Meaning of Jupiter, Jupiter Astrology, Planet Jupiter

Jupiter is your outlook/approach to life

Jupiter in any astrology chart and its house location, shows the subjects outlook on life. Some people approach life in a spiritual sense, (ninth house Jupiter) some people approach life more practical,(10th house Jupiter) some people are very dependent on others,(7th house Jupiter) while some people are more independent (1st House Jupiter)All in all if you know the location of your Jupiter, and understand what this placement means, you will have greater insight into your beliefs and gain a greater understanding of your outlook on life.

Jupiter is the challenge you present in your relationship

Jupiter in astrology also represents the challenge we present to those closest to us. Are we Kings and Queens in our own minds? Are we Free spirited resisting rules and regulations? Are we restrictive and precise expecting other to live up to our own expectations. When we know the location of 2 individuals Jupiter’s, we can have a sense of how compatible or incompatible the two will be potentially. Any body with enough concentrated effort can alter their own character, however, when two people oppose each other in terms of their outlook on life, the change may not come easy.

Jupiter is your spiritual self

The Planet Jupiter in any astrology chart represents in a sense the persons spiritual self. Some people are none spiritual, while others are very spiritual. I am a very spiritual person, my Jupiter sits, in the 9th house in Sagittarius, if you know much about astrology, you will know this is spiritual over load! lol. Just the fact that this planet is so big can be indicative of how much of our selves it truly represents. Jupiter can fall in any of the 12 signs and in any of the twelve astrological houses. Therefore we are all different, and should never expect others to be like us. Jupiter is indicative of the part of us that is almost unchangeable, our values, our beliefs. Jupiter is your larger than life side
incompatibilities in Jupiter

Jupiter is your Luck and Success

Jupiter means luck! What does this mean? Jupiter is where you will find the most “ease” and success in your life. Why? Because Jupiter represents where you are lucky in your chart. So Just find out the placement of Jupiter in your Natal chart (your astrological birth chart) and you will know where and you are lucky, and you will know the area where you will have the greatest ease in life. Allow me to break this down further into two points.

  1. Jupiter Shows your lucky days and lucky times – good for things like asking for a raise, playing the lottery on your lucky days, going on a date, anything where you would want this to go in your favor.
  2. Jupiter shows Where you have the greatest “ease” – This is good for things like choosing a career, or is helpful in switching careers. Jupiter is your friend all the way!

When you are finished reading this article…

When you are finished reading this article, I urge you to do two things Buy this lucky days software and just keep it on your computer, you never know when you might need it (great for predicting lucky lottery days)Learn the sing and location of Jupiter in your astrology chart. Help you to understand your deeper Self.

Thanks so much for reading this. Jah Bless.