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star signs zodiac compatibility between opposites

This information on the star sign opposites is rarely discussed yet it is an important key component of compatibility star sign astrology. Through the opposities an astrologer can tell how much “pull” or attraction a couple will have towards eachother…and in the case of extreme incompatibility…how not compatible a couple really is. There are certain planetary placements where having opposing planets between zodiac signs are helpful….but mostly opposites signs cause a high sense of physical attraction, “strain” and misunderstandings in communication. Lets examine some of those opposing zodiac star signs.

star sign compatibility for aries and libra in love

For these two star signs life can be bliss ful or miserable. Libra and Aries can make it as best friends…but this will be the magic work and understanding of the Libra to pull this one off. Aries in astrology represents the self, and thinks in terms of “I!”
Libra represents a couple or a marriage in astrology and thinks interms of “we.” Having to remind Aries to think in terms of “us” can be exhausting on poor Libra. Initially There will be alot of physical attraction between these two…but later they will need something more in common to keep them together. To find out more about zodiacs in love check out the zodiac love compatibility chart!

the best star sign compatibilities for aries are …aries, sagittarius, and gemini check out the love matches page for more information

star sign compatibility for taurus and scorpio in love

Yikes! I cant imagine what a relationship would be like between these two but here goes. This is not a good love match. Yes the chemistry between these two will be sky high..but at the end of the day they are much too different. Now, there is some common ground in the fact that an abundance of money saved up and or invested is important to both these star signs…but in terms of values, they differ greatly. Scorpio is set in his ways and believes he understands life from a spiritual and emotional level. Taurus is also set in his ways and believes he understands life from a “more is more” practical aspect. One is feelings the other is too earthly.

the best star sign compatibilities for scorpio are…scorpio, cancer and pisces…check out the free astrological compatibility chart for more in formation

star sign love compatibility for gemini and sagittarius in love

These two star signs could hit it off initially thinking they have found the one….but after some time…they may just end up annoyed at the other ones way of thinking. Gemini is open and doesn’t have a care in the world about what is being said. Free with thought…fun conversation…listen and share….these are some of the best Gemini qualities. Sagittarius…takes life seriously when it comes to looking good…spiritual growth…and expansion and opportunities…Sagittarius takes what is being said seriously. These two just need to go and hang out with other people who understand them. Nothing much to say here. Oh yeah if thats not enough…they both! have explosive tempers….not good!

the best star sign compatibilities for gemini are…gemini, libra, and aquarius…check the page on the character traits of a gemini

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star sign love compatibiltiy for cancer and capricorn in love

Cancer and capricorn…again these two are very different…but if there is any oppositie love match I have hope for its these two. Cancer is the nurturer, the home maker of the zodiac. Domestic life is something they crave…and work hard to create a family life that is happy and comfortable. Capricorn likes to show off…but not through words and not intentionally. They do so by having many accomplishments under their belt, for others can measure them selves against. Why would this pairing work in love. Because Caprcorn appreciates a comforable home and Cancer appreciates a person who wants – to “bring home the bacon.” As long as these two are honest with eachother…going long term should be a happy experience for both.

star sign love compatibility for leo and aquarius in love

Ok these two should just go there separate way from the get go. The problem will center around money. So…there is hope for these two after all. If these two have separate incomes…they can stay together a long time. So heres the deal. Leo loves to spend without a care in the world and wants to live in the moment. They believe in paying the bill for them selves and their friends for a night out on the town. Aqaurius is very frugal…they like to search for deals in shopping and they plan everything…sometimes up to a year in advance. Pay for friends to party? Nope! Not Aqaurius…they believe that friends can pay their own way. So there you have it.

star sign love compatibility for virgo and pisces in love

I feel bad for the Pisces just thinking about these two in love. I actually worked with a girl who was a virgo and her boyfriend a pisces. The way she spoke to him on her cell phone was unreal. I found it very rude. Then I remembered this is very natrual for a virgo. They feel they are just telling you like it is, but for a Pisces, the wrong choice of words from a loved one, can mean hurt feelings…and let me tell you…you don’t want a pisces in your life feeling like you have deliberately hurt them…you will pay – ten fold! These two dont have much in common. They are much better as friends than lovers. If it is to work – they would be better off if the man is the virgo, and the woman is the pisces…this should counter balance some of the virgoan need to criticize. Have fun you two.

