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10 Amazing Facts about the Subconscious Mind!

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10 Amazing Facts about the Subconscious Mind!


Subconscious mind believes:

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and is any altered state of mind or focus. It is a dreamlike imaginary state between the awake state and the sleep state. Your eyes can be open or closed in each of the states of hypnosis. A hypnotist guides you into a dreamlike state, where the subconscious mind takes each suggestion as a reality.

Subconscious Hypnosis Daily:

Everyone goes in and out of hypnosis_0hypnosis 100 to 200 times per day. It is said that each of us goes into the deep dream or REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state from 7 to 8 times per day on our own.

Your Subconscious mind is your Steering Wheel:

The subconscious mind represents about 90% of your mind power, the conscious mind, about 10%.

You are Living Breathing Light Energy:

You are not your body. You are a perfect spirit child of God living within this physical body.

Your Subconscious mind won’t let you forget:

You are but a memory. 100% of everything you have ever thought, dreamed and experienced is stored in your bodies and minds as memories.

Your Subconscious mind drives you:

The subconscious mind is fully developed at birth to: (1) keep you alive — flight or fight, fear of loud noises, fear of falling; (2) keep you happy — to get attention, recognition or approval (positive or negative). These laws reverse immediately after birth. Keeping you happy, in its interpretation, is dominant and becomes more important than keeping you alive. Its interpretation of “happy” means happy or miserable.

Your subconscious mind is your Higher self:

Events and trials are stored in your bodies as living chemical memories at the moment they occurred. Each event is alive and well and ready to manifest in you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, from anything which can trigger these stored events. The subconscious mind can access all memories in the physical body as if they were it’s own.

Your Subconscious mind is you when you were a child:

Yourchild-learn-baby major problems were programmed into your memories in your first twelve years, like a series of dominoes. Any problems and trials after age twelve are simply triggers or symptoms of the first events.

Your subconscious mind controls you:

All dominant thoughts become programs or habits. All habits are from the subconscious mind, including everything you think, say and do automatically from habit. However you can deliberately control it with subconscious mind training.

Find out how to to train your brain:

It takes 21 days to six weeks to consciously create a new habit or program. The subconscious can accept a new habit program instantly. I can teach you how.

Read my 12 Wealth and Prosperity affirmations for the subconscious mind blog post.

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Meditation: Morning Coffee with a Shot of Happiness!

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planet-earthPower in Truth!

I read the Bible religiously although I am not Religious, I am Spiritual. I knew there had to be an answer. I knew God did not make anybody to suffer in this life.There must be one truth above all that would give us the power to direct out lives to be the way we want to experience it.

I changed my luck!

One day I was having the weirdest luck. You know those days where like you keep dropping your pen, then you try to put your sock on but it just wont go on…Next you Go to sign your name on your Credit Card paper at the Convenience store and the same pen somehow slips out of your hand and hits the clerk in the face. Ok well maybe not that bad…but you know those days when all that you try to do just has a weird energy around you that almost makes you wonder if someone or something is trying to stop you. I was having one of those days last week…I simply made a decision. I said to my self “I am in control of my life and I have the best luck.” That’s exactly what I said to my self…suddenly…the weird energy stopped. It was like  I had the power to reverse it all along. Or should I say…”I had the power all along!”



bookI’m writing a Book on Manifesting!

So I have been enjoying stepping into my God-given power. My Journey Started June 5, 2014. That is the date of my spiritual Rebirth. I now have a title for my new book – “Manifest it! –  Spiritual Tools for Success!” And, I even have a title for my second book that is not even written yet…Hmm. I’m getting excited again. Anyway Its really important that I help people be self empowered, so I want you to finish reading this blog post with a tool of self empowerment….read on…





My Morning Coffee!(Meditation)

morning coffeeMy Morning Coffee Is actually a Morning meditation. It is called “my Morning Coffee” because I noticed that every time I use it, it seems to stimulate me, and give me a boost of energy, and Self Confidence and happiness to boot. And you know all that stuff we sometimes think that causes us not to do things, or give a compliment etc. All that stuff seems to float away.  I would love for you to try it and share your results with me. I love this meditation. Use it only in the morning…or you might get energy when you may not appreciate it.

