Positive Affirmations: Just for you!

By | January 6, 2015

positive affirmationsOur true make up is of one who creates. Being aware of this power is the first step in honing the power of our subconscious mind. If we are unaware, we may accept untruths such as…

  • I am just born to be fat
  • I will never be wealthy
  • I guess I am just not that smart
  • I will never have the life I desire

So, to grab that power, one will have to start telling them selves the opposite of the untruth. Beginning of course with

  • I am a Creator
  • I have the power to do what I want, I have the power to be whom I want

Next we start re-wording those lies or untruths we have been programming our selves with, and make positive affirmations out of them, by stating the opposite.

The opposite to the “lies” Negative Affirmations Above

  • power of positive affirmationsI am born to be fit healthy and a healthy weight
  • I know I will be wealthy
  • I am very smart
  • I know I will have the life I desire

Try it for yourself, take the negative things you have been silently telling your self and turn them into the op-positive positive affirmation for your self. I have been so productive since I created mine. I was silently telling my self “I can’t….” and then coming up with 50 reasons why I couldn’t do whatever it was I was making the excuses for.

Now, I tell my self I can…and then I simply “try to do it. I have been very successful. The turn around and the productivity has really impressed me. I can’t believe I was finding excuses not to blog, excuses, not to write ebooks, excuses not to get together with friends, excuses not to buy and take my vitamins…I was making excuses for everything….But now I am empowered, simply by believing in the opposite negative message I was telling myself, which was “I cant…..!”.

I hope this helps you too. You create your experiences…believe in good things and good things will manifest!

Try coming up with 3 negative affirmations you have been telling yourself that have been holding you back from reaching your goals, or living the life you desire. Then just create the opposite “positive affirmation.” When you catch your self telling your self lies, simply say cancel that, and silently tell your self your new empowered positive affirmation. 


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