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twelve zodiac signs meanings: Aries

Aries is ruled by mars the planet of action, aggression, war and sex. The Aries zodiac can make a person unnecessarily challenging, competitive, argumentative and successful. Aries likes to be first and won’t settle for second. You can tell when an Aries walks into a room because he does so appearing confident and fearless. Click here to find aries compatibility,love matches or check out the zodiac love compatibility chart

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Taurus

Taurus is ruled by Venus. The zodiac sign meaning of Taurus is gentle, persistent, stubborn, steadfast, and sensual. This zodiac sign has also been know to be boring, plain, too organized and too materialistic. You can identify a Taurus by their natural ability to help others to organize their lives and provide support to friends in need. Get Taurus compatibility matches here.

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Gemini

Gemini is ruled by Mercury. The zodiac sign meaning of Gemini is of the twins. This, is indicative of Geminis dual personality and enormous urge to acquire a long term love partner in life…even better than that to find his “soul mate.” Geminis can be argumentative, have addictive personalities and make excellent love partners and spouses. They tend to be faithful, supportive, and very undemanding. How can you tell when you have met a Gemini…watch them charm the birds out of the trees!

twelve zodiac signs meanings: cancer

Cancer is ruled by the moon. The zodiac sign meaning of cancer is the crab. This is indicative of cancerians need to retreat when feeling hurt. however if you ever meet a cancerian when they are happy you will find them warm, friendly, and entertaining. How can you spot a cancerian in a group. He’s the one who cracks the jokes that causes you to laugh out loud. Did Cancer make the list of “the best zodiac signs…?” find out!

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Leo

Leo is ruled by the sun. The zodiac sign meaning of Leo is the lion. This is indicative of Leos desire to be the king of all he does especially money and admiration. Leos love to be well regarded by their peers, and take consistent action to make this so. But they are not “show offs.” They just want to be the king! A real king knows he is a king and will always be a king no matter what and has respect for others. Want to make a Leo happy? Say thank you meaningfully every time they do something for you. Check out the personality traits of Leo for more in formation.

twelve zodiac signs meaning; Virgo

Virgo doesn’t really have a planet ruler ship, but most astrologers believe it might be chiron. Virgos are analytical, neat, discriminating, pure, down to earth, and obsessed with details. Virgos are also quite intelligent due to their ability to discriminate and categorize. Virgos are a mutable sign so they are flexible…Virgos are usually very successful because they are an earth sign and because they like to see things in order. This refers to getting the groceries done, getting the laundry done…all the day to day things of life, seem to come naturally to Virgo making them great long term partners.

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Libra

Libras planetary ruler ship is Venus. Libras love love! They also love to laze around with friends chatting away, and of course – in true Libran style… looking pretty / or handsome! Libras can do anything they make up their minds to do. They just need love to motivate them. Libras are fun relaxed, open minded, adventurous, and love to live life to the fullest. They make excellent marriage partners and parents and party planners. Libras excel at anything that allows them to socialize…especially in a one to one setting. All in Libras are fun and love to make those around them laugh.

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Scorpio

Scorpios planetary ruler is Pluto, the planet of intimacy regeneration and transformation. Scorpios triplicity is fixed, so they don’t favour change. When a Scorpio loves you, you can pretty much bet it will be forever. They like to love for the “long haul.” They will forgive you for most things as long as you do them “unintentionally,” as opposed to intentionally. Scorpios motto in life is…”live and let live” They are very supportive of loved ones and expect total honesty in return. The Scorpio zodiac is one of my favourite signs. Keep up the good work Scorpio. Learn more about scorpio by checking out the “scorpio zodiac symbol” page.

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Sagittarius

Sagittarius is benevolent, optimistic, expansive and free! They don’t like anybody telling them what to do. Why should they? They’ve got there own plan. In true fire sign fashion, a Sagittarius man or woman wants what they want, and goes out and gets it. You’ll be left in the dust if you expect this zodiac to wait around for you. Sagittarius are always willing to help out a friend in need. They are ruled by lucky Jupiter, which loves freedom and adventure and of course the best of any and everything. Want to be friends with a about all the good fun things you plan to do in your life. Did Sagittarius make the list of “the best zodiac signs…?”

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Capricorn

Capricorn is the mature grandfather of the zodiac. He keeps time, understands the importance of being prepared, and keeps going until the job is complete. Capricorn zodiac in astrology is ruled by Saturn…the planet of lesson and maturity. Capricorns thrive on structure and rules, better than most zodiac signs would. This is why most Capricorns begin to really enjoy life in the later stages. As a cardinal sign…The Capricorn zodiac don’t let the grass grow under their feet. When there is a task to be done – they get it done!

