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fitness and your sun sign

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The fitness craze seems to have caught with everyone, be it a celebrity or just a face in the crowd. All are doing it that is sweating it out in the gym, the pool or the nearby stadium. On dinner tables they prefer to talk rather than eat. An interesting development indeed, but what’s depressing is that many of these people aren’t happy doing what they are. Get close and you will notice their face muscles held taut during the morning walk, a smile from them would but be an impossible dream, they are in fact cursing themselves for being blessed with a prosperous life (no prosperity, no evil temptations to binge, right?)

Giving up exercise isn’t an answer either…

That leaves us with no option but to get involved. And how do we get involved? Simple, just by finding an interesting activity, something that sounds play and not work. Confused still? Here’s some good news; your sunsigns can give you some helpful hints.

Aquarius : Tennis, basketball, trekking may sound interesting for them; the secret is that these people cannot work alone and love to have lot of people around, at least most of the time.

Another major need for Aquarians is to improve their circulation. So ideally they should pursue activities like running, swimming, dancing etc which strengthen their breathing capacities. And more…they get the desired results like excellent metabolism, raised immunity levels, glowing looks etc.

One warning though; these people are never happy settling down to routine. So even at a gym they have to be doing different kinds of exercises on different days to keep their motivation levels high.

Pisces : The fitness fight is a difficult one for Pisceans since they love to eat. It would be better if they keep away from pessimistic friends as they absorb the negativity a bit too fast and give up. One consolation though, Pisceans are excellent visualisers and they could motivate themselves towards greater fitness using this skill.

Since this is the sign of the fish, majority take to water activities swimming, surfing, rowing with great delight. Others would at least love to run by the beach. Fishes are also famous for graceful movements, so yoga would also suit fine. They also love to dare and may pursue horse-riding, dancing, skating, swimming often. All outdoor games, be it run and chase, cricket, kho kho will also agreed upon as long as they are challenging.

Though the gym is not the right place for them, Pisceans could be inspired by some great music and well designed exercise clothes. Even the promise of a relaxing sauna bath or a shower would motivate them to spend some more time at the treadmill. Dance being a great passion, step aerobics, aerobic dancing or even an evening at the disc will easily receive a “Let’s Go” from them.

Aries : These people love to get over things fast and also get immediate results. Unfortunately exercise doesn’t happen that way. Human body has got its limitations just like anything else. One advantage for these people is that they are always on the move and therefore do not put on weight easily.

Arians would do better by exploiting their strength, endurance, confidence and drive in tough activities like martial arts, wind surfing, football, basketball, gymnastics, boxing, skipping etc. Iron being their metal, even weight lifting would suit fine for them. While at the gym they should get into some strenuous activities to get rid off the stress.

However a major hitch is that these people consider everything as a challenge and don’t learn to take it easy.

Taurus : Bulls belong to yet another group that adores good, sorry rich food and lots of rest. No wonder they find it tough to fight the battle of the bulge.

Typical Taureans don’t love to work hard at the gym or the tennis court, they would rather walk or go cycling by the country side. They may choose swimming, not at the pool but the nearby stream. Nature is a greatest temptation for them since it relaxes them.

City dwellers should carry walkmans to the gym and listen to some inspiring music while working out. That releases the stress of keeping fit. If this isn’t enough, the promise of a neat aromatherapy massage at the end may inspire them to do a few more pushups or abdominal crunches.

For those reluctant Taureans, family members could provide a gentle push by persuading them to take the kids out to play or at least walk the dog. Tennis is out since it calls for quick movements but a Taurean will take up the gardening work happily.

Gemini : These people are basically restless, so staying fit should be an easy game for them. They love change and flexibility. Gymnastics, cycling, swimming, aerobic dancing should be instant choices with them.

Geminis may also settle for tennis, badminton, Frisbee since they love to work with a partner. These games also give them time and space to chat. Brisk walk is yet another activity these people wouldn’t mind.

Breathing is one area these people have to improve upon, since good breathing refers to strength. Aerobics or jogging can be pursued for better results. Slow activities like yoga aren’t for them but they would probably fare well at dance, gymnastics, basketball, or tennis since movements aren’t as slow.

One negative quality in Geminis is stress bingeing. They have to find a way to release excess stress and ensure they are calm before arriving at the dining table. If they cannot find something nice, they could even bite into an apple or guava to get their nerves in order.