The mediation its self is called “I am Peace!”

Here it is….

Be sure you are comfortable and that your heart rate is slow and steady before you begin. Say it slow and calmly with eyes closed. Try to feel each word as you say it!





















Enjoy Your Morning Coffee, on me!

Let me know how the mediation works for you.




Subconscious Mind Power

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You Are a Creator!

subconscious mind powerLife should Be an adventure. Life should be fulfilling. Life should be much more than just existing…Most people are experiencing only a fraction of the joy and satisfaction that God placed before them. There is a way that each of us can change that and revitalize our lives.” – Dr. Joseph Murphy ”

…We usually say that animals have certain “instincts” to guide them….We often overlook the fact that humans too have a success instinct, more complex than that of any animal… Our Creator did not short-change us. Humans are especially blessed in this regard…

We Create our Circumstances with thought. Most of us are unaware that at all times we are emanating or emitting energy. This energy is created by our thinking, and our feelings and causes us to attract situations, people and events to us, that have a similar energy. With this energy we essentially “design” our current circumstances, including our financial circumstances, our love relationships, our friendships, even our opportunities or lack there of. Whether we are aware or unaware, with every thought,  we are creating our life circumstances.

Your Automatic Success Mechanism

Your subconscious mind make up a “servo-mechanism” that we use and that operates very much like a computer, a mechanical goal-seeking device. Your subconscious mind constitute a goal-striving mechanism that operates automatically to achieve a certain goal… to automatically steer you in the right direction to achieve certain goals or to make correct responses to environment, and also your subconscious has the power automatically to solve problems, give you needed answers and provide new ideas or inspirations.

Subconscious Mind Programming Test

The power of your subconscious mind is so great and so limitless, that one does not begin to understand its possibilities until one experiences the results for his or herself. Programming of the subconscious mind can be done. Try this one exercise for yourself. Before you go to bed tonight…say to your self “subconscious mind wake me up at (x) time!” The results may amaze you.

Subconscious mind training

I began offering my services professionally when I realized just how many of my friends, were unaware that their unhappiness, there financial situations, and their overall day-to-day “Mojo” was a result of thoughts they were thinking and that their subconscious minds were just “serving up” so to speak what they had asked for. My best friend for one told me after two weeks that he was feeling better about his current situation and actually feeling more confident. I was quite happy to hear that, and unexpectedly he revealed to me that he is excited about his financial future. 

 Subconscious Mind Training Sessions

My name is Emma Robinson. I am a Subconscious Mind Training coach, and Law of Attraction Specialist. Here is what your subconscious mind coaching session with me may  include…

  • How to use your subconscious for success and Money
  • How to use your subconscious mind to attract love and happy relationship
  • I offer Custom Sessions for a specific goals and dreams

Contact me via email at session@subconscious-mind-training.com, Happy Manifesting. May all your dreams come true in this lifetime.


You are a creative being!

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imagesCAS63XD6You are a creative being but you will have to accept this belief as true in order to see the power. I have had what I hope will be a turning point in my life. For many years when I was younger, I could make things happen, I was very spiritually inspired, and I made people feel good. Then life happened. I lost the desire to make others smile, I became very pessimistic and believed everybody was out to get me. Then out of something not so good came my original beliefs again.  I had to believe in something I had to believe that there was a creative power within me not outside of me, as Western religion so often teaches that I had to depend on it to fix the situation.

I have read many books on spirituality and I want you to know you are a creative spiritual being. All that you seek from Religion or in life, rests in and is available in you. To increase this power there are many things we can do, such as refuse to give in to the negative energies. This hinders our power. Laugh whenever possible, choose to see the light and love in others. Approach life from this perspective with these thoughts and you will see that manifesting is easier, and that love and happiness abound your life. I know this blog post is short, but I am already writing a book so I figured I wouldn’t put too much of a work load on my self.

Love light and blessings to all.