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Aquarius

Aquarius is the trend setter and the actor of the zodiac. They love to entertain groups of people. This could be with a wild story or with their on stage theatrical personality.
Aquarius are also planners. They like to improve their financial status and save money. Saving money is important to them so much so that they are willing to spend less “now” in order to have more money later. Aquarius are chatty…they don’t know when they are talking too much. This is probably due to their planet ruler Aquarius who represents constant change and doesn’t really seem to know where his place is. The best quality about Aquarius is they like every body and make friends easily.

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Pisces

Pisces are the feelers of the zodiac. Sometimes they take on the feelings of others not realizing that they are not their own. Pisces loves to be in touch with his or her own emotions. They dream of the perfect life…where feelings and emotions are a priority. Pisces need people in there life to ground them, otherwise there ruling planet Neptune can cause them to lose touch with reality. Apart from this, Pisces make great friends to talk to and spend time with as they are always just reaching for the ideal in all situations.

compatibilities between zodiac signs meanings explanations the best zodiac signs personality traits zodiac characteristics dates scorpio symbol libra scales aries twelve zodiac meanings character traits love matches love compatbility soul mates libra compatibility chart star signs taurus compatibility music and songs…and much much more!


love compatibility of zodiac signs, love astrology, zodiac matches

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compatibility of zodiac signs…more than just your sun signs

zodiac signs love compatibility is about more than just your sun sign. There are 10 planets of the zodiac Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Moon, Sun, and Mercury. All have a role to play in our personalities and our compatibility with other zodiac signs. Two people can be opposite star signs and still be compatible by way of the other planets zodiac sign placements. You may also want to read about what makes a soul mate?, according to astrology, and find out the 3 best love matches for your zodiac sign

Love compatibility of zodiac fire signs:

The fire signs of the zodiac are Aries Leo and Sagittarius. They are all compatible with other fire signs but are also compatible with air signs. Fire signs in astrology represent action and energy. They are generally very helpful to friends and have an abundance of opionions and life experience to share with friends and loved ones. These zodiac signs are never boring to be around. The fire signs are compatible with those who like to enjoy life and wearing the most expensive of clothing.

If you are in love with a fire sign they may get on your nerves a little bit with their honesty, and want want want. However they are very driven which can cause loved one to feel second in importance. Just know that a fire signs likes to see things done and they are addicted to doing things. Its just how they are.

The great thing about these zodiac sign elements is…you will never be bored around them, most fire signs love to be active, doesn’t only have to be sports, but travel, adventure, visiting pals, fire signs want to do it all. They are quite inspiring and usually quite successful in life and very quickly too. Fire signs dont have “time” to work their way up the ladder. They want the big income now! So they know they must prove to their superiors why they should recieve the big pay check and they usually do this with ease. Most fire signs will assist you with whatever you need, because they have the energy to burn. I think fires signs are great.

Aries in love: Demonstrative, affectionate, likes to take his mate out for dates, check the aries love compatibility here
Leo in love: Extremely generous, shy, trys to impress his date by making them laugh. Get leo love compatibility here.
Sagittarius in love: Buys his date expensive gifts, enjoys intelligent conversation, will be eager to take things to the next level.

These signs are compatible with there own fire signs and air signs as well.

Compatibility of zodiac earth signs:

The earth signs of the zodiac are Capricorn Virgo and Taurus. They are all compatible with other earth signs but are also compatible with water signs. Earth signs in astrology represent stability and other earthly qualities. They generally very sociable and make friends easily. They are compatible with those who understand their need for financial security and the creature comforts of life.

If you are in love with an earth sign just know that…are you ready?….you may be some what of a possession to them, especially Taurus. They are not doing this consciously its just that this is how they understand the world. Acquire and keep. However if you like to acquire items on a regular basis, the too of you just might be compatible.

About love compatibility with an earth sign…If you want someone who will always be there for you, who is stable, level headed secure and down to earth, and mature…then you will love an earth sign….earth signs have a calmness, almost a safe feeling with them. They are steady and you can sense all of this when you walk into their homes. The large pieces of furniture, wall to wall carpeting, big screen tv, everything in its right place, and every tool man kind has ever made. Earth signs like to feel that they are prepared and as a result if you are in love with one you will also feel prepared. Go earth signs!