The sign of the twins demands variety. A rigid exercise routine is out for them. Let them check out their choices and modify their schedule as they want.

Cancer : Water relaxes them; Cancerians simply love water sports like swimming, sailing, wind surfing and rafting. Even running on the beach would do for them as long they can keep in touch with water.

Hard driven exercise programs are out for these people. These sensitive souls need something more gentle, say stretching exercises. Water calisthenics would be best since it will soothe their nerves and strengthen them even more.

Cancer being the sign of the born nurturer, they love to cook, feed and eat really good food. A slight caution against good food will help them to stay in better shape.

Leo : They love to exercise but have to be pampered and persuaded, kings afterall. Hence these people would work better under a personal trainer. Music is a great passion with them, so they would find aerobic dance interesting.

These people like to have friends around but would love to be the focal point at health clubs. They are also competition lovers and spiritedly take part in basketball, tennis, golf or even power sports like kickboxing.

Last but not least, lions need to stretch a lot to feel better. Yoga, calisthenics, power walking would help them in this regard. Lions also shine well with a little sunshine. Naturally they don’t find winter sports like skiing, a great pleasure. Instead they would prefer to go cycling or horseriding in warmer climates.

Virgo : These busy bees hate to rest. No wonder they don’t find staying fit a great bother. Their only problem would be time but definitely not laziness. They would love to work out the stress and fat at the nearby gym rather than lie down looking at the stars. Virgos will however need the slow and balanced movements of yoga or meditation to cool down.

This is the class of strong men/women; endurance sports like hiking, cross-country skiing, long-distance running are made just for them.

A word of advice though, Virgos should not drive themselves so hard in the fitness race, but instead exert a little caution at the dining table. Yes, a balanced diet is what they need to get better and faster results. Let them have a nice meal and go for a walk or a bicycle ride.

Libra : He/she is the true party lover. But what these people forget is to rest. It would help if they remember that sleep is an important part of the fitness regime.

Librans love to exist in pairs (think of the two pans in a weighing scale); no wonder they love to have a gym buddy. You will find libran husbands pulling their wives or friends along to the pool or the squash court. Activities like squash, basketball, volleyball, dancing or sailing that calls for a partner would be fine with them.

Another important requirement for these people is to get their muscles strong and flexible. Golf, ball room dancing, gymnastics would help them achieve this need. One warning though, they may get a little carried away with all that socialising and forget to exercise!

Scorpio : These highly ambitious people demand some strenuous activities to help them release pent-up stress. They can take up boxing, long distance running or even the punching bag game. They would take up tennis or squash, but their partners’ better give quick responses.

Sometimes these people desperately need to be left alone to do some quiet thinking. Therefore working out alone in the gym is ok with them. Left alone, they peddle faster and that too non-stop at the stationery cycle and even race faster on the treadmill. This way they would burn both fat and stress quick enough! Of course they would need some relaxing activities like deep breathing or slow jogging to cool their ruffled nerves after a challenge.

Sagittarius : They love sports and also love to be outdoors most of the time. Any game is okay say kho kho, volleyball, cycling, skating; Saggis possess both inclination and speed. At the gym, these true extroverts will need some pals to get motivated.

They are great travel lovers; horseriding, rowing and rock climbing would be some of their preferred activities. Calisthenics may help them to keep their body flexible and strong enough to withstand stress.

One major warning though, these people will have to get over inertia to turn their exercise regimen a success. Else, they would keep coming up with new excuses until a really good reason or pal drags them to the gym.

Capricorn : These people again thrive on change and make adjustments almost immediately. Ideally, their fitness schedule should include a variety of activities, say jogging on Monday, swimming on Tuesday, lifting weights on Wednesday, so on and so forth.

Capricorn being an earth sign, these people need to be in constant touch with the ground. Activities like hiking, rockclimbing, golf would suit them fine. However they should be doing some stretching and weight lifting exercises at least now and then, to keep their bodies strong and agile.

Whatever they do, these people should always remember that they are doing them for self-improvement and not for competing with others. This will ensure that they don’t overdo!

Sound advice, but… These guidelines are based on gener al observations. Exceptions may always be found.

