Are your Spirit Guides Speaking?

spirt guides-Hi guys, I give you my love.

I was sitting on my bed thinking to my self, the other day, just how many times my higher self has spoken to me. Unfortunately I didn’t know it was my higher self, or God, or my Ancestors, or my Angles at that time, so I just ignored it. Now, it has happened to me so many times that I can identify the message, clearly as my Spirit Guides. Hearing loving and guiding messages from your higher self are invaluable. So, let me tell you how to know if your Higher self is trying to communicate with you. Here are 4 tips so you will know.

The message is “monotone.”

When Your higher self is speaking to you, the tone will always be the same. It will be a loving, steady normal paced monotone. No pitch no emphasis, just exactly the same

5 Words or less

The message will be very clear, and very concise in what you should do, or in what you are to know. probably in 5 words orguardian_angel_-_350_x_002 less. I remember when my Ancestors wanted me to know I was a song writer. They kept telling me. “You can write music.” 3 times over 9 months. Can you believe they had to tell me the same thing 3 times before I finally investigated it. Honestly I just wanted them to stop. So, the last time (about 2 years ago) that they said “You can write music” I finally wipped out a piece of paper and a pen, and thought, “today I am going to show you I cannot write music.” That was the day I wrote my first song. Since then I have written at least 100 songs. On my best days I write about 5 “demos” in one day. I am so grateful I tried to prove them wrong. Lol.

The message Gets Repeated multiple times

Ok. I I just told you that my Ancestors spoke to me 3 times regarding becoming a song writer over a span of about 9 months. Well, they can speak with you even more frequently than that too. I was in a situation. I knew I should have gotten a lawyer. My Ancestors were telling me 1 – 3 times per day for about 3 weeks straight “Get a Lawyer.” I totally ignored them. Then I remembered the experience above, and that it was my Ancestors or higher self speaking to me. That is how I know now to pay attention.

They will speak to you when you are Alone

spirit guides talkingOur higher self, spirit guides, Angels, Ancestors, God, The universe, whatever you want to call your spiritual Guidance, love to speak to us when we are alone. Every time my Ancestors or God has spoken to me, I have been alone. It makes perfect sense really.

One day I was feeling ill at ease, about a guy I was dating. So, as I was in my room alone,  I leaned back on my dresser in my bedroom and asked out loud very calmly “what exactly is the problem” (not expecting a response at all) Low and behold….I heard “He can be mean to you.” Oh my gosh. That never happened to me before. Long story short. That night I went to visit the guy at his house, I told him what my inner Guidance had said to me. He made no comment. Later that night at 2:00am we got into an argument, I ended up packing all my stuff and traveled home in the middle of the night by taxi. See I should have listened to my Higher Self.

I hope this blog post helps. I hope if and when your higher self speaks to you, you will accept the Guidance. We are primarily spiritual beings, we are simply having a physical experience.

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Love  & Light!