Wiccan Tips for Asking the Universe for what you want

By | November 15, 2016

Tips by Patti Negri



  1. Gratitude brings unexpected gifts – Open your window and show Gratitude every full moon. A simple state of “I am so grateful for…” Come up with at least 10 of these.
  2. Clock Directions for every day spell work – Stir clock wise to attract something to you combined with the positive thought. (oatmeal, soup, coffee etc)
  3. Clock Directions for every day spell work – Stir counter clock wise to get rid of something combined with the thought. (oatmeal, soup, coffee etc)
  4. A Simple Money Spell That works – Full Moon Money Spell – Get a $1.00 – write everything that you want. “New Car” “$10,000” use passion and symbols, run through incense smoke. Look up at the moon, light it on fire, offer it up to the heavens. She says it works every Time. (I believe this works cause of the sacrifice element but who asked me.)
  5. What makes a spell work? -Body Mind and Spirit creates the power of the spell. The more emotion the better.
  6. moon magic wiccaMoon Magic tip #1 – Anything (spell) to be reduced write your request during the waning moon. This is a time of reduction.
  7. Moon Magic tip #2 – Anything (spell ) that you want to increase, make your request during the waxing moon. This is a time of growth.
  8. Spiritual Protection – Bay Leaves for Protection: Sleep on them on white sheets, or soak them then bath with the leaves and the water.


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