Mayur Deshpande is proprietor of Fitnesssmith an organization committed to serve fitness as a lifestyle. I am qualified fitness instructor and consultant and have 8 years of rich working experience in the field of fitness. Just as we have a goldsmith who specializes in making things out of gold, in the same way FITNESSSMITH is an organization which specializes and is committed to serve fitness as a lifestyle. For more information about fitness & health visit


hypnosis: self hypnosis

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Self hypnosis is a great way to reach your goals in life. It is grasping for that inner power to achieve your objectives.

Numerous people have successfully used self hypnosis to quit smoking, to lose weight, to fight shyness, to make better choices of partners, to sleep better, to release creativity or even to keep your every day mood balanced.

Let’s first clear the misconceptions on hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation. You are aware of your environment. You can hear everything. It is the best way to gain control of your brain. Now you have real power to change or re-program some harmful emotional patterns in your mind.

Hypnosis is a new branch in psychology. The patterns are located at the subconscious level of your brain. Hypnosis enables to reach that place and give a direct cure to the problem.

When you are in a deep state of mind it is easier to fix the problem right away because you are in the emotion that leads you to the compulsive behaviors.

Sometimes we just need that extra internal push to have the guts or the energy or the motor to jump at doing what we know we need to do. Self hypnosis is a possible answer.

I have used self hypnosis to change my eating habits. It worked, and it is still working. I got rid of my constant craving for chocolate. It was a difficult battle without it.

I have a friend who has been on medication for his panic attacks. He used hypnosis as a complementary treatment. His medication dose has been reduced at the time this article is published.

There are even cases where women even gave natural birth with the power of self hypnosis. It is exciting to see the different applications of hypnosis to enhance your life.

However, self hypnosis alone cannot solve all. You need to have a minimum of focus and determination to do the mental exercises that leads you to change your everyday choices. As you do them, it is getting easier and easier to reach your goal.

You can use the help of a professional, who has a long experience career. They will charge you an hourly fee between 50$-100$. The sessions last for about an hour each. You have a number of sessions for the treatment that can range from eight to twelve sessions per problem to solve. It can be more or less.

You also can download and unlimited number of mp3 hypnosis from You can put them on a CD later and listen to them on your computer at work or in your peaceful living area corner in your house. The membership fee is far more affordable then going to see a professional.

You have the privilege of receiving two daily inspirational quotes that will help you keep your hard earned peace of mind. You’ll also have access every two weeks to the 2 newest hypnosis mp3 downloads.

With self hypnosis, you have help to reach all your goals and lead and happier life. You get all what life can offer because of the power of your healthy mind.


Tarot Cards, Tarot Readings, Who can read the tarot?

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How Tarot Cards Can Help You… Really!

By: Glen Wearden

What Are Tarot Cards?

Made up of no less than seventy-eight cards, each deck of Tarot cards are all the same. Tarot cards come in all sizes with all types of artwork on both the front and back – some even make their own Tarot cards. The meaning and the message of each one of those seventy-eight cards, however, always remains the same.

Tarot cards were first used by the Celtic people more than two thousand years ago. Many believe that Tarot cards serve only to tell the future, but this is not true. When used traditionally, Tarot cards speak of the past and present, and are supposed to give clues and ideas about the future that you are potentially heading into.

What’s In the Cards?

Tarot cards are made up of four suits – much like any regular deck of cards. In fact, Tarot cards have all the same values as traditional playing cards: ace through king for each suit. Only one extra card is added to the royal family in Tarot cards – the squire, his position is just under that of the knave (also known as the jack).

The suits are as follows: wands, which in general speak of esoteric issues such as spirituality or creativity; swords, which speak of conflicts and tensions; cups (or pentacles), which are always about money; and cups, which deal in relationship matters and love. The other twenty-two cards of the standard Tarot deck are called the Major Arcana cards, and are all very specific. Cards such as the Devil, the Tower, and Death are in the Major Arcana.

How Could a Tarot Card Reading Actually Help Me?

When done traditionally, a Tarot card reading can put everything into perspective in a clear and understandable way. Every Tarot card reading is prefaced by a question, one that you do not have to reveal to your Tarot card reader but that you keep to yourself. Each card will come up in the past, present, or future position and will shed some light on the topic of your question.

Whether or not you believe in spiritual or esoteric things, or even in the art of telling the future, a Tarot card reading can help you better understand your own thoughts. You’ll realize potentially dangerous patterns in your life, and get a better understanding of self. Even the question that you ask in your mind can help you understand something about yourself, and in this way a Tarot card reading can truly help you.

