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Buddhist Meditation to Release Anger: 9 Steps

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Buddhist Meditation to Release Anger:

In 9 Steps

In this article we will cover….

  • How to get rid of anger
  • How to relieve stress and anger
  • Ways to release Anger with meditation


buddhist meditation to release angerStep #1 –

Visualize the unwanted emotion inside, all over your body as a blue flame…

Step #2-

Feel the tingling sensation of the flame…

Step #3 –

Now muster a strong conviction that you must guard your well being!

Step #4 –

Imagine that a cool stream of healing nectar descends from your heart chakra, in the middle of your chest, all the way down to the tip of your toes,  and back up to the top of your head, and is now distinguishing the blue flame.

Step #5 –

Imagine any pleasing sensations that help you such as light tingling in the toes, a coolness that is now running from your head, down towards your chest area….

step #6 –

You are now feeling relaxed and satisfied.

step #7

Be totally glad that at this moment you have been liberated from that destructive emotion.

step #8

Extend this wonderful feeling for several minutes….from  your heart Chakra.

step #9

Now go and do something productive yet relaxing.





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5 things your subconscious mind can do for you!

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5 things your subconscious mind can do for you!

Help you to become the person you aspire to be

95% of our actions are subconscious, only 5% are conscious. That means most of our actions taken every day are done without much conscious thought. Things such as brushing your teeth, getting dressed, putting on that pot of coffee are all subconscious habits. By way of the subconscious mind, we are able to Develop new habits that may help us to become the person we aspire to be. Characteristics such as critical thinking, more magnetism, more will power and determination; Your subconscious mind can help you change from the person you are, to the person you would like to become. How to do it! Spend 30 minutes daily visualizing the person you would like to be, including all the feelings and the success, and within 6 months you will begin to see changes in your life that reflect your new persona. Your subconscious mind has the power to can bring a focused picture of yourself to reality.

Put you into a great mood

The subconscious mind is affected by images, sounds, smells, etc. To change our mood into a good mood, we simply need to stimulate our subconscious mind with stimulus from the past reminding us of something we enjoyed. This could be song from the 80s, a specific perfume or cologne, or a picture or our favorite vacation spot, Your subconscious can help change your mood with a little stimuli.

Help you Lose weight and eat healthy

. When training your subconscious mind to lose weight it is much more productive to speak the positive rather than the negative. I am slim and trim and always eat healthy, is a great affirmation, to help your subconscious feel good about helping you to eat healthy, minus the feel completion or guilt.

Make you smarter and more creative

Intelligence comes from clear thinking and the ability to use both hemispheres of the brain. Include more mediation in your daily routine. How to do it! Sit in a comfortable chair and image yourself in a place that makes you feel relaxed. This could be a sauna, a scene in the outdoors, an imaginary home etc. Stay there for 20 minutes per day, reap the rewards of a mind that can relax at will and create, and think more intelligently.

Manifest the things you desire

Your subconscious mind hears all that you think and believe. The more deeply you think and believe it, the more your subconscious mind accepts it as true. The subconscious mind has only one job, and that is to affirm your thoughts and beliefs.   Manifesting becomes easier when you accept that you have such and ability.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article . Please visit www.subconscios – to learn more. Your subconscious mind is responsible for 95 person of who you are. Isn’t it time you started to train your subconscious mind to work for you?

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The Missing Link?

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The Missing Link?
My girlfriend and I were talking on the phone the other day. We were talking about all these big spiritual Gurus, how we read their books and feel like something is missing, something that could take us to the next level in terms of spirituality and manifesting.

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I have that missing link. I swear! I am not just saying it. I have known this for some time…I am just trying to think of a way to introduce it to the public without publicizing myself. It is impossible! Well guys, there is a missing link. A Key that could have you understand the truth about

I would love to do youtube videos but I dont have the right makeup right now. Excuses, Excuses Excuses. Well, I want you to first know How I discovered this missing link.

My Rock Bottom

rockbottomI had hit rock bottom. Rock Bottom in all ways.

  • Financially
  • Spiritually
  • I was unhappy in my experience
  • My relationship with friends and family were not good
  • I wasn’t getting on with others in my household

One day I thought, there has to be an answer. God did not make me or anybody else to suffer, there has to be something that can help me change my experience for the better and make improvements right away. There has to be something that anybody regardless of age, race, spiritual beliefs, or experience in manifesting, that a person can “tap” to have a better life and experience. I get teary thinking about it.

Experiments to create hope

hopeI decided to run some experiments. I had only 2 questions.

  1. How could I effect my income (increase It) using the power of my  mind?
  2. How could I create more harmonious relationships with the people around me

I figured if I could do this using only the power of my mind, I could have a happier experience, and hence a happier life.

Before conducting these experiments I had read many books on the law of attraction and subconscious mind training, but none of them gave hope to believe I could really effect my experience and be an Master manifester in charge of my own life.

  • My first round of experiments were to effect those around me, to respond to me in more positive ways. It worked. Great.
  • My Second round of Experiments were to see if I could increase my pay check, by some random number. It worked too.

Confirmation Manifesting Experience

imagesCAS63XD6My confirmation experience was the incident I had in the womens bathroom at the library were a woman gave me money and I did not intend for this to happen.

What I learned from conducting these experiments was the following

  • I am responsible for my experience by way of my thoughts
  • I have the power to change my experience
  • I have manifesting power that I can tap at any time
  • I am responsible for the positive and negative experiences that happen to me daily

The best advice I can give a person based on these experiments is…

#1 Choose positive thoughts…how?

By doing things that cause you to be happy. Because all thought manifests. Its not a matter of if they do or not, but when. When  you do things that cause you to be happy you are building positive thoughts which manifest as positive experiences. Maybe immediately, maybe later, but they will manifest.

#2 Love and Enjoy Your Life!

When you love and enjoy your life, small annoyance’s become exactly that. Even the bigger annoyances’ will be over come because your previous positive thinking overcomes by manifesting as positive experiences.

I have a scary friend!

scary woman manifestingThe Scary thing is I have a friend who is going through a lot. Every day we try to figure out why. Just today I realized, she must be a negative thinker that is why she is manifesting negative experiences. I am talking about in her mind. She has to retrain her subconscious mind to think positively, not only that she has to get some counseling to clean up her old Garbage from her past. If you dwell on negatives, you will reap negatives. “You reap what you sew.”

So also, clean up your old Garbage, trust me it will work wonder for your experience.

I will let you know when the ebook is ready.

Until next time, lots of love. Stay positive and harmonious.