You are a creative being!

By | June 8, 2013

imagesCAS63XD6You are a creative being but you will have to accept this belief as true in order to see the power. I have had what I hope will be a turning point in my life. For many years when I was younger, I could make things happen, I was very spiritually inspired, and I made people feel good. Then life happened. I lost the desire to make others smile, I became very pessimistic and believed everybody was out to get me. Then out of something not so good came my original beliefs again.  I had to believe in something I had to believe that there was a creative power within me not outside of me, as Western religion so often teaches that I had to depend on it to fix the situation.

I have read many books on spirituality and I want you to know you are a creative spiritual being. All that you seek from Religion or in life, rests in and is available in you. To increase this power there are many things we can do, such as refuse to give in to the negative energies. This hinders our power. Laugh whenever possible, choose to see the light and love in others. Approach life from this perspective with these thoughts and you will see that manifesting is easier, and that love and happiness abound your life. I know this blog post is short, but I am already writing a book so I figured I wouldn’t put too much of a work load on my self.

Love light and blessings to all.

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