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Planet Mars Astrology – Sex, Motivation, Mens Aggression & Relationship Compatibility

By | December 2, 2016

  Planet Mars Relationship “Getting Along” –  (by comparing both Mars) Mars in the chart of two people can tell you how well they will get a long and work together. Typically, mars located in the same element of both charts get a long well. That is the general rule when it comes to compatibility. […]

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Buddhist Meditation to Release Anger: 9 Steps

By | November 17, 2016

Buddhist Meditation to Release Anger: In 9 Steps In this article we will cover…. How to get rid of anger How to relieve stress and anger Ways to release Anger with meditation   Visualize the unwanted emotion inside, all over your body as a blue flame… Feel the tingling sensation of the flame… Now muster a […]

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How to see Auras (Chakras) – By Psychic Sandy Anastasi

By | November 16, 2016

What is the Aura? Energy System or Stamp of each person One can expand or contract his Aura Auras have different properties once you can feel them Know your energy This Video includes an Image to look at to help you see Auras Be sure to protect yourself before you start feeling auras The Chakras’ […]

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How to use Feng Shui to Find and Attract Love

By | November 15, 2016

Dual is the big word to attract love and relationship – Be sure to have two of everything in your bedroom. Allow Chi to flow – Keep the room clean, don’t have clutter under the bed in the closets etc. Mirrors Double things in Feng Shui – Its considered unlucky to sleep across from a mirror. […]

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Subconscious Mind Training eBooks

By | March 28, 2015

  Subconscious mind training How to Remove Bad Luck (free) write a blog post for such a long time. I did mention that I would be writing a book on this subject, so you should be happy that I did. I have decided to chunk my subconscious mind training books down into mini eBooks. I […]

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