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Pisces Boyfriend

Personality & Characteristics

Pisces Boyfriend House Rulership

Twelth House: Illusion/Non-Reality, Self Deception, Cloudiness, Addiction, Compassion, Spiritual Enlightenment, Creativitty, The Pisces Boyfriend has a good and Honest heart. Pisces men make great listeners when those close to them are feeling blue. (Compassion) Ruled by the Planet Neptune, Sometimes the Pisces boyfriend can get caught up in his own dreams/Illusions),instead of being intuned with what is truth and Reality. (Illusion/Dreams/Non Reality) Pisces men do not really discuss their spiritual beliefs that often but deep down they do believe in a higher power. The Pisces boyfriend may have Mediumship or Psychic ability. This will all depend on his other astrology planetary placements. As a water sign, the Pisces boyfriend is affectionate and in touch with his inner feelings, and easy to relate to.

Pisces Boyfriend Planet Rulership, Neptune

Psychic/Medium Abilities, The Soul, Karma, mediation, Hospitals, Guardian Angels, Secret Societies
The Pisces Boyfriend is sensitive and Receptive to the feelings of his Girlfriend and those close to him. He may have a way of tuning your true feelings, not the person you pretend to be. (Psychic/Medium Abilities) The Pisces Boyfriend is not so expressive about his spiritual feelings and beliefs, but he likely believes in a higher power, such as God, spirit Guides, and Guardian Angels . (Guardian Angels, The Soul) The 12 House rules Karma. The Pisces boyfriend is well aware that what goes around comes around. For this reason he is very aware of how he treats others. If he feels he has done something wrong or that has hurt you, he is likely to buy you flowers or candy to make up for it.(Karma) The Pisces boyfriend may be enrolled in a Yoga, or meditation class, or have books at home about Reiki or self healing as way of connecting to his spiritual self (The Soul, Meditation) Because Pisces is such a receptive zodiac sign, many Pisces volunteer their time to help those in need. He may volunteer at a Soup Kitchen, a Homeless Shelter or a Hospice/Hospital(Hospital) Want to read the dating behavior of the Pisces male? Click Here.

Pisces Boyfriend love compatibility

Pisces Boyfriend & Aries Girlfriend

The Aries Girlfriend is straightforward with her feelings. She seeks to have a good time and to give herself what she desires. The Pisces man is sensitive but he doesnt show it. He wants marriage, a stable loving home and children some day. These two work out if the Aries woman is ready to settle down…if not things may be turbulent.

Pisces Boyfriend & Taurus Girlfriend

The Taurus Girlfriend may wear the pants in this relationship. Pisces men are flexible and usually like it when someone else takes the lead. Taurus is stable predictable and goal oriented. These two may not know it…but they are perfect for eachother. Each one teaches the other how to be better…A great love match.

Pisces Boyfriend &; Gemini Girlfriend

Gemini Girlfriend is sensitive, quick witted, feminine and very attractive. The Pisces boyfriend is sensitive may be somewhat jealous, shy if he doesn’t know you…These two connect because they are both adaptable zodiac signs. A great love match.

Pisces Boyfriend &Cancer Girlfriend

The Cancerian Girlfriend is a perfect match for the Pisces Boyfriend. These two hit it off on many levels. Home and family values. Love and friendship. Laughter and Entertaining friends. A great love match indeed.

Pisces Boyfriend & Leo Girlfriend

The Leo Girlfriend may be too much of a party animal for laid back pisces boyfriend. These will have to make an effort to see eye to eye on lifestyle values. Leo Girlfriend brings excitement and creativity to the relationship. Pisces boyfriend also brings creativity and emotional balance. A good love match if the friendship in the relationship is strong. P

isces Boyfriend & Virgo Girlfriend

The Virgo Girlfriend is a great love match for the Pisces Boyfriend. Opposing zodiac signs in Astrology create instant chemistry. Long term there will need to be some give and take. Keep in mind love that asks us to be patient is healthy for our soul. A great love match with patience and understanding.

Pisces Boyfriend & Libra Girlfriend

The Pisces Boyfriend is very much attracted to his Libra Girlfriend. The reason is the Libra girlfriend has all the qualities the Pisces Boyfriend thinks he wants. Fun, exciting, a little unpredictable, flirtatious, and “open minded” in the bedroom. However the Libra girlfriend has a persona and she also has her real self, the self only a few get to see and know. These two can be a great love match, if the Libra woman is willing to just be her self with the Pisces Boyfriend.

