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Planet Mars Astrology – Sex, Motivation, Mens Aggression & Relationship Compatibility

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mars astrology


    1. mars in aries men aggressionPlanet Mars Relationship “Getting Along” –  (by comparing both Mars) Mars in the chart of two people can tell you how well they will get a long and work together. Typically, mars located in the same element of both charts get a long well. That is the general rule when it comes to compatibility. However there is secondary matches as well. fire works well with fire and air. Earth works well with earth and water. So someone with Mars in Scorpio, gets a long well with some one with mars in Pisces, or mars in Virgo as well for example.
    2. Mars shows the Sexuality – Mars is a great indicator of someones sexuality. In so many ways. The location (sign) their mars is located in can tell you. How sexual the person is. (Mars in Scorpio is a very sexually interested Mars location) Due to its passion, (Pluto ruler ship) and it being a water sign (Emotions) From this we can see that Mars in Scorpios, are Emotionally passionate about intimacy. I should know, I have this placement. Or lets take Mars in Capricorn for example. Capricorn is a sign of achievement, but it is also an earth sign. Mars is a fire planet. Fire doesn’t work so well from earth. My conclusion is that Capricorns see intimacy more as a duty, than something to be passionate about. They may put other priorities before intimacy with partner. I could go on about this forever. You get the picture.
    3. Motivation – Mars tell us how motivated the person is and in what way. mars in Scorpio is penetrating and tends to be quietly determined. mars in Aries, is more outward about his passions and motivations.
    4. Aggression – Mars tells us how aggressive the person is. Can you know if the man you are dating is potentially a woman beater? The answer is yes. Combined with his Jupiter you can get a good idea. Mars is a very important planet when it comes to knowing peoples personality without them knowing.



Sagittarius Personality: Characteristics and zodiac sign

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Here is a brief list of keywords associated with the sagittarius characteristics associated with the sagittarius zodiac sign.

  • self sufficiency
  • improvement
  • optimisitc
  • outgoing
  • helpful
  • tactless
  • religion
  • spiritual
  • supportive
  • friendly
  • rude
  • expansion
  • benevolence
  • abundance
  • success
  • happiness
  • pride
  • enthusiastic
  • philosophical
  • outspoken
  • casual

 Money make…good quality of life!

The zodiac sign of “the archer” is totally an optimistic adventurer. They like to embark on new horizons in the hopes of learning something(s) about life and or themselves. They see the positive side of most things and for this reason it take a lot for this zodiac personality to be unhappy. Most Sagittarius personalities choose employment and professions based on the amount of money that can be made. To a Sagittarius more money in the bank means more inner happiness. With that they are always interested in way of how more abundance can flow into their lives.

9th house

In astrology the Sagittarius personality rules the 9th house. This is the area of life associated with religion and spirituality (among other things.) For this reason most Sagittarius tend to be spiritual in some way. Such as going to church on Sundays or practicing yoga. Also this sign is very set in their beliefs don’t try to change them it wont happen. should a Sagittarius not him self be religious he will respect this in others. The 9th house is also associated with astrology so it is not uncommon for a Sagittarius to be an astrologer, a priest, a monk, or a spiritual adviser!

 The finer things in life

Most Sagittarius zodiac signs tend to be very proud. This is due to their planetary ruler jupiter. Jupiter rules abundance expansion luck and optimism. This zodiac sign doesn’t let any one or anything stand in the way of their goals and they are proud of their accomplishments once achieved. Most of the “pride” refers to a sense that “I deserve the best” which is great. Some of us wish we had this belief. And due to this Sagittarius usually get what they want out of life…which is money to enjoy the finer things….and freedom to enjoy them.


Stagnation is something the Sagittarius personality just wont accept. No form of it! Sagittarius are about expansion, improvement, more abundance, and the enjoyment of life. For this reason this sign love long distance travel and spontaneous adventures. Improvement is always on the Sagittarius agenda. Improvement such as…buy a bigger home, acquire more money in the bank, plan a nice vacation, purchase that new car…etc. Expansion is what this sign does…and they do it quite well. They like the best quality clothes, items, and accessories. Go Sagittarius!

list of Sagittarius characteristics :

positive Sagittarius characteristics

  • helpful
  • benevolent
  • caring
  • friendly

negative Sagittarius characteristics

  • over bearing
  • hot-tempered
  • self-centered
  • superficial

Sagittarius is ruled by jupiter the planet of…

  • adventure
  • religion
  • law
  • spirituality
  • higher learning
  • education
  • expansion
  • abundance
  • luck
  • success
  • ease
  • inner truth
  • wisdom

this causes some Sagittarius characters to be…

wise and intelligent: Sagittarius are wise and march to the beat of their intelligent drum. They understand life and that if you want something you have to go out there and get it. The great thing about this zodiac sign is that their beliefs are the reason they tend to be so successful. Your beliefs in and about life cover everything from how you choose to wear your hair in the morning to the amount of money you presently have in your bank account. Being as wise and intelligent as Sagittarius is…every day they want to take advantage of life’s wonderful and joyous opportunities…

lucky: This zodiac sign seems to have luck and ease in almost anything they try to do. Why? well again they have such optimistic belifes…and the law of attraction states that which you think (believe), you attract!” But not only that…Jupiter, Sagittarius planet ruler is a planet of ease…making things happen smoothly and without much effort. Thank goodness for jupiter. Therefore you could say that Sagittarius is naturally lucky. They simply need think it, and try…and they usually get what they want….the nice thing about this zodiac sign is that they are very generous and usually share their abundance with others.

education: the ninth house also rules education. Sagittarius personality will often go back to school once or twice in his life in the hopes of “improving” his financial situation for the “betterment” of his finances and his inner self. Once again stagnation is something Sagittarius just wont put up with, and more money is always something they know can improve those vacations and long distance travels they so enjoy. Therefore most Sagittarius either aim to be educated to acquire a better paid position in their chosen profession…or to switch careers all together…just so long as more money can be made.

