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Feng Shui Tips & Products to Attract Money & Wealth

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6 Feng Shui tips &  products to attract money & Wealth

  1. feng shui happy catLucky Money Cat – He calls money. Great for business.
  2. Money Envelope– Place money and wishes inside the envelop. Place some money inside then hang it by your front door.
  3. Cut Glass Crystal – Green for attracting money. Hang it in a window.
  4. Wealth Rock – RAS, our brains seek what we want. You are able to find it easily. The wealth Rock helps you to recognizance wealth opportunties. Place it where you will see it daily.
  5. Frog with a Coin in its mouth – lucky to bring money and opportunities.
  6. Chinese Coins – For Prosperity. Hang them in your home. Brings abundance and good energy.


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Say Yes!

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Say “Yes” to Abundance!

Satisfaction and Success

Hello my beautiful people.

Manifesting is a a relationship with the Universe. We communicate our desires to the universe and the universe responds “Yes.” Part of our Job as Master Manifestors is to say yes to all the “Gifts” the universe is sending us. Sometimes we have a hard time saying yes to things we desire (that someone may be offering us) Sometimes we don’t want to pick up that nickel on the sidewalk for fear that someone might see us and Judge us. The truth of the matter is…Accepting what the Universe is “giving” us is actually part of Honing our Manifesting Skills. The More we say Yes…the more the Universe provides for us.

I used to say “no” to Money!

no1-1000x500I was one to never pick up coins off of the sidewalk. I was too proud. I would Often even leave nickles, and dimes, and quarters with the Cashier insisting that I didn’t need them, just because I found Carrying change annoying. One Day I got to thinking, what if the Loving Generous Power of the Universe, intended for me to have that Quarter on the sidewalk, or that piece of Cake being offered to my by a friend….So, one day I decided I would always pic coins up off the street, in the house etc.

Luck Improved…

I used to complain that others would find money but I wouldn’t…do you know that not too long after I developed this mentality that “all money is good” even if it is just a small amount, I started finding more change, and one day I found $85.00. I knew they Universe had placed it there for me and my Money meditations probably helped too.

The Universe is waiting on you…

happy-young-woman-in-the-sunlightAlways remember, You are not waiting for the Universe to help you, the Universe is waiting on you to accept your Gift as a Divine Creator in this beautiful Universe. So, accept the gifts that are being offered to you. Say “Yes” to the Universe, and the Universe manifest more on your behalf!

Have a Great Day.