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Pisces Boyfriend Best Love Matches:

Pisces Girlfriend, Scorpio Girlfriend, Cancer Girlfriend, Capricorn Girlfriend, Virgo Girlfriend

Pisces Boyfriend As Husband and Father

As a Father The Pisces man is nurturing and patient with this children. He can be stern but rarely chooses to do so. He may have a very strong connection with his children while they are babies. As a Husband Pisces may need a Push, to be all that he can be. The reason is that this zodiac sign can get “caught up” in the negative “possibilities” of life, and may need a reality check from time to time The Pisces Husband is a great support and is likely to allow you to take the lead in the Relationship.

Pisces Boyfriend Trust and Monogamy

You can trust a Pisces man.! I have had many Pisces men come in and out of my life., mostly as friends. The Pisces Boyfriend may be involved in activities that he sees as a form of relaxation (or down time.) that he keeps as a secret. It could be Drugs or Alcohol, or a trip to the strip club with friends every now and then. Just be aware. (Addiction/Secret Societies)

What not to Expect From a Pisces Boyfriend

Dont expect The Pisces man to come across as Macho, or aggressive. he is water sign. Therefor he is considerate of other peoples feelings and he tends to be a gentle soul. I used to date a Pisces guy. He was about 6 foot 3, and he was such a sensitive puppy dog inside. If the pisces man becomes upset, He may go silent or become withdrawn or he may decide to ask you a series of questions to know if he is correct in his suspicions. He is very unlikely to begin yelling or swearing out of frustration.

The Best thing about The Pisces Boyfriend

The best thing about the Pisces Boyfriend, is his ability to be sensitive to your thoughts and emotions. Pisces boyfriends are super supportive, and if you are feeling down they will not ignore you…they will listen…in the moment, as a good boyfriend Should. Pisces people in general are very loving, caring and compassionate. They will always be there to help you whenever you need a friend, or a person to depend on.

  • What turns him on?
  • What turns him off?
  • What’s he like in the bedroom?

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    Aries Boyfriend Personality

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    Aries Boyfriend

    How to Recognize an Aries Man

    The Aries man is the one at the dinner party who can’t seem to take his beautiful eyes off you. He doesn’t waste any time making his thoughts known as he walks over and introduces himself. he reaches out his hand and shakes your hand.  You are mesmerized by his eyes. He oozes such masculine energy.  You completely miss his name. He offers to get you a drink. You can’t wait for him to come back so you can  soak up his masculine confident energy once again….

    Aries Boyfriend Personality and Characteristics

    Aries House Rulership: The First House

    Physical Self
    New beginnings

    The Aries boyfriend enjoys new adventures, and physical activities, such as visiting an amusement park, rock climbing, or hang gliding. (new beginnings) He has a keen sense of his own physical needs and desires,(physical self) and is great at taking the lead (initiation) on home projects or business ventures.

    Aries Boyfriend Planetary Rulership: Mars

    Male sex organs
    Physical Energy

    Aries boyfriend may have somewhat of a “dominant” personality (aggression) at times. He may make plans for himself and you, without mentioning them to you until the last minute. (impulses) This is just his youthful nature. Depending on his mars sign, Aries guys often have an  abundance of energy that needs to be expelled each day. (physical energy) The “Martian” Energy makes the Aries male one of the most physically attractive guys of the zodiac.  

    Whatever you do, do not challenge him. (challenge) He thrives on challenge and winning. (winning, war) If you get in his face, he will get into yours.

    Best Love Matches & 12 Zodiac Signs Love Compatibility

    Aries  Boyfriend Best Love Matches

    Aries boyfriend & Aries Girlfriend
    Aries Boyfriend & Gemini Girlfriend
    Aries Boyfriend & Aquarius Girlfriend
    Aries Boyfriend & Sagittarius Girlfriend

    Aries Male 12 Zodiac signs Love Compatibility

    Aries Boyfriend & Aries Girlfriend…
    Aries Girlfriend is the best Love Match for The Aries Boyfriend. These two will find the perfect partner for Romance, adventure, spontaneity, and physical energy in each other. A Great love math. Soul mate connection.

    Aries Boyfriend & Taurus Girlfriend..
    These two may both feel like being together is more like a job or a chore, rather than something fun, and stimulating. However the Aries Boyfriend loves a challenge. The Aries Boyfriend will enjoy, embracing  more of a routine to satisfy the heart of his Taurus Girlfriend. A good love match.

    Aries Boyfriend & Gemini Girlfriend…
    These two may feel like they have “hit the Jackpot” by dating each other – and they have! “Air feeds fire”in astrology . These two will share, stimulating conversation, social events, and new adventures, as they both enjoy the same activities, and feel alive from other peoples energy. A great love match.