Can Anyone Read Tarot Cards, Or Do I Have To Call Someone or Go Online?

Anyone can learn how to read Tarot cards. There are many books available, both in online and physical bookstores that will tell you the meaning and message of each and every card. Every card in Tarot has a card-specific meaning, and a message or warning. The good news is, there’s no secret about what these cards mean to convey – so you, too, can learn how to read the Tarot.

Once you know the meaning of the cards (and it’s not something you have to memorize; it’s perfectly okay to keep notes by you when you try to give yourself a Tarot card reading), you can read the Tarot for yourself or for others. Any book you read about the Tarot will explain the spreads to use – the way to lay the cards out to understand their meaning and placement in the scheme of your question.

An Ancient Mystery

Tarot cards are more ancient than religion. Tarot cards are older than most languages and most writing, and yet they are still around and are still being used today the exact same way they were used thousands of years ago. If Tarot cards didn’t help people, why would they still be used and still be so popular?
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I have been studying Tarot for seven years and have incorporated it in my dailly meditation routine. My purpose for this article is to give others a free resource which can hopefully change their lives for the better.
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moon signs, moon signs astrology, moon

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Moon Signs: Your emotional sensitivity and reaction and response

The moon sign is your sensitivity and how you handle emotionally inspiring situations. Issues that arouse our emotions can present this in any number of ways. By displaying Anger, frustration, sadness, revenge, passive aggression, verbal abuse, exuberance, outward affection, self-pity, there are so many emotional reactions we can have to the many people, situations and things, that stimulate us emotionally. Here is a list of some moon signs in certain zodiac signs and what they do for our emotional zodiac characteristics.

aries moon sign personality:
aries is a sign known for being somewhat self-centered. The moon is not so well placed here. The aries moon can be lacking in, empathy, sympathy, and overall emotional sensitivity. This does not mean aries are mean, or don’t have good intentions, oh no. Aries are some of the most like sign of the zodiac, they tend to be open friendly and a lot of fun to be around. However emotions, feelings, empathy are just not their strengths. However the zodiac sign of aries is very good at doing what you ask of him. Just remember an aries moon can be somewhat disconnect emotionally.

taurus moon sign personality:
The taurus moon sign personality likes to surround him self with beautiful things. The could be anything from, a beautiful house, a beautiful car, or even a beautiful girlfriend or boyfriend. Taurus moon signs, are very sensitive, however sometimes they don’t know how to deal with their own feelings of the feelings of others. When faced with a situation that is emotionally sensitive, the taurus moon may withdraw, to collect his thoughts and figure out the best course of action, or he may try to come up with an on the spot practical solution. Taurus moon signs are kind and caring.

Gemini moon sign personality:
the Gemini moon is sensitive. He or she is more likely to express discomfort by becoming angry, rather than to become sad. Gemini is a sign of dual nature, so they can be calm cool and collected one moment and flash into a rage at the next. Please understand it is rare to see a Gemini moon angry, as they are a planet placement that is known for being empathetic and sympathetic whenever the need arises. The Gemini moon personality, is likely to be everybodys best friend, best co-worker, and favorite child. Gemini moons are also great at listening to feelings and providing simple yet practice solutions to life’s problems. Go Gemini moon.

cancer moon sign personality:
the cancer moon is supersensitive! Why? Because this is a water planet in a water sign. Not only that. The moon, in astrology, rules the zodiac sign of Cancer, therefore making this planetary position much stronger. Cancerians are sensitive empathetic sympathetic, caring and loving. Everything you would expect a water sign to be. The moon in cancer can cause a person to be too sensitive, and too easily hurt. The cancer moon may have a very hard time getting over lovers, and relationships that don’t work out. This is because the moon likes to be married and in a thriving happy relationship. Also cancerians have a liking for things of old, because they make them feel comfortable. The moon in cancer personality may enjoy collecting antiques, helping others, and eating hearty flavorful meals, more than most people. This is because this planetary placement likes domesticity, and all things related, times 2.

