A Fortunate Event?!

By | June 12, 2014

money…Something weird happened. I am calling it weird for a lack of a better word. In the spirit of being grateful, lets call it “a fortunate event.”

So, I am at the Library…I go to use the Womens’ washroom. I am creating in my head the outline for my book. I am thinking of blog posts ideas as well. So, I am thinking …blog post: “10 things to manifest more money”

Heres where it gets interesting…

I am having a question and answer session in my head about how to teach others about manifesting money. I am very relaxed…I think I may have belched. (which is an important part of the story)

So, the lady beside me finishes what she is doing…and flushes and I am assuming she is leaving. I hear someone else come into the washroom. I am still in my stall trying to come up with blogging Ideas for my blog post…10 things to manifest more money…at that moment I am thinking

  • “Daily Affirmations for money: I create and I generate money…”
  • “Create a Daily Ritual that invites and supports Attracting money…”

Next I’m thinking “…Oh this sucks!”…and I let go!

I hear someone speaking outside the bathroom stall…

“Do you want some money to get some Ginger Ale?”

So, I assume the woman who came in second knows the woman who was in there first…so I decide to listen to the conversation because there is nothing else to do. There is no response.

She asks again..

“Do you want, $2 or $3 to buy some Ginger Ale?”

I listen…there is no response to her question.

womens washroomThen she knocks on my Stall door I am in and asks the Question again…I suddenlty realize she is talking to me…

The first thing I thought was…she is offering me money…I have to say no…the next thing I thought was…remember you have been doing some money visualizations lately?

Then I thought “you can’t turn down money!!!!”
So, I said “yeah sure….Leave it on the Counter!”

She says “No, let me give it to you…!”

Then she hands it to me under the Washroom Stall door!!!

That experience left me thinking 2 things….what else can I manifest in a relaxed state? How much more money can I Manifest into my experience? Then it had me thinking some other things…But I cannot tell you…Save them for my Ebook!

Amazing. No body ever offered me any amount of money before without my asking for it, especially without being able to see my face.

You can do it too…we are all creators. I find it very strange that this happens on the day I decide to write the outline for my book at at the very moment I am thinking about the “How to manifest money” Element of my book. I was wowed Actually.

Peace and blessings to all.


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