    Aries Boyfriend & Cancer Girlfriend…
    The Cancerian Girlfriend will love Aries boyfriends charm. Aries will love Cancerian Girls feminine side. These two create a relationship that is warm and full of excitement. A good love match.

    Aries Boyfriend & Leo Girlfriend…
    Leo girlfriend loves over the top experiences, and expression. Aries loves to try new things. Fun, Affection, Adventure, and lots of excitement! A great love match! Try not to get into power struggles.

    Aries Boyfriend & Virgo Girlfriend…
    The Virgo girlfriend is a “no nonsense” woman. She calls it like  shes sees it! Aries men are children at heart, and thrive on new and stimulating experiences. If Virgo woman is younger and the Aries boyfriend is older, this could make for a great love match.

    Aries Boyfriend & Libra Girlfriend…
    Libra is Aries opposite zodiac sign. This couple will have instant physical attraction to one another, but later that attraction may fizzle out. Some opposite zodiac signs as couples experience  some “strain” as a couple.
    Otherwise, Libra Girlfriend and Aries boyfriend can take the world by storm.

    Aries Boyfriend & Scorpio Girlfriend…
    These two zodiac signs have an intense physical attraction to each other. They can go the long haul with love, patience, and understanding. Try to “agree to disagree.” A good love match.

    Aries Boyfriend & Sagittarius Girlfriend…
    These two have lots in common. But perhaps this could be a problem. There needs to be some give and take. “Two bulls cannot role in one pen.” This relationship could work if one decides to be flexible, and allow the other to lead – some of the time. Potential for a good love match.

    Aries Boyfriend & Capricorn Girlfriend…
    These two will work excellent together when they have large goals  to reach, such as  buying a new house, starting a new business, or taking a vacation together.  They are both great at setting and achieving goals. A good love match.

    Aries Boyfriend & Aquarius Girlfriend…
    These two understand each other.  The Aquarius girlfriend likes to be free, detached, and to maintain her individuality. The Aries boyfriend, likes freedom, adventure, and movement.  A great love match indeed.

    Aries Boyfriend & Pisces Girlfriend…
    This union could work if the two meet when they both over age 35. Pisces may find Aries too detached and “on the go.” Aries may find Pisces too emotional and clingy. Potential for a good love match. Check other planets for compatibility.

    Aries Boyfriend dating behavior

    Buys typical gifts such as chocolate and flowers
    Shows up on time for dates
    Will laugh and talk with you as children do
    Sometimes  makes dating plans without asking for your input
    Plans dates that are adventurous and fun
    Will fall hard and fast
    Will chase you if he has to because he loves a challenge
    Calls on the phone late at night
    Makes friends with your family members easily
    Enjoys long passionate kisses
    Loves to hold hands in public
    Likes to make plans for the next date quickly

    Aries Boyfriend Trust and Monogamy

    Well the truth is…yes you can trust your Aries guy, but be cautious. Some Aries boyfriends are known to have a “woman on the side.” This depends on how long you have been together and of course the quality of your relationship. Just be aware. The reason is that Aries is often attracted to “The New” its nothing personal, thats just how they are…its probably only temporary anyway…(his love affair ) To know for sure check his mars sign.

    Aries Boyfriend As Husband and Father

    The Aries boyfriend makes a great “breadwinner.” They have lots of energy to complete tasks, and enjoy a challenge so they do good in business and on any Job.
    The Aries Boyfriend makes a great husband because, they love to run errands, it gives them an opportunity to get rid of some of their extra energy. He won’t mind going to the grocery store for you, or picking up the dry cleaning.
    Aries men make great Fathers. They respect the individuality of their children, and make great teachers. They forgive mistakes and don’t hold a grudge.

    What not to expect from an Aries Boyfriend

    If you are dating an Aries boyfriend don’t expect him to be extra sensitive, and talkative about his feelings and emotions. Aries boyfriends are not that type of zodiac sign. Aries boyfriends are great for things, involving physical activity, but sentiments and emotions (his own) are not his thing.

    The Best thing About the Aries Boyfriend

    They are always up for adventure, love to enjoy life, and are one of the Most open minded signs of the Zodiac, so you can be yourself with them. You do not have try to impress them because if he was not already  impressed with, you he would not date you. Aries boyfriends are fun, love to smile, and know how to make a woman feel extra special.

