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Money Mainfesting Experience

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My apologies

Guys I am sorry I havent written in a while. I have had a lot on my plate. I have been meaning to share with you my money Manifesting Journal. I want you to know all of the cool and in some cases weird things that can begin to happen once you know how to use your energy to manifest (more) money into your experience. truly I simply wanted to know if a person could use their mind to increase their income. So here is what happened for me, over a 2 week period.


Bank Machine Card

credit_atmOne day I went into the bank a person bank cared was still in the machine. The machine asked me on-screen what I would like to do next…I hit cancel, It asked me if I wanted a statement…(receipt) I hit “no” and immediately brought the bank card to the branch manager. That has been the most extreme thing that has happened to me….in this “manifest money” experiment.

 5 Dollars in take out shop

So, I was in a fast food place, there was a guy in front of me…instead of paying attention to himself while he was pulling out his money to pay, he was looking at me. I saw the five dollar bill fall out of his pocket and assumed he did too. He started to walk away and leave the 5 dollar bill on the floor. I would have been the one to pick it up, but instead I pointed to the 5 dollar bill on the floor and he picked it up.

More Money Selling eBooks

So, I am a writer and blogger. That is one of my professions. I have found an increase in my earning. I “ask” for it to increase each month…and what do you know? It does! Sometimes I even decide the amount I want to earn and that is how much my pay check is….pretty cool huh?

Oh…So I have one of those prepaid visas….but before I get into that I want to tell you about another time when the same thing happened before…

Money Tip from Alien Lady217a9b4731db3532f37f236b39ee8c03b6e66cc2

I used to know this girl who told me she was talking to Aliens and that they knew everything about everything. She also told me that I have the power inside of me and that I should casually say outloud…”I create and I generate money.” I thought it was stupid but one day for fun I tried it. Well, I found on the days I used it I would actually have more sales of ebooks which I can view online at anytime. That is how I knew it was working. One of those days $6.00 appeared on my Visa that I did not expect. So…the other day….again there appeared money on my prepaid Visa that I was not expecting. I think it was about the same amount once again.

library Fines unexplainable…

My Library fines of 3 dollars which had been running for a good 9 weeks (don’t ask my why I didn’t just pay it) was unexplainably just wiped out one day. I kid you not. I am still amazed by this.


Woman in the Bathroom gave $3.00

I mentioned this in another Manifesting blog post. A woman heard me make a belch in the women’s library bathroom. She asked me if I needed money. I said yes. She forced me to accept 3 dollars under the stall door. Read the details of this story here!

More money, more payments!

Ok So I sell my books on Amazon.com and I got an email saying that they were trying to send me some payments. So, I sent an email back about that email. Usually I get paid 2 times per month. The month that I was doing the money manifesting, I received 3 additional payments. Apparently they had missed paying me earlier in the year.  Wow so cool.

There is some more stuff but seriously I can’t find my Money manifesting Journal, so I could only blog about what I had made notes about on my blog. Thanks for reading .

Love & Light.

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