My Husband has Jupiter in Aries?!!!!

By | November 14, 2016

  1. Angry???
  2. Dominant!!!!
  3. Rude!!!!
  4. Arrogant!!!!
  5. Ignorant!!!!
  6. Independent!!!!!
  7. Egotistical!!!!
  8. Difficult to Work With!!!!!!

In Astrology this is like a Death Sentence in a Relationship!

Jupiter in Compatibility Astrology

Jupiter shows where the Challenge is and how great the Challenge is in the Relationship. Jupiter is one of the worst placements for a partner. However on the brighter side I have Jupiter in Leo. So, I am so opposed to be able to handle it. The are somewhat compatible. It also means sometimes I wont take his Garbage. So we fight. I know I am Royalty, I don’t want  to act like garbage or accept garbage. My husband is very arrogant. 

i also have Mars in Scorpio

that means that I don’t like change especially sexual change. so, i put up with it and try to manuver around the arrogance and rudeness. The day is coming my folks when its either all going to change, or Im done. Im not going to put up with it anymore. Yes, he is my husband, I will never get married again, but I cant put up with trash as I said. 
Mars in Aquarius men
mars in aquarius men are very flirty. You probably wont like it. 
Angry Aries in Jupiter 
He’s lucky I am a Libra
He has his Mars in Aquarius, I guess that makes him easy to handle somewhat.                     

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