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5 things your subconscious mind can do for you!

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5 things your subconscious mind can do for you!

Help you to become the person you aspire to be

95% of our actions are subconscious, only 5% are conscious. That means most of our actions taken every day are done without much conscious thought. Things such as brushing your teeth, getting dressed, putting on that pot of coffee are all subconscious habits. By way of the subconscious mind, we are able to Develop new habits that may help us to become the person we aspire to be. Characteristics such as critical thinking, more magnetism, more will power and determination; Your subconscious mind can help you change from the person you are, to the person you would like to become. How to do it! Spend 30 minutes daily visualizing the person you would like to be, including all the feelings and the success, and within 6 months you will begin to see changes in your life that reflect your new persona. Your subconscious mind has the power to can bring a focused picture of yourself to reality.

Put you into a great mood

The subconscious mind is affected by images, sounds, smells, etc. To change our mood into a good mood, we simply need to stimulate our subconscious mind with stimulus from the past reminding us of something we enjoyed. This could be song from the 80s, a specific perfume or cologne, or a picture or our favorite vacation spot, Your subconscious can help change your mood with a little stimuli.

Help you Lose weight and eat healthy

. When training your subconscious mind to lose weight it is much more productive to speak the positive rather than the negative. I am slim and trim and always eat healthy, is a great affirmation, to help your subconscious feel good about helping you to eat healthy, minus the feel completion or guilt.

Make you smarter and more creative

Intelligence comes from clear thinking and the ability to use both hemispheres of the brain. Include more mediation in your daily routine. How to do it! Sit in a comfortable chair and image yourself in a place that makes you feel relaxed. This could be a sauna, a scene in the outdoors, an imaginary home etc. Stay there for 20 minutes per day, reap the rewards of a mind that can relax at will and create, and think more intelligently.

Manifest the things you desire

Your subconscious mind hears all that you think and believe. The more deeply you think and believe it, the more your subconscious mind accepts it as true. The subconscious mind has only one job, and that is to affirm your thoughts and beliefs.   Manifesting becomes easier when you accept that you have such and ability.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article . Please visit www.subconscios –mind-training.com to learn more. Your subconscious mind is responsible for 95 person of who you are. Isn’t it time you started to train your subconscious mind to work for you?

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How to Live Abundantly: 5 Tips To Manifest & Attract the Life You Want

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How to Live Abundantly: 5 Tips To Manifest & Attract the Life You Want


Tip #1: Know That you are a Creator!

Focused-Mind-Power1Ok…the truth is you were born a creator. Yeah like you have the power within to create your reality. Even to get what you want. I know this world teaches us that all power (God, money, others) is outside of us…but it really within us. You have the power to …

  • Ask the universe for what you want
  • Respond to people and situations
  • Take advantage of the Law of Attraction and attract what you want. Focus the subconscious mind on achieving and attaining any goal.

Tip #2: Speak and Affirm your Desires!??????????????

Perhaps you don’t believe in Affirmations. The Truth is Affirmations can Change your life. Why? Because you are a creator and your words have power! The thing I like about affirmations is that they can set the tone for you entire day or for your entire life! You can use them at anytime, and you can speak them out loud, say.. in the shower, or just quietly in your own mind. Affirmations are great for influencing any situation or even your own behavior too. Affirmations Rock!

Tip #3: Meditate!

MeditationWhy Meditate? Because mediation makes your attraction and creative powers stronger. Mediation “powers up” your connection as your spiritual self which is your ever lasting connection to God and the Universe. When you mediate, you lessen the physical and strengthen the spiritual…Meditation is Key to Creation and Manifesting Power!

Tip #4: Speak to The Universe!

universeOk this is a great one. In writing my new book (I am having some trouble choosing the title) I have decided to share with readers my experiences in speaking with the Universe. Really I am blown away. The Universe can take on any task you ask about…and solve any problem one might be having. The universe loves you and is always there to help. Want to know how to speak to the universe…? Simply still your mind and say… “…Universe how can I…?” or “…Universe What is the best…?” Be sure to always phrase your concerns as a Question…so that the Universe can respond… Then just let it go and live your life. Just give the Universe time to respond… it always does!

Tip #5: Think Positive!

think-positiveYou can create (attract) good things simply by thinking positively and blocking out all the negative crap that our minds like to think about. Just focus on the positive thoughts and when you catch your self thinking negative…simply say…”cancel that!” Eventually you will train your self to see even the negative experiences in a positive light. I am doing that now and it feels great! Positive thinking enhances your Manifestation Power too because happiness is such a free flowing positive energy. You are a creator! Love it, Be it…Utilize It! Try it!!!!! Love & Light!


Subconscious Mind Power

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You Are a Creator!

subconscious mind powerLife should Be an adventure. Life should be fulfilling. Life should be much more than just existing…Most people are experiencing only a fraction of the joy and satisfaction that God placed before them. There is a way that each of us can change that and revitalize our lives.” – Dr. Joseph Murphy ”

…We usually say that animals have certain “instincts” to guide them….We often overlook the fact that humans too have a success instinct, more complex than that of any animal… Our Creator did not short-change us. Humans are especially blessed in this regard…

We Create our Circumstances with thought. Most of us are unaware that at all times we are emanating or emitting energy. This energy is created by our thinking, and our feelings and causes us to attract situations, people and events to us, that have a similar energy. With this energy we essentially “design” our current circumstances, including our financial circumstances, our love relationships, our friendships, even our opportunities or lack there of. Whether we are aware or unaware, with every thought,  we are creating our life circumstances.

Your Automatic Success Mechanism

Your subconscious mind make up a “servo-mechanism” that we use and that operates very much like a computer, a mechanical goal-seeking device. Your subconscious mind constitute a goal-striving mechanism that operates automatically to achieve a certain goal… to automatically steer you in the right direction to achieve certain goals or to make correct responses to environment, and also your subconscious has the power automatically to solve problems, give you needed answers and provide new ideas or inspirations.

Subconscious Mind Programming Test

The power of your subconscious mind is so great and so limitless, that one does not begin to understand its possibilities until one experiences the results for his or herself. Programming of the subconscious mind can be done. Try this one exercise for yourself. Before you go to bed tonight…say to your self “subconscious mind wake me up at (x) time!” The results may amaze you.

Subconscious mind training

I began offering my services professionally when I realized just how many of my friends, were unaware that their unhappiness, there financial situations, and their overall day-to-day “Mojo” was a result of thoughts they were thinking and that their subconscious minds were just “serving up” so to speak what they had asked for. My best friend for one told me after two weeks that he was feeling better about his current situation and actually feeling more confident. I was quite happy to hear that, and unexpectedly he revealed to me that he is excited about his financial future. 

 Subconscious Mind Training Sessions

My name is Emma Robinson. I am a Subconscious Mind Training coach, and Law of Attraction Specialist. Here is what your subconscious mind coaching session with me may  include…

  • How to use your subconscious for success and Money
  • How to use your subconscious mind to attract love and happy relationship
  • I offer Custom Sessions for a specific goals and dreams

Contact me via email at session@subconscious-mind-training.com, Happy Manifesting. May all your dreams come true in this lifetime.