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Van Van Oil Review

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Van Van Hoodoo Oil Review
I was blown away by the results. I wondered how I ever lived my life without it.

  1. Changed everything in my life from Positive to Negative in one day
  2. Negative thought processes to Positive thought processes
  3. I always wanted to go one day without makeup, and the day I used the Van Van oil I did!
  4. Doubled my usual Sales of Ebooks that Day
  5. Doubled my usual earnings for Adsense that Day
  6. Was self conscious to Not carign about what others thought
  7. Feel like im struggling and overwhelemd to complete work, to feeling like life is fun
  8. Most Days when I leave my house, I think that others are thinking negavtive about my appearance, to feeling like I have it all
  9. Thinkign positively about my problems and those related to the issue

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7 Amazing Health Benefits of “Bay Leafs”

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  1. magical benefits of bay leafsDigestion: Gastrointestinal System (stimulates vomiting) Settles upset stomach
  2. Respiratory Conditions: Salve to alleviate respiratory conditions (leave overnight) inhale vapors
  3. Hair Health: Eliminate Dandruff (Boy do I need this)
  4. Anti inflammatory – Throughout the Body (Applied topically like the joints) or consumed same effect
  5. Heart Health – Strengthens the heart
  6. Cancer Prevention – Antioxidants, protects body from effects of free radicals.
  7. Anxiety and Stress – Calm down and remain relaxed as a tea

Consult your doctor before using. Bay leaves are a potent plant, and can be dangerous.


The biggest reason why I decided to do a post on bay leaves is that I learned it can change ones luck from bad luck  to good luck. Just sleep on them on some white sheets and see what happens. Amazing. I also watched a video on you tube that said you should stick some in your wallet. I think I will try it. Then too I almost forgot, a woman by the name of I don’t know but she teaches Wicca, she said she keeps them around her house. I think for luck. 


Subconsciously Happy

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  3. 5 Tips to stop Poverty
  4. Why Bad things happen to good people
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Feng Shui Tips & Products to Attract Money & Wealth

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6 Feng Shui tips &  products to attract money & Wealth

  1. feng shui happy catLucky Money Cat – He calls money. Great for business.
  2. Money Envelope– Place money and wishes inside the envelop. Place some money inside then hang it by your front door.
  3. Cut Glass Crystal – Green for attracting money. Hang it in a window.
  4. Wealth Rock – RAS, our brains seek what we want. You are able to find it easily. The wealth Rock helps you to recognizance wealth opportunties. Place it where you will see it daily.
  5. Frog with a Coin in its mouth – lucky to bring money and opportunities.
  6. Chinese Coins – For Prosperity. Hang them in your home. Brings abundance and good energy.


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Affirmations: 12 Money, Wealth & Prosperity Affirmations

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5 Things your subconscious mind can do for