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Planet Mars Astrology – Sex, Motivation, Mens Aggression & Relationship Compatibility

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mars astrology


    1. mars in aries men aggressionPlanet Mars Relationship “Getting Along” –  (by comparing both Mars) Mars in the chart of two people can tell you how well they will get a long and work together. Typically, mars located in the same element of both charts get a long well. That is the general rule when it comes to compatibility. However there is secondary matches as well. fire works well with fire and air. Earth works well with earth and water. So someone with Mars in Scorpio, gets a long well with some one with mars in Pisces, or mars in Virgo as well for example.
    2. Mars shows the Sexuality – Mars is a great indicator of someones sexuality. In so many ways. The location (sign) their mars is located in can tell you. How sexual the person is. (Mars in Scorpio is a very sexually interested Mars location) Due to its passion, (Pluto ruler ship) and it being a water sign (Emotions) From this we can see that Mars in Scorpios, are Emotionally passionate about intimacy. I should know, I have this placement. Or lets take Mars in Capricorn for example. Capricorn is a sign of achievement, but it is also an earth sign. Mars is a fire planet. Fire doesn’t work so well from earth. My conclusion is that Capricorns see intimacy more as a duty, than something to be passionate about. They may put other priorities before intimacy with partner. I could go on about this forever. You get the picture.
    3. Motivation – Mars tell us how motivated the person is and in what way. mars in Scorpio is penetrating and tends to be quietly determined. mars in Aries, is more outward about his passions and motivations.
    4. Aggression – Mars tells us how aggressive the person is. Can you know if the man you are dating is potentially a woman beater? The answer is yes. Combined with his Jupiter you can get a good idea. Mars is a very important planet when it comes to knowing peoples personality without them knowing.


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10 Tips to Be Psychic: That Really Work!

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10 Tips to Be Psychic: That Really Work!


eye#1 Left hand writing

They say the left hand is ruled by your right brain and that your right brain is the part of you that is connected to your spirit, knowing, and your sixth sense. Exercising your left hand, will exercise psychic ability. I have done this…I was amazed with the results.

#2 Reading an old King James Version Bible

I have had some of mypsychic best Psychic ability experiences while reading the King James Version Bible Consistently. I find it relaxes me, but I also believe that the “old language” is part of what helps me to lower my vibration,(relax my mind) and strengthen that connection to my higher self. Try it for yourself. Since we are on the subject, try asking your Angles for psychic Ability. I think I tried this once and was surprised by the Results. Just say “Angels, please give me Psychic ability.” Try it before you think it doesn’t work.

 #3 Reading Astrology Charts

I have also had some profound psychic experiences when I was reading astrology charts for a living.  I would see words when people were speaking with me, I would get feelings about things etc. Reading Astrology Charts should be a part of everybody’s life, weather as a astrologer, or as (the Qurant) the person who receives the Astrology reading. That’s how important a tool I feel astrology is in ones life.

chakra-pic-web3#4 Meditation/relaxation

For me Meditation is that tool that always works. Meditation is good for all people. Meditation helps people to center, to be calm, and to stay in the zone that fosters Psychic ability. When I was a master of meditation, I would get Intuitive insights about other people, my own life, and even people on the lives of the people on TV. Meditation is key folks, to honing your Psychic powers. Lets say you don’t know what meditation is or the sound of “doing” “meditation” turns you off? Read Proverbs it has the same effect. Do this for 30 minutes to 1 hour day.

#5 Tarot Card Readings

– Reading Tarot Cards can definitely help a person to become more Psychic. That is because this action tells the universe that you would like to be able to help others by knowing the present past and future. The universe sees every action as a request. Careful what you….do!

#6 A State of Calm

Living a life that is calm and peaceful, vs. chaotic and dramatic, always help one to increase Psychic awareness. Be mindful of this. Try not to get into arguments, and always forgive others for their wrong doing. 

awaken psychic ability#7 Peace

– Avoid Stress and avoid watching Television. TV is just brainwashing us anyway, and stress is never helpful for any goal. Try to make peace with others and give in to their demands. Avoid arguments at all costs. Just tell your self you are on the planet as a servant of God.

#8 Beading and painting

– Any art work that is done with your hands in the quiet, in a relaxed state, can help increase our Psychic abilities.


#9 Read books on spirituality

this is another fast track tool, to awaken your Psychic ability NATURALLY. Read books by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. All of them are amazing. I love “Personal Power through Awareness.”

#10 Read instead of watching TV.

When we read we are in a relaxed state. Our bodies can become used to this and eventually be able to go into a relaxed state upon request. Watching TV on a regular basis does not allow for this as we become overstimulated by conversation and commercials.

How To be Psychic… more tips

To be “Psychic” is a natural normal part of who we are as spirit beings on a physical Journey. What we call Psychic is “normal” communication  on the spirit plane. There is no talking there, only thought to thought transfer, or what we call telecommunication. Therefor, to awaken your Psychic abilities shouldn’t take too much effort, granted you are not a consistent negative thinker, or constantly creating negative Karma in your life. If you want to know which of these suggestions will bring you the fastest most powerful results to gain psychic ability now, its the left hand writing.



Van Van Oil Review

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Van Van Hoodoo Oil Review
I was blown away by the results. I wondered how I ever lived my life without it.

  1. Changed everything in my life from Positive to Negative in one day
  2. Negative thought processes to Positive thought processes
  3. I always wanted to go one day without makeup, and the day I used the Van Van oil I did!
  4. Doubled my usual Sales of Ebooks that Day
  5. Doubled my usual earnings for Adsense that Day
  6. Was self conscious to Not carign about what others thought
  7. Feel like im struggling and overwhelemd to complete work, to feeling like life is fun
  8. Most Days when I leave my house, I think that others are thinking negavtive about my appearance, to feeling like I have it all
  9. Thinkign positively about my problems and those related to the issue

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Buddhist Meditation to Release Anger: 9 Steps

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Buddhist Meditation to Release Anger:

In 9 Steps

In this article we will cover….

  • How to get rid of anger
  • How to relieve stress and anger
  • Ways to release Anger with meditation


buddhist meditation to release angerStep #1 –

Visualize the unwanted emotion inside, all over your body as a blue flame…

Step #2-

Feel the tingling sensation of the flame…

Step #3 –

Now muster a strong conviction that you must guard your well being!

Step #4 –

Imagine that a cool stream of healing nectar descends from your heart chakra, in the middle of your chest, all the way down to the tip of your toes,  and back up to the top of your head, and is now distinguishing the blue flame.

Step #5 –

Imagine any pleasing sensations that help you such as light tingling in the toes, a coolness that is now running from your head, down towards your chest area….

step #6 –

You are now feeling relaxed and satisfied.

step #7

Be totally glad that at this moment you have been liberated from that destructive emotion.

step #8

Extend this wonderful feeling for several minutes….from  your heart Chakra.

step #9

Now go and do something productive yet relaxing.