The best quality: You can know a Sagittarius zodiac when he/she walks into a room because they wear the most expensive of outfits. This sign belives…they are the best….and they deserve the best….and in line with their belifes….they dress the best! Top name brands, fine tailoring, fresh colors, and bold accessories are all Sagittarius fashion statements! They show off but never show off from their hearts…they simply like the way that “having the best” feels. Go sag, go!

Sag temper: Because Jupiter is such a large planet, and Sagittarius a fire sign…this zodiac can have enormous angry outbursts. They are aware and therefore usually know when they are about to get angry but have a hard time doing something about it. Perhaps this is done to “the archers” half man half beast” characterization. Sometimes behaving a little primitive and at other times showing the human side….go figure.

“the archer” personality traits when in love

  • will forgive the lover for their faults
  • will enjoy many shopping trips with the loved one
  • will not tolerate immaturity
  • does not readily show his/her emotions
  • is very supportive
  • will make plans to travel together in the near future
  • likes to go to many places as a couple
  • may flirt with others from time to time
  • generous
  • Sagittarius zodiac personality expectations when in love
  • Sagittarius personality needs his personal space to explore
  • Sagittarius personality needs time to reflect on relationship issues to resolve them
  • Sagittarius personality sometimes enjoys superficiality
  • Sagittarius personality does not like to discuss “heavy” issues
  • the Sagittarius personality likes the partner to buy him expensive gifts
  • Sagittarius personality likes affection to stay in the bedroom
  • Sagittarius personality likes to go shopping


“The archer” at work

  • needs to run his own show
  • cannot stand to be around others who talk about non sense
  • likes his environment to be well-kept and represent importance
  • has many friends who come to him for advice
  • is well-regarded by higher-ups
  • likes the best quality tools to get the job done
  • needs to run his own show: Sagittarius is a zodiac sign that does not enjoy having others telling him what to do.
  • He believes in freedom for all…including in the work place….If a Sagittarius is talked down to by a superior…this zodiac sign will immediately think to him self, “I am better than this!” And will begin to search out ways of leaving that environment that does not honor and respect his intelligence.
 non sense chatter: Sagittarius enjoys hanging out with the elite and the intelligent. They cannot stand non sense chatter as they consider themselves intelligent and deserving of the same company. They may however hang around someone who doesn’t have much of anything intelligent to say if it means expanding their horizons somehow or of course increasing their own personal wealth some how.

great for advice: friends of this sign can sense his confidence. This is why this sign has so many loyal friends. Sometimes people who don’t call for months call “out of the blue.” They remember that old intelligent sophisticated, down to earth, optimistic, friend and give “the archer” a call. course Sagittarius as benevolent as they are, never mind, and are happy to oblige his pals in need with advice.

best types of employment for the Sagittarius personality
  • health care professional
  • veterinarian
  • singer
  • interior designer
  • casino attendant
  • real estate agent
  • stylist
  • hair stylist
  • fashion magazine editor
  • Sagittarius needs employment that allows him to “expand and create” something beautiful, smooch with the elite, or help those in need!
some personality traits “the archer” could improve on
  •  learn to see a vision in your mind in complete detail before setting out to make it a reality
  • learning how to be more tactful in order not to hurt the feelings of others
  • become familiar with the “we” as opposed to the “I” in a partnership
  • focus more on friendship instead of material possessions
  • learn to choose word to express disappointment instead of negative behaviour
  • try some new activities besides shopping to have fun
  • some Sagittarius zodiac signs are too superficial for their own good and get caught up in putting on a good face for friends and neighbours

The Sagittarius personality child

  • Will want to be the leader in the games
  • Will smile a lot
  • has many friends that call on him
  • can tell you if you look nice in an outfit or not
  • is sensitive to style
  • gets mad if he feels like someone is deliberately being mean
  • will ignore those who try to get in his way
  • really wants happiness for him self and others
  • feels bad for other kids in need
  • feels bad for other kids who feel sad


what to teach “the young archer”

  • temper tantrums will not get him all he wants
  • it’s not nice to try to manipulate others
  • it is good to have friends from all walks of life not just popular people
  • only be honest with those who ask for your honesty
  • it is a parents job to provide for a child…this is why some children are not as fortunate as him
  • the Sagittarius zodiac as friend

“the archer” character is one of the best zodiac signs for friendship. They will be there for you the moment you call on them. They will give you their undivided attention and support. Sound odd based on what you read earlier…well truth is sag only supports others for as long as it looks good on them. And…until something else more needy or more interesting comes along. The good thing about this astrology personality is that they do not hold grudges. So, if you got an old sag pal….give him a call