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Van Van Oil Review

By | December 2, 2016

Van Van Hoodoo Oil Review I was blown away by the results. I wondered how I ever lived my life without it. Changed everything in my life from Positive to Negative in one day Negative thought processes to Positive thought processes I always wanted to go one day without makeup, and the day I used […]

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7 Amazing Health Benefits of “Bay Leafs”

By | November 17, 2016

Digestion: Gastrointestinal System (stimulates vomiting)¬†Settles upset stomach Respiratory Conditions: Salve to alleviate respiratory conditions (leave overnight) inhale vapors Hair Health: Eliminate Dandruff (Boy do I need this) Anti inflammatory – Throughout the Body (Applied topically like the joints) or consumed same effect Heart Health – Strengthens the heart Cancer Prevention – Antioxidants, protects body from […]

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Wiccan Tips for Asking the Universe for what you want

By | November 15, 2016

Tips by Patti Negri   Gratitude brings unexpected gifts – Open your window and show Gratitude every full moon. A simple state of “I am so grateful for…” Come up with at least 10 of these. Clock Directions for every day spell work – Stir clock wise to attract something to you combined with […]

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How to Be Happy No Matter What!

By | January 23, 2015

First of all I would like to make the point that happiness is an ongoing effort. There is no magic formula to make one happy every day for the simple reason that we are all different. I came with this blog post during a time when….pretty much…I had to…and it made me realize what true […]

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