Leo moon sign personality:
The leo moon sign is easily hurt! Especially by loved ones. The zodiac sign of Leo likes to live life to the fullest, and enjoys making others happy. Leo is also the sign of love affairs, and the sex urge. Leo moon personalities, need to have a partner in their life. Otherwise they can feel out-of-place. They tend to fall in love, and stay in love with one person. Their egos are easy to bruise, so avoid telling them hurtful things without wrapping them in some honey first. Leo moon sign personalities are affectionate, caring, humourus, and very empathetic.

Virgo moon sign personality:
The earth signs are not the best placement for the moon. The Virgo moon is no exception. Virgo moons can have high expectations for those around. They may also need to be in an environment that is totally organized and clean in order to feel at ease. Virgo moons see emotions are something that is easily handled by taking practical steps to improve any given situation. This will come in handy when a friend needs advice. What the virgo moon personality must understand is that sometimes all people want is to be heard, and not given information. Virgo moon signs are good counsellors, because they have practical skill and the ability to put feelings into tangible

libra moon sign personality:
The moon works nicely in Libra. Libra moons tend to be kind, considerate, and affectionate. Libra moons have a tendency to want harmony in all places and situations. They are great at introducing friends to new friends. Libra moons need to guard against giving too much of them selves to others, and not getting much back in return. The moon placement is at his best self when he has a romantic love partner to share his life with. Other wise he is not him self. This planetary placement cause good child counsellors, matchmakers, and wedding planners, as they always consider both parties of any couple. Good work Libra moon.

Scorpio moon sign personality:
The moon is deep and powerful here. The Scorpio moon doesn’t let any feelings of others slip by him. He is penetrating, profoundly caring, and protective of his own emotions. Scorpio is the sign secrets. The Scorpio moon can keep any secret, and he has many of his own, which he may or may not allow you the privilege of knowing. The Scorpio moon can be afraid of the world, and the pain that hurt feelings can cause. The Scorpio moon needs to learn he is not the only one who feels this way…it is a part of life. Scorpio moons are not afraid of the deep feelings of others, in fact, they are that kind, passerby who stops to help and truly has the best interest of others at heart. They make great, bosses, parents, and midwives.

Sagittarius moon sign personality:
The feelings will not show so much in this placement. It is likely that a person with the moon in Sagittarius will become withdrawn, when emotions get too deep. This is because he himself is trying to figure them out. Sagittarius moons need others around them around the clock. They like to socialize, laugh and enjoy being the center of attention. Feeling the feeling of their own feelings is not their strong point. They are great at feeding of fun, fresh, energy of others around them. The Sagittarius moon is well liked wherever he goes because he is always looking for fun and light-hearted conversation. The Sagittarius moon is good at, hosting dinner parties, attending a dinner party as a guest, and throwing a surprise birthday party for others.

Capricorn moon sign personality:
The Capricorn moon likes to follow the rules. The moon is not so well placed here. Capricorn moons can seem insensitive, and set in their ways. The take offense to those who choose to step outside of the rule books. However this placement must learn that when it comes to feelings and emotions, there are no rules. This placement will offer practical advice to those who come to him with emotional issues. He will have to learn on his own, that sometimes people just want to be heard. The Capricorn moon can be harsh on his loved ones if he doesnt watch him self. Try to pretend life is a big cotton ball, treat is like that, try to keep the cotton ball soft and subtle by listening to the feelings of others and resisting the urge to take action.

Aquarius moon sign personality:
The Aquarius moon, is detached, smart, and always willing to help out a friend. They are not the emotional type. They prefer to overcome issues and situations methodically, and over time. Aquarius moons do well in social type settings as this zodiac sign does represent group gatherings and friendships. Aquarius moons do not hold on to hurts caused by others. Life is much too fun, and there is too much to do…this is the mind-set of the Aquarius moon. This moon sign placement, is good at keeping the peace, being the leader, and creating lasting friendships.

Pisces moon sign personality:
The Pisces moon can be untrusting of the world and the people around him. He may feel like hurting others if he feels they may eventually hurt him. When the Pisces moon is not feeling insecure, he is loving, caring, sensitive and very supportive. A Pisces moon personality needs to feel loved by all persons around him at all times other wise he can sink deep into unsettling emotional worry. Pisces moons make great parents, partners, natural healers, and teachers. They can easily tune into the feelings of others whenever the need arises, and genuinely enjoy helping others. Go Pisces moon.

