Whats driving your Life?

whats driving your lifeSeriously…ask your self…what is driving your life? What are you so focused on that you have no choice but to manifest more of it in your life? It’s very important that we ask ourselves these questions.

A particular issue can manifest itself over and over again in our lives, and we as people sometimes are wondering how come this keep coming up…deep inside you, you know there has to be a spiritual reason for it…The problem is when you went to school they didn’t teach you how to think in these terms. (spiritual terms) When you were born it was assumed that your parents would raise you and that you would somehow learn…in time… all you need to learn to be a …

  • wealthy
  • healthy
  • wise
  • prospering
  • happy
  • successful
  • Independent


Not so Easy…

I want to share a secret with you. In the shower is where I do most of my figuring out and my mediations. Today I realized there are spiritual secrets to success.. and that when we do not know what these “secrets” are…we may struggle in certain areas of our lives.

I read the bible on a regular basis, there is a particular verse (among many) that stumped me…it says

“as above….so below.”

I finally got it….I finally cracked the spiritual code of Manifesting & Creation!

It’s a spiritual secret. One that can change any persons life for the better. I’m sorry I cannot share it with you because then you wont come to my online seminars on wealth building and abundance. But I will say this.

We have to be aware of the things we do and say…we must know that all that we think will manifest. If you are currently experiencing something that you do not like…its because you created it. Wait…all hope is not lost…Turn all negatives into positives…and you will see the result.

Back to the Original Question

Whats driving your life?

What thoughts do you think night and day that manifest in your life as conditions, people, circumstances, outcomes.

  • Jealousy
  • resentment
  • Poverty
  • Overeating
  • happiness
  • The Mortgage Payment
  • How much you hate your Job


I can’t wait for my book to come out…I hope it helps people. Well gotta run…whatch your thoughts, they manifest.

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