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Subconscious Mind Coaching

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A Subconscious Mind Training Session can help…

  • Empower you to create the life experience you want
  • Help you overcome thoughts of depression
  • Decrease feelings of Unhappiness at work
  • Heal Suicidal thoughts
  • Improve Your financial situation
  • Embrace your god Given power
  • Help you to feel Happier and more positive
  • Have more healthy Harmonioius Relationships
  • Improve your Creativity and think smarter

I am a certified hypnotherapist and law of attraction coach
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How to Be Happy No Matter What!

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happyFirst of all I would like to make the point that happiness is an ongoing effort. There is no magic formula to make one happy every day for the simple reason that we are all different.

I came with this blog post during a time when….pretty much…I had to…and it made me realize what true happiness really means to me. Perhaps you can read my blog post and get inspired for some of your own things that can make you happy too

Watch one comedy skit each day on Youtube– Ok this tip for The-Power-of-Laughterhappiness is very important. I was thinking the other day about the ultimate tool to help a person win the lottery…you want to know what it is….its laughter! When you laugh, you raise your vibration 10X. Laughter comes from within and puts you in a positive mood which helps our manifesting power. Laugh your way to winnings.

Blog one blog post per week – blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas. Create a blog to share your opinions and perspectives with others….globally…it feels really good! I have about 4 Blogs in total. One for every topic that interests me.

These blogs help me to stay happy as I express my thoughts and create something positive I can share with others.

Treat  my self at least 1 time per week – Treating your self could be anything. It could cost money or not cost money, it could happy coffeebe big or small. I went to the “bulk barn” last Friday and bought  a small bag of Jolly Rancher Candy. Another time I went to dollarama and bought my self some really cool slippers with red and pink hearts on them and they were that nice plushy material Or it could even be something as simple as having a nice hot cup of coffee or some Tea at your Favorite coffee or tea Shop.

Do something nice for someone else – Doing something nice for someone else always makes us feel good inside. Plus it creates good Karma.

Salute someone I don’t get a long with – This was a creative one I came up with. If you don’t get a long with someone you work with or that you live with. Keep saying hi to them and showing them that the door is open for when they decide to come around. Do you know how much effort it takes to stay mad at someone who is always nice to you? LOL.

Meditate on Love and happinessThis is a Biggie! I meditate on Love and happiness every day. Why? Because doing so happy meditationcauses love and happiness to be part of your Aura which is knocking all the gunk, such as judgement,  and insecurity right out of your experience. Therefor you attract back Love and happiness.

I hope this blog post inspired you to think of things that you do  that make you feel good inside. happiness is a string of feel good thoughts ana activities. That’s all it is. You too can be happy.

I hope you liked this blog post as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. Stay happy no matter what.


Lottery Winner: Manifesting $112 Million

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how to win the lottery Cynthia Stafford puts great stock in the power of positive thinking. “Everything starts with your thoughts,” she says. “Whatever it is you want to achieve, you’ve got to believe in it first.” One thing Stafford believed in fervently was providing a loving home for the five children of her brother Keith, who was killed in a 1999 car accident. After rescuing the kids from foster care, Stafford quit her job as a computer-training account executive and settled in to be a full-time aunt. As the years ticked by, money grew tight. “The kids were asking for things,” she says. “I did not like telling them no.” The solution came in a vision. When the number $112 million appeared in her mind in late 2004, Stafford wrote it down, put it under her pillow and set her mind to winning the lottery. “I would meditate on it a few moments a day,” she recalls. “I would see myself winning.”

When a Quick Pick jackpot rose to her magic $112 million mark in the spring of 2007, Stafford bought a ticket. The winning number, announced on Mother’s Day, proved to be hers alone. “It definitely changed my way of living,” she says. She divided the haul with her dad and another brother. Childcare and expenses had been “a family effort,” she says. “It just felt right.” She also set money aside for her nieces’ and nephews’ futures, started a foundation that exposes underprivileged local kids to the arts and indulged a self-professed shopaholic streak (many Birkin purses, one Bentley convertible). Then Stafford got back to the business of positive thinking. She envisioned a film production company, then founded it. She also envisioned her perfect guy. “I had a list of qualities I wanted,” she says. She found him-on the set of her first movie. Now married to Lanre Idewu, 35, who owns a fitness company, Stafford still plays the lottery. “Why not?” she says, laughing. “This time I’m visualizing a much larger amount.


Positive Affirmations: Just for you!

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positive affirmationsOur true make up is of one who creates. Being aware of this power is the first step in honing the power of our subconscious mind. If we are unaware, we may accept untruths such as…

  • I am just born to be fat
  • I will never be wealthy
  • I guess I am just not that smart
  • I will never have the life I desire

So, to grab that power, one will have to start telling them selves the opposite of the untruth. Beginning of course with

  • I am a Creator
  • I have the power to do what I want, I have the power to be whom I want

Next we start re-wording those lies or untruths we have been programming our selves with, and make positive affirmations out of them, by stating the opposite.

The opposite to the “lies” Negative Affirmations Above

  • power of positive affirmationsI am born to be fit healthy and a healthy weight
  • I know I will be wealthy
  • I am very smart
  • I know I will have the life I desire

Try it for yourself, take the negative things you have been silently telling your self and turn them into the op-positive positive affirmation for your self. I have been so productive since I created mine. I was silently telling my self “I can’t….” and then coming up with 50 reasons why I couldn’t do whatever it was I was making the excuses for.

Now, I tell my self I can…and then I simply “try to do it. I have been very successful. The turn around and the productivity has really impressed me. I can’t believe I was finding excuses not to blog, excuses, not to write ebooks, excuses not to get together with friends, excuses not to buy and take my vitamins…I was making excuses for everything….But now I am empowered, simply by believing in the opposite negative message I was telling myself, which was “I cant…..!”.

I hope this helps you too. You create your experiences…believe in good things and good things will manifest!

Try coming up with 3 negative affirmations you have been telling yourself that have been holding you back from reaching your goals, or living the life you desire. Then just create the opposite “positive affirmation.” When you catch your self telling your self lies, simply say cancel that, and silently tell your self your new empowered positive affirmation. 



Create your World!

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Your words are commands!

PositiveAffirmationStart using your words and statements as Commands! In other words know the universe is listening and can give you anything you desire. Know that the Universe is awaiting your commands backed by strong emotion in order to bring you what you want. This is why affirmations can be so powerful.

 The happier you are the easier you manifest

happiness-balloonsOk. Let me put this bluntly! Clean up your Garbage. Do you think someone who thinks and feels negatively has an easier time manifesting what they want with more ease, or a person who thinks and feels positively manifests what they want with more ease? Trust me, the positive manifests at a higher frequency, than the negative energy does. Therefor the happier you are as a person the more you will manifest the things you want. The universe is just designed that way. Once you implement the tools of my eBook, you will find good things manifesting for you and opportunities coming your way that you didn’t even ask for and that you didn’t even imagine.



You really are a creator!

Acreatorccept and know that you are a creator. Accepting this face will cause you to become a more responsible more aware creator. Now you will know that you have a role to play in all the conditions, experiences of your life. You really are a creator! God designed you in his image. When he created the Universe, he said “let there be light!” and there was light. Start seeing your self as a creator with power! Once you start accepting yourself as a creator, the universe will respond to you as if you are a creator, now that is an amazing feeling.



Be aware and use Cancel that

manifesting cancel thatBe aware. Know that you have responsibility in the negative and the positive experiences you have. When you think something negative, or speak something negative that you would rather not experience…simply say or think…Cancel That! And cancel the command. I use cancel that every day.


I love you all. own your power. You are a creator!