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How to see Auras (Chakras) – By Psychic Sandy Anastasi

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What is the Aura?

  1. Energy System or Stamp of each person
  2. One can expand or contract his Aura
  3. Auras have different properties once you can feel them
    Know your energy
  4. This Video includes an Image to look at to help you see Auras
  5. Be sure to protect yourself before you start feeling auras

The Chakras’

how to see auras - Sandy Anastasi

  1. Crown Center – Your Higher Self. (may be opened with meditation)
  2. Third Eye Center – Psychic ability and Intuition, Allows us to see the Aura, Pineal Gland. (may be opened with meditation)
  3. Throat Center – Power of the Voice (Singer, speaker) Clairaudience. Being able to hear spirit.
  4. Heart Center – Must be open to become Healer, successful Psychic
  5. Solar Plexus Center – Hold feelings, and feel emotionally. Ganglionic Mass. Psychic Energy.
  6. Sacral Center – Creativity.
  7. Root Center – It represents our connection to the earth, and our family patterning,  survival.