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By | September 19, 2010

Mars in Scorpio

I am a person who has her mars in scorpio. I want allby seeking this information to know the truth. What does having mars in scorpio really mean. When analyzing any planetary placement in any sign, one must consider how that planet will react in that element, then deicide how it act from that sign.

Mars is Firey. Scorpio is a water sign so they are sensitive and emotionally charged but keep it hidden. The planet of (action and agreesion) Mars in The sign of (Intensity and Truth) Scorpio, Is deep and determined.
Mars in this sign tends to make a person more on the “pschologically analytical side” when angry, not so much physical. This placement when angered, if they were to get into a physical altercation, they dont see half way. To this planetary placement, physical fighting is pointless unless one will be no longer. Therefore they opt to settle problems by avoiding the other person, or by causing the other person to regret what he or she did. Ok enough of that I hope it made sense. Here are some negative and postive characteristics of Mars in Scoprio.

mars is scorpio Positive Character Traits

  • Easily helps others
  • Intuitive
  • Caring
  • Down to Earth
  • Easy to Talk To
  • Accepting of others
  • Works well independently
  • Intensly Passionate
  • A great lover

mars is in scorpio Negative Character Traits

  • Seeks revenge
  • Long time to get over hurt
  • Internal War
  • Anger easily leads to Rage
  • hides his true feelings
  • Easily emersed in Relationships
  • Somewhat perverse
  • Intense

Intimacy and mars in scorpio

Since mars is a fire planet and scorpio is a penetrating water sign. Mars in scorpio can be a deep intimate experience. Intimacy is something this planetary placement looks forward too, but they may take a long time to do the deed or they may just make you feel as if you are the only and most special person in the whole world. Mars in scorpio are highly  passionate, and very charged individuals.

Mars in scorpio boyfriend or girlfriend

The planetary placement denotes a person who doesnt like any play on his or her emotions. If you want to break it off with mars in scorpio or sart seeing someone else, Be sure to be upfront about your feeling and tell them straight away. If mars in Scorpio feels you have deliberately hurt them, they make seek to hurt you too. So just be upfront and scorpio can handle the truth, in fact they value the truth.

Mars in scorpio Employment

Mars in scorpio must have a sincere love and passion for their career or they may find them selves searching for a new one. Mars in scorpio are good at things that involve, investigations, or getting to the root of any matter. Many mars in scorpios love to cook and talk about man and woman intimaces. Many do this for a hobby but should consider doing this professionally.

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