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pisces compatibility with aries

Perhaps for “disregarding” Aries the union would be a smash…but for “hurt by every word said and not said” Pisces…this union might just prove to be a heart breaker. This might work out if the woman is the Aries and the man the Pisces…but not so much the other way around.

pisces compatibility with taurus

….pisces with Taurus is soppose to work. However I knew a couple that was this zodiac love match, and the pisces just complained that the Taurus was too “non responsive” so maybe this is not the best love match. However, if the pisces has some Taurus planetary placements in his / here chart,…this could work.

pisces compatibility with leo

Typically these two will not understand eachother. Pisces needs to feel nurtured and supported by his lover….at all times…leo needs to feel admired and respected by his lover …at all times…these two seek different things and are of a different element…they will have to work hard to understand eachother if it is to work for the long haul.

pisces compatibility with libra
Pisces These two both believe in romance, however they have different values. The air sign likes to share in meaning less banter…the water sign likes to share deep emotions….not so good. Pisces may get fed up with libras need to take in information instead of sharing those feelings in the relationship…libra may get fed up with pisces neediness.

pisces compatibility with scorpio
Pisces is one of the best love matches for scorpio. These two water signs will hit it off from the word “go.” They have the same out look on life…and value the same things. Feelings and emotions brought to the forefront are ingredients for a healthy happy relationship for these two zodiac signs.

pisces compatibility with sagittarius
Pisces emotions can run way too low for the optimistic sagittarius. Sagittarius may be just too easy going for the deep feeling moody pisces. Pisces puts feelings and emotions at the forefront of happiness in his world. Sagittarius puts money, looking good, and spending, and friends at the forefront of his happiness. These two are different. They may not have much to say to eachother. Well only on the superficial level. Deeper than that…they may realize they look at life from different angles.