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Subconscious mind e-Course: Learn How to use the Power of the Mind



I am now Creating the e-Course for Subconscious Mind Training

Hi Guys. I have finally started. I have finally been taking he time to create a subconscious mind training e course for you. I know a lot of people know and understand that subconscious mind training can hugely change your life for the better and people want to know exactly how they can do this.

Thanks for your patience…

Another thing I want to say is thank you for bearing with me. I am still constricting my website and all the pages and posts and that’s gonna take some time on my part until everything is the way its supposed to be, so thanks for you patients and understanding.

Subconscious training course List

I have created an outline of all the ways my subconscious mind training awareness and tools have been benefiting me for the past three years. This should give you an idea of what the course is about and kind of let you know if this is a course that you could benefit from. Here is the list I wrote out last night. Start this course at home with mind secrets now.


  1. Universe and money – learn How to Train your subconscious Mind to attract more money from he universe
  2. Daily happiness – Learn how to train your subconscious mind to experience daily happiness
  3. Manifest with ease – Learn the Art and secrets to manifesting with ease
  4. manifest for others – Learn how to manifest things for other people
  5. More Self esteem – Train your subconscious mind to have more self confidence
  6. Obtain any goal – Learn the art and tricks to manifest any goal your heart desires
  7. The man/woman of your dreams – Learn how to program your subconscious to attract and meet the man/woman of your dreams
  8. Fall in love – Find out how to use your subconscious mind to Fall in love and stay in love
  9. Get rid of Negativity – Find out how to remove all the blockages in your life (negative thoughts, poverty, messed up relationships, tough days at work etc. )
  10. Become a more positive person– Find out how to train your subconscious mind so you can become a more positive person
  11. Heal your wounds quickly – Find out how to do your own inner healing for big and small emotional wounds
  12. Program your subconscious mind to Get a long with others – Find out subconscious mind training for having harmony with co-workers,  roommates, in laws, family, etc
  13. Train your brain to relax – Learn how you can relax so that you feel like you have been on vacation
  14. simple tips to have more love and unity in your marriage – Create more harmony in your marriage (even if your spouse is a jerk)
  15. Stop negative thoughts – Learn how to use your subconscious mind to stop negative thinking
  16. Become a brand new you – Train your subconscious mind to become the person you want to be
  17. Train your subconscious to attract more abundance in your life – My favorite…I will teach you how to attract more abundance, experience the good life
  18. program your subconscious to make more money – My last favorite Find out the subconscious tips and tricks to making more money. I changed the numbers on my pay check. You can too.

There you have it folks. Life is easy when you know how to train your subconscious mind. I am really excited to off your this subconscious mind e course. Eventually I will teach you all these tips and tricks by video.

I love you all. Remember, the universe is abundant. sign up on the side to recieve notification when the e course is ready.