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Why Bad things Happen to good people

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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Life is a series of ups and downs. But why do we have to experience downs? Downs are the manifestation of our negative thinking. Think about it…Here is a little self test. Think about something, some area of your life that is not working for you right now. Got it? good! Now ask your self how you have been thinking about that particular subject, person, incident, situation. When you really break it down you will come to find out that the area you “struggle” in is probably the area you have the most negative thoughts about.

It’s almost like the Universe says, “Oh so that is what you think and Believe? Well, here I will show you that you are right!” The Universe confirms your thinking by manifesting people, situations, and conditions that “align” with your thoughts and beliefs.

Here is an example.

Lets say I accept the belief that all people with dark hair are jerks (I am dark-haired by the way)

Suddenly I may start to notice

  • I cannot seem to get a long with anybody dark-haired
  • I am surrounded by dark-haired people every where I go
  • I find out my ex is dating a dark-haired girl

I gave you this example to show  you that whatever you believe, whatever your consistent daily thoughts are

  • You will receive confirmation of from the Universe
  • You will begin to see more of it in your experience
  • Most of your experiences will confirm your worst thoughts on the topic

the universe does this is for two reasons

  • The universe does not understand hate, so it understands all strong emotion as Love, which it wants to give you more of
  • It helps you to work out your issue on that particular subject.

So, there, all negative thought manifests, that is why sometimes “bad things happened to good people.” Chances are that “good person” is just experiencing their own negative thinking manifested as reality.

More light and more love.


How to use “Gratitude” to Manifest More!

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Worst Manifesting/ law of attraction Advice!

rockbottomSome of the Worst advice I have ever heard in manifesting is “be grateful for what you have!” If  you are grateful for what you have…why on earth should the universe bring you something more and something different?

Every thought is a command, if you are already happy, then the universe will give you more of what you already have

  • More poverty
  • More being Single
  • More unhappiness
  • More difficulty losing weight


Ask the universe for it!

If you want something more, and something different, you have to ask for it!Satisfaction and Success

  • You want more – Never ever be grateful for what you have
  • Ask for what you want – Always tell the universe what you would like to have
  • Life is a numbers game – Create the opportunities to have it, then you will

Show Gratitude when you have manifested what you want

Be Grateful when you get what you want! Then the universe knows to bring you more of that experience because you are a creator and all your thoughts, words, and actions are seen as requests. Celebrate when the universe has delivered, and your celebration will be seen as thanks giving, and these things will increase in your experience.

More manifesting tips in the near future.

More love and light.