    Aries Boyfriend Gift Ideas

    Gym Membership
    Workout Equipment
    Pocket Watch to Keep Time
    Running Shoes
    Hiking Gear
    Day Planner
    Book Biography os Successful person

    Video Game Console


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    Virgo Boyfriend Personality

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    Virgo Boyfriend

    How to Recognize him at a Dinner Party

    Virgo is the guy at the dinner party who can’t stop checking your body. At first you are not sure…but you double check over the back of your shoulder just to be sure. He sees you looking and smiles. He is slim, his hair red, cut short. He winks at you. You smile and give him a flirtatious wink back. He is wearing a red dress shirt and some nicely tailored grey slacks. His appearance is clean and neat. You notice he is allowing his eyes to travel up and down the back of your entire body, and he looks pleased with what he sees. You hope he will approach you soon, because you want to get to know him…but some how he just keeps checking out your body  from afar…weird!

    Virgo Boyfriend Personality & Characteristics

    Virgo Boyfriend House Rulership: 6th House

    small animals
    health and fitness
    Job(not career)
    daily Routine

    The Virgo Boyfriend likes total body cleanliness. (Hygiene) Many tend to practice “above average” hygiene routines. You may find that your Virgo Boyfriend, often prims, and tweezes, more than the average man.

    The Virgo boyfriend may have a small pet at home as this zodiac sign tends to be attracted to “small animals.” The zodiac sign of Virgo, enjoys helping those in need, so his pet may have been formerly abandoned and found, or may have come from the local pound.

    Virgo Boyfriends like to keep up their appearances, Many have a membership at their local fitness gym or, have some “strength training” equipment at home, as they like to stay slim and fit.(fitness)

    Many Virgos prefer to wake up in the morning and be productive getting all errands done for the day, even on his off days. The Virgo Boyfriend will have a daily routine,  besides his Job, and will not like to be encouraged to deviate away from this.  (routine)

    Virgo Boyfriend Planet Rulership: Chiron

    High Standards

    The Virgo Boyfriend may be very analytical. In the beginning of your courtship he may ask you many questions in order to understand, your behavior, and your outlook on life. He does not mean to Judge, but he may draw conclusions based on your responses. (Analytical)

    The Virgo Boyfriend may have very high standards in terms of what he expects from you. He is serious about life, personal achievements, and maintaining a successful appearance. (High Standards) He is likely to tell you what he thinks of you in an effort to encourage you to raise your standards.

    As an Earth sign, The Virgo Boyfriend is a natural at organization, and order. He likes to keep his car and home, organized, neat and tidy. So, keep this in mind when you visit his pad, or when you get into his car. (Orderly/Organized)

    The Virgo Boyfriend is very affectionate and supportive. When you need him, he will be there. Nursing, is a quality of the 6th house (Virgos house) So Virgos are known to be very sensitive to the feelings, and needs of others. They are always willing to help a friend in need. Even over, and over, again.

    Virgo Boyfriend Dating & Love Compatibility

    Virgo Boyfriend Dating Behavior

    May “nit pick” many things when he is unhappy about something
    May seem Oddly sensual
    Enjoys doing unusual things in the bedroom
    Is sensitive to your beauty
    Can become Critical of your actions
    May tell you if he doesn’t like your outfit
    May “click” with your pet
    Does not mind running errands for you
    May admire and touch your hair, skin, and clothing
    Is organized and clean, and expects the same
    May expect you to do things perfectly (Perfectionism)
    May have a feminine body or feminine gestures
    Enjoys making out for a long period of time
    Seeks marriage and commitment not long term dating
    May be the leader in the relationship

    Virgo Boyfriend 5 Best Zodiac Love Matches

    Virgo Boyfriend & Virgo Girlfriend
    Virgo Boyfriend & Taurus Girlfriend
    Virgo Boyfriend & Capricorn Girlfriend
    Virgo Boyfriend & Scorpio Girlfriend
    Virgo Boyfriend & Cancer Girlfriend

    12 Zodiac signs Love Compatibility

    Virgo Boyfriend & Virgo Girlfriend

    The Virgo Girlfriend and the Virgo Boyfriend are a perfect match. Two same zodiac signs creates an instant soulmate connection. Love and Understanding. A Great love match.

    Virgo Boyfriend & Libra Girlfriend

    Virgo and Libra have a good Chemistry. They are both interested in pushing boundaries and testing new waters. From Libra Girlfriend Virgo will learn to lighten up and have fun no matter what the situation. From Virgo will learn that to be successful in life, you must first build a solid foundation by applying yourself every day. A great love match.

    Virgo Boyfriend & Scorpio Girlfriend

    The Scorpio Girlfriend is reserved, deep and penetrating. She is also very committed to her boyfriends. The Virgo Boyfriend is free spirited, analytical and fun loving. He is committed to his Girlfriend. A great love match.