Taurus in love…Taurus is dependable, shows up on time, and settles quickly into the routine of the relationship. Check out taurus love compatibility with other signs here.
Capricorn in love…Capricorn will take you out for entertainment and fine dining, will expect you to be your best dressed beside him, will talk about himself and his accomplishments within the relationship and while dating allot!
Virgo in love…Finds fault easily, is a great conversationalist, will like to keep things in order, really does want to settle down

These signs are compatible with other earth signs and water signs as well.

Love compatibility of zodiac air signs:

The air signs of the zodiac are Libra ,Gemini and Aquarius. They are all compatible with their own signs but are also compatible with fire signs. Air signs are typically very chatty…they see life from a intellectual stand point, loving someone for these signs means lots of communication and friendship. They are best suited to those who don’t mind lengthy conversations and someone who doesn’t mind doing A LOT of listening!

If you are in love with an air sign they probably just adore you but rarely like to admit it. When an air sign meets someone with whom they are compatible they lose them selves int he relationship.

What you should know about air signs. If you are in love with one and not an air sign your self…they may seem a little bit off the wall. Air signs love useless chatter…this is what they live for…dont get me wrong…they show up on time for dates…but they love to have light meaning less conversations such as, ” I love you more…no I love you more…!” They like to share and recieve information especially with their partners and especially Gemini and Libra. This is what makes them happy and feel a mental connection and stimulation from their partner. So if your air mate does this…just know its their way of telling you they love you.

Libra in love…Libra will be affectionate, attentive, and very engaged in the relationship. Check out libras love compatibility here.
Gemini in love…Gemini will talk a whole lot, support you in whatever you need, will let you lead the relationship. Get compatibility for love with Gemini on this page.
Aquarius in love…will plan for you and him 6 months down the line, will slowly take of the financial planning, will spend much time working. Aquarius love compatibility with all the other signs here.

These signs are compatible with other air signs and fire signs as well.

Love compatibility of zodiac water signs:

The water signs of the zodiac are Pisces Scorpio and cancer. All of these signs are compatible with their own but are also compatible with earth signs. Water signs are `the feelers`of the zodiac. They are particularly sensitive to the moods and words of other people. A good relationship for these people means sharing deep feelings and being honest and upfront. Water zodiac signs are most compatible with someone they can trust to be sensitive to their needs and wants.

If you are in love with a water sign, you might feel drained. Water signs are emotionally draining with all of their own emotions that they want to share. They expect their partners to care about feelings just as much as they do. I hope for your sake you do…or else…

How to be compatible with a water sign.

  • Allow them to cling to you…
  • Allow them to share their feelings with you…
  • be willing to share your too…
  • just know that they may literally cry if they feel that you are withholding negative information….they always feel that others want to hurt them….

A Water sign needs, lots of comfort…support, stability, and love….if you can give a water sign these things…they will blossom…not to the point of being emotinally independent. But just enough to allow you to take a “wash room break” some times.

Pisces in love will settle quickly to his or her role in the relationship. Most will expect the other partner to lead, and be a sound board for all of pisces ups and downs feelings. Pisces will be sweet caring and considerate in love.

Scorpio in love “makes the relationship work!” Arguments won’t get very far, as scorpio takes his love partners thoughts and feelings to heart and wants to be with the same person for as long as is humanly possible. Scorpio in love is dedicated, commited and always supportive.

Cancer in love is clingy and very kind caring and sweet. Cancerians date to be married, there is no in between. He sees his mate as his soon to be spouse and will act accordingly, cooking fantastic family dinners, having discussions for the future, and going shopping for the home to be. Cancerians are one of the best zodiac signs for marriage!

These signs are compatible with other water signs and earth signs

How an Astrologer uses Synastry to check compatibility between astrology charts

Compatibility of the zodiac signs in astrology is called “synastry.” Synastry is when the two astrological charts of both people are cast (drawn up) and then super imposed one on the other. This way an astrologer is able to see in what areas of life and how one partner will effect the other. Pretty cool huh! Also in synastry the planets and their sign placements are analyzed to check for compatibility of the zodiac signs and that particular planet. One key piece of information an astrologer checks is the mars zodiac sign of the man in comparison to the Venus placement of the zodiac sign for the woman. This way we can tell how compatible two people are by knowing whether both parties needs will be fulfilled. For more information on compatibility check out the zodiac love compatibiltiy chart. Or, find out your 3 best love matches.

