Subconscious Mind Training eBooks


subconscious mind trainingSubconscious mind training How to Remove Bad Luck (free) write a blog post for such a long time. I did mention that I would be writing a book on this subject, so you should be happy that I did. I have decided to chunk my subconscious mind training books down into mini eBooks. I don’t know… I just figured it would be easiest that way for reading if you know what I mean.

Some of the training modules will be free and some will have a small cost of say 0.99 cents to say $3.99 depending. I am so happy. I have changed my life with subconscious mind training and overcome so many things, and even manifested some stuff. I want to share with you and with the world how I was able to do it.

We know every day in life can be a fight for our survival, why not put the weights of the scale in your favor by knowing how to use the power of your subconscious mind. I have read many book on this top and so I have combined all that I have learned into one to share with you…

Oh before I forget I have one available on amazon right now…I believe  is $2.99 Its called

“Subconscious Mind Training: How to Understand the Subconscious mind.” Its powerful because it teaches you how the subconscious accepts suggestions, and types activities you should avoid for this reason. Well I will insert the ebook cover and here and link it to the book once it is in publish status.

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I love you all. My co-creators. Share love and peace.

Here are some of the module titles to come

  • Subconscious mind training How to visualize and use visualization
  • Subconscious mind training How to meditate and use meditation
  • Subconscious mind training How to Become a Genius fast
  • Subconscious mind training How to Attract Wealth Fast
  • Subconscious mind Training The power of positive Affirmations
  • Subconscious mind training The power of positive Self Talk
  • Subconscious mind training How to Remove Bad Luck (free)