    Virgo Boyfriend & Sagittarius Girlfriend

    These two can achieve a lot in life as partners. Try not to get into verbal spats that escalate into ugly words that cannot be undone. Sagittarius woman is fiery and loves to increase her earnings. Virgo boyfriend is routine, but he also likes to increase his earnings. A good love match.

    Virgo Boyfriend & Capricorn Girlfriend

    Capricorn Girlfriend is one of the Best Love Matches for the Virgo Boyfriend. Virgo is somewhat flexible as a mutable sign, and very down to earth. Capricorn is outgoing, and also down to earth. These two understand each other. A great love match.

    Virgo Boyfriend & Aquarius Girlfriend

    The Aquarius Girlfriend is friendly, organized, and free spirited. The Virgo Boyfriend is friendly, organized, and also free spirited. These two have a lot in common. They are both goal setters and high achievers. A great love match.

    Virgo Boyfriend & Pisces Girlfriend

    These two are opposite zodiac signs. They will be instantly physically attracted to each other. However sometimes opposite zodiac signs in love experience strain, in the relationship. Can work if both are committed to the relationships.  A good love match.

    Virgo Boyfriend & Aries Girlfriend

    The Aries Girlfriend will provide much fun, friendship, and stimulation for the Virgo Boyfriend. The Virgo Boyfriend won’t mind it, as long as he knows, he is the only man in her life. The Virgo Boyfriend, helps the Aries woman to set boundaries, and learn to enjoy life in a more low key manner. A good love match.  

    Virgo Boyfriend & Taurus Girlfriend

    Taurus Girlfriend is of the Best Love matches for the Virgo Boyfriend. Taurus Girlfriend may be wild at times, but she is hard working and loves to build money in the bank. The Virgo Boyfriend, is sensual maybe even “freaky” at times, but he is also hard working and like to save money for the future. These two earth signs have a lot in common. A great love match.

    Virgo Boyfriend & Gemini Girlfriend

    This is a great love match because both these zodiac signs are both flexible, and value friendship within the relationship. Gemini Girlfriend is social, warm, and caring…Seeking her soulmate. Virgo Boyfriend, is down to earth, very loving, and seeking his one and only lady. A great love match indeed.

    Virgo Boyfriend & Cancer Girlfriend

    Water and Earth Get along in astrology. Cancerian Girlfriend will find comfort in her virgo Boyfriend. Virgo Boyfriend provides stability, friendship, routine, and support, for the sensitive, domestic, loving heart of the Cancerian Girlfriend. A great love match.

    Virgo Boyfriend & Leo Girlfriend

    The Leo Girlfriend may be too wild for the Virgo Boyfriend. Leo Women are free spirited, and like to push the limits in having fun. Virgo Boyfriends, are dedicated, affectionate, and searching for his wife. If the Leo Girlfriend is ready to settle down, these two will share lots of affection love, and stimulation within the relationship. A good love match.

    Virgo Boyfriend Trust & Monogamy

    You can trust a Virgo Boyfriend because he does not like to sleep around. Once Virgo Boyfriends settle down into a relationship with a woman they become comfortable and don’t like to change. In Astrology books, it has been said that, “The Virgo man is seeking his wife not a Girlfriend” There for, this should give you insight into how he views his Girlfriends and his relationships.

    Some Virgo boyfriends are obsessed with the “female form.” He may encourage you to watch “blue” movies with him, or participate in other activities in which he can “take in” the female form. (or the human body in general)

    Virgo Boyfriend As husband and Father

    As a husband, Virgo is very supportive and loyal. He will help you with the cleaning, taking out the trash, and pick up the dry cleaning etc. He is also very supportive of goals and aspirations his wife may have, as Virgo beliefs in a routine that is productive and generates success. As a father The Virgo man is “strict” and may at times seem “critical” of his children. He does this in an effort to guide them, but he himself may be misguided. He will provide support for his children as well but must guard against verbal degradation, as a form of correction.

    What Not to Expect of the Virgo Boyfriend

    Do not expect the Virgo man to live in an environment that is messy and out of order. He will not appreciate this. Also do not expect that he is the type of man that will be quiet when you become angry. The Virgo tongue has a reputation to be “razor sharp.”

    The Best thing about the Virgo Boyfriend

    You will never have to pick up after him, or tell him to go have a shower. You do not have to worry about him cheating because he respects women, and likes to be monogamous.

    Virgo Boyfriend Gift Ideas



    Cleaning equipment


    Hygiene products

    Something for his pet

    A book on Health and fitness

    A book on Healing Stones/Crystals

    Nice smelling Body wash

    A Plush area rug

    Be sure to read the complete book “Boyfriend Astrology” on