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  6.  Zodiac Sign of Virgo Characteristics
  7.  Zodiac Sign of Libra Characteristics
  8.  Zodiac Sign of Scorpio Characteristics
  9.  Zodiac Sign of Sagittarius Characteristics
  10.  Zodiac Sign of Capricorn Characteristics
  11.  Zodiac Sign of Aquarius Characteristics
  12.  Zodiac Sign of Pisces Characteristics


astrology books, books on astrology, books astrology, books on astrology

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books on astrology to buy, find out which ones are the best!
books on astrology – “birthdays stars and numbers”

This is one of my favourite astrology books in my collection. I check it atleast once a week for compatible love match dates and just to read more about my personality. It is so bang on! It even has information about your own “personal star” in the heavens….which I find to be so accurate interms of the information…its almost scary! This book is written by two authors so you will get your moneys worth…and in the beginning its got lucky numbers too.

books on astrology – “karmic astrology”

Now I am giving a special heads up about these astrology books I am about to tell you about. Incase you dont already know I have been studying and applying astrology to my life for about 14 years now…and in all that time I have never come accross such an important and cool set of books as these…they are called “karmic astrology!” Intregued…? well I dont blame you… again in over 14 years I have not come accross such an important piece of literary contribution on the subject. Now please be ware…these set of 4 books are for the advanced astrologer…one book is called…”the part of fortune and happiness…” something to that effect…the other is called “…the nodes and past lives…” again dont quote me…but I am close…and another is called …”now…” again something like that. Any way…whats the reason I like and recommend these books so much??? I found them so enlightening…but ofcourse you should know your natal chart to take advantage of the information in the books…or just buy them anyway for the entertainment factor….they discuss the part of fortune being the area in your life that if paid attention too can bring you much happiness….and that your south node can reveal behaviours of your past life or (lives) and that your north node is the area of your life you should be paying attention to in order to grow feel good about your self etc…

What it said about my north and south nodes
really i dont remember what it said about my north node but it mentioned my south node…it said that I should stop trying to depend on my romantic love affairs (particularly my partners) to some how save me. That this was behaviour experienced in my past life…but that it was of no service…of no benifit to me in this life…and that I may keep trying to do this now….but it will not bring respect, soul growth or riches…im paraphrasing…any who I was thoroughly impressed by this set of books on astrology called “karmic astrology!”

books on astrology – “the astrology bible”

another book ion astrology recently discovered and read was the astrology bible. This book is the cream of the corp…why? its great for the novice astrologer just starting out and great for the well seasoned astrologer. its an easy read…it very thick very informative…and covers all important areas of astrology such as

  • personality traits of each zodiac sign
  • each zodiac sign behaviour when in love
  • love compatibility charts
  • the effects of each planet in the horoscope
  • the planets thruogh the houses

it also comes with some great pictures inside too…like i said a must have for any seasoned astrologer and novice astrologer

The best astrological book around by far – “The Round Art of Astrology”

This book on astrology was totally amazing! I have never come across an astrology book like this one. If you are into collecting astrology books and you are interested in practicing astrology as a professional…you simply must have this book. This is my number 2 favourite! number one is “birthdays stars and numbers”…the first book mentioned on this page. Why is “the round art of astrology” such a good book? it gives you emmense detail into each zodiac sign…and how each planet functions within that zodiac sign…the thing I found most fascinating was the astrological chart with the planet, sign, stones, times in life, personifications, and detailed information…this book on astrology…its old and its totally a “must have” for the serious astrologer.


the website said they didnt have an image for it…sorry about that folks…but there is a picture on the amazon website once you click on the link.


linda goodmans relationship signs first boyfriend realized he was my soul mate loved the book so much didnt bring back my first syastry comparison by this book on astrology,  it was old i read it every other day my boyfriend not only had what i needed but he complimented me too moon in taurus steady loyal forever took the bus with me get up early take me to school the good old days…can I meet someone like that again maybe i should go get this book to bring me good luck…dont have it anymore.

books on astrology – Linda Goodmans “Love Signs” (great for the beginner)

weather you are into astrology or not you must get this book. This book was so infomative and accurate that I was laughing out loud as I was reading it. In case you are wondering what page that was…it was the description of the libra woman and aries man….it was so funny and amazing…it basically said that the libra woman wants to make everything seem light and breezy but dont say anything out of balance to her as an aries or else she will accuse you of being a self centered aries….very funny. any who i like this astrology book because it has every love combination in it and its very informative. Buy it!  

I have read all of these astrology books on astrology. For some reason astrological information just stays in my head….I have a natural love for it I suppose