PEOPLE always say to me, dont you have something I can put into my poker when I go to the Casino.? I always tell them yes, but that is not all you want to do. You want to have something wokring on your behalf with the universe in your home.


The Lucky Pyramid is “the juice” that will manifest all things in your favor. It has great power and you will notice the effects right away. Malachite is known for bringing people prosperity. The Pyramid is great for manifesting. Combine these two together and you have a great power in your home working for you while you gamble at the Casino. It comes with 2 Malachite Gemstones that you put in your pocket too. Try it and let me know how it goes for you. As for all my products I always recommend using 2 of my products for double the power.

Check out the bio Rhythms Readings for the next 12 months outlining your lucky days and unlucky days according to your personal energy. Everything is energy.