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zodiac star signs, star signs love, opposite zodiac signs

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This information on the star sign opposites is rarely discussed yet it is an important key component of compatibility star sign astrology. Through the opposities an astrologer can tell how much “pull” or attraction a couple will have towards eachother…and in the case of extreme incompatibility…how not compatible a couple really is. There are certain planetary placements where having opposing planets between zodiac signs are helpful….but mostly opposites signs cause a high sen of physical attraction, “strain” and misunderstandings in communication. Lets examine some of those opposing zodiac star signs.

star sign compatibility for aries and libra in love

For these two star signs life can be bliss ful or miserable. Libra and Aries can make it as best friends…but this will be the magic work and understanding of the Libra to pull this one off. Aries in astrology represents the self, and thinks in terms of “I!”
Libra represents a couple or a marriage in astrology and thinks interms of “we.” Having to remind Aries to think in terms of “us” can be exhausting on poor Libra. Initially There will be alot of physical attraction between these two…but later they will need something more in common to keep them together. To find out more about zodiacs in love check out the zodiac love compatibility chart!

the best star sign compatibilities for aries are …aries, sagittarius, and gemini check out the love matches page for more information

star sign compatibility for taurus and scorpio in love

Yikes! I cant imagine what a relationship would be like between these two but here goes. This is not a good love match. Yes the chemistry between these two will be sky high..but at the end of the day they are much too different. Now, there is some common ground in the fact that an abundance of money saved up and or invested is important to both these star signs…but in terms of values, they differ greatly. Scorpio is set in his ways and believes he understands life from a spiritual and emotional level. Taurus is also set in his ways and believes he understands life from a “more is more” practical aspect. One is feelings the other is too earthly.

the best star sign compatibilities for scorpio are…scorpio, cancer and pisces…check out the free astrological compatibility chart for more in formation

star sign love compatibility for gemini and sagittarius in love

These two star signs could hit it off initially thinking they have found the one….but after some time…they may just end up annoyed at the other ones way of thinking. Gemini is open and doesn’t have a care in the world about what is being said. Free with thought…fun conversation…listen and share….these are some of the best Gemini qualities. Sagittarius…takes life seriously when it comes to looking good…spiritual growth…and expansion and opportunities…Sagittarius takes what is being said seriously. These two just need to go and hang out with other people who understand them. Nothing much to say here. Oh yeah if thats not enough…they both! have explosive tempers….not good!

the best star sign compatibilities for gemini are…gemini, libra, and aquarius…check the page on the character traits of a gemini

star sign love compatibiltiy for cancer and capricorn in love

Cancer and capricorn…again these two are very different…but if there is any oppositie love match I have hope for its these two. Cancer is the nurturer, the home maker of the zodiac. Domestic life is something they crave…and work hard to create a family life that is happy and comfortable. Capricorn likes to show off…but not through words and not intentionally. They do so by having many accomplishments under their belt, for others can measure them selves against. Why would this pairing work in love. Because Caprcorn appreciates a comforable home and Cancer appreciates a person who wants – to “bring home the bacon.” As long as these two are honest with eachother…going long term should be a happy experience for both.

star sign love compatibility for leo and aquarius in love

Ok these two should just go there separate way from the get go. The problem will center around money. So…there is hope for these two after all. If these two have separate incomes…they can stay together a long time. So heres the deal. Leo loves to spend without a care in the world and wants to live in the moment. They believe in paying the bill for them selves and their friends for a night out on the town. Aqaurius is very frugal…they like to search for deals in shopping and they plan everything…sometimes up to a year in advance. Pay for friends to party? Nope! Not Aqaurius…they believe that friends can pay their own way. So there you have it.

star sign love compatibility for virgo and pisces in love

I feel bad for the Pisces just thinking about these two in love. I actually worked with a girl who was a virgo and her boyfriend a pisces. The way she spoke to him on her cell phone was unreal. I found it very rude. Then I remembered this is very natrual for a virgo. They feel they are just telling you like it is, but for a Pisces, the wrong choice of words from a loved one, can mean hurt feelings…and let me tell you…you don’t want a pisces in your life feeling like you have deliberately hurt them…you will pay – ten fold! These two dont have much in common. They are much better as friends than lovers. If it is to work – they would be better off if the man is the virgo, and the woman is the pisces…this should counter balance some of the virgoan need to criticize. Have fun you two.