


Right now tonight: techniquely its 12:56am on the 25 of december 2009. I’m on my way to bed. Decided not to write about the mom thing for now….But I’m sure one day I will do it. Any who had lots of junk food today…and I will probably do the same tommorow. I’m thinking of creating a page on jupiter in the 9th house and its effecst on a person (in the natal chart) or maybe I’ll just talk about jupiter in general and what It really represents…because I think alot of people don’t know that jupiter is your “money maker!’…I’ll have to type more about this tommorow because its getting late. So “good night” for now. I will be calling it “know your jupiter, know your wealth!”


Today I pee’d in the wind


Today is Christmas: Today was christmas of 2009. I did some work today and visited a friend downtown among other things. Any way I did something a little unusual. Today I “pee’d in the rain!” yes pee. rain. I. me. did it! I had to go….and I was taking the bus back home….it happened to be raining…that felt odd. There I was, surrounded by water falling from the sky…and many many puddles on the ground around me in the parking lot it was night time and dark out…then I crouched down and began to make my own puddle. My biggest concern was with the wind blowing as strong as it was that none of my pee actually hit the ground….perhaps it just all ended up on my pants. I don’t know and I didn’t check. Just wanted to share that…since it was a “first” and all. hee hee.


I fell in love with my body


I almost forgot. Today I fell in love with my body. I was telling my self I was fat and needed to loose weight (my sister calls this habitual messages) and today when I looked in the mirror at my friends house…I thought “I love my body!” It’s curvacious and feminine…sexy…I love it!…all that “roundness” is beautiful. And the right guy for me will think exactly the same thing when we meet. So, that …is a milestone. Had to stick that in my diary for sure.


How to reset your sleep schedule


I just found this article…its still christmas by the way …11:13 pm…on how to reset your sleep schedule… I wanted to share it with you. reset sleep pattern article” check it out!


The law of attraction
What stays and what goes


today is december 26 3:14pm: The law of attraction is something I try to live my life by. In case you are not familiar with it….the law of attraction states that which you believe and think…you become! The point is to think things into your life that you want….So heres what I was pondering just now. My sister used this law…she made a list of 5 things she wanted in a guy by using the contrast of what she didn’t want…then the guy appeared and they have been together for 5 years. I used the law of attraction like four times but the longest relationship I have had is 2 years…what gives? So what stays and what goes? Is the only gaurantee is tha it will appear (manifest) and “the duration” or length of time is unknown!? Boy that sucks….it makes getting your heart broken that much worse…cause now your getting your heart broken by the person of your heart. geez….so if you have read my previous entries you know I must meet someone special in 2010. But I want him to stay! in-my llife! forever! this time. hmm. There is no real way of knowing that this will happen. But I hope so…So far I do know…

  • he will be spiritual and or
  • into astrology him self
  • and or there will be something unusual about him
  • and or he will have a child…
  • and or he may be very creative…

or maybe I meet many guys just like that. uranus is trineing jupiter of “luck” and “hope” so hmmm. God is the decider…perhaps those relationships I was in weren’t right for my spiritual growth long term. Perhaps I had to go through them to know exactly what I want in a man now…all that is right good and healthy…maybe now I can identify someone who really loves me…my soul…someone who sees and knows all the good in me I see and know…and its taking uranus planet of change…revolution…liberation…freedom…to make this all happen…this bringing about of the perfect man. You know…this is exactly how I feel. The experience I had with my ex boyfriend changed how I saw men and relationships. (among other things) I believe the universe was trying (even before he came into my life) to show me what was good and healthy for me. But it took HIM to finally make me realize…someone I only have bad names for now…so there is evidence of some form of change….it did “wake me up”…which are again keywords associated with planet uranus in astrology. That guy taught me sooooo much about life, love, marriage, making money, drive, passion, and making your dreams come true. All of this unintentionally. Any who they best things that came out of all of this is today…

  • I know my self alot better spiritually
  • I love my self alot more than I did then
  • I know who I do not want to share my life and love with
  • I know who (his soul character) I DO want to share my life and love with
  • I know what I am willing to accept and not willing to accept
  • not only in relationships…but from other people
  • I know that I am smart and beautiful

I am recognizing “happy” I am happy!
So uranus isn’t so bad after all….you will come out of the influence improved…as its keywords indicate: “distruction and change”


orange county choppers – dad gets a new pup


I hardly watch tv anymore….I am always on the internet for fun or for work…anyway last night I watched some dread locking videos by this one girl called tbey something. I will be making my own soon. Anywho here is the link if you want to see her videos…I enjoy them because she is down to earth and her hair looks amazing after a few months.


now im really out here at…9:35 sunday morning december 27 (yikes) to mention Orange County Choppers…now I haven’t been keeping up with them…but you know “senior” really should just step down…and let “pauley” run the shop! No disprespect to him…(had to say that when talking about a man with muscles the size of his.) …lol. But senior…you should step down or just be around maybe once a week or something. any who here is a video about when senior gets a new puppy that they call “Marty.”




Facebook privacy policy: december 27 2009. I was just listening to a radio show all about technology and computers…by a guy named “Leo” on the “AM” dial. He just reported that facebook has had some changes to its privacy policy and that all information now has a “public” default instead of a private default. Or I miss understood …the other thing the story could have been is that everything you had on facebook, and will post on face book, is now public….yikes! There is many people that will be scrambleing…and many people that don’t know right now and will find out only afer someone contacts them and says (in slow motion) “I saw your face book page and….” OH MY GOODNESS…personally I’ve never been a fan. And I’m not one to go putting my personal information on the web. I really don’t know what makes a person go somewhere like on the web and put their real name, address, phone number…don’t get it. The gentleman on the radio show said that “facebook” is the fifth largest website on the net…and that they may have changed their privacy settings…to compete with twitter…which is all about being public…and this is because of the ever increasing popularity of twitter and all the media buzz even with t.v stars…go figure…I’m sitting in an awkward position…so thats all from me for now.


black planet online community: today I actually went on to http://www.blackplanet.com/ that was alright. It was hard to figure out how it all worked but it was alright. Thats it today…I’m in a bit of a weird mood today. It’s 10:16pm sunday december 27. Good night!


here are some yoga exercises to help with weight loss.check em out



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