Astrologer Styes and Astrology Readings

By | September 12, 2010

I often wonder about the Astrology Reading style of other astrologers. I prefer to do a reading for my clients that is meaningful and makes sense to them. I would never want my client to leave my reading thinking. “None of that made any sense to me.” I want my clients to feel they got their questions answered and that they now have a better understanding of what was causing them to have the reading in the first place. Do I acheieve this goal  each and every time I do a reading, I dont know I have never asked. But the fact that I hope I am is a start.

I have myself saught a professional of divination in the past to answer some of my most important questions, regarding love in particular. One woman I use to go to was very good. One day I went buy her office and she just wasnt there any more…I felt lost due to this. Every other reader I had afer that just didnt cut it for me. So, now perhaps, I want to be as good to my clients as she was to me.

In astrology there is so much to information to share with a client that we readers can become lost in the astrology chart of make the reading too complicated. One thing I always think to my self regarding astrology is “…ok so now what?” That is why I like to provide the information with some “life advice.” Perhaps this has alot to do with who I am and my spiritual beliefs. I know that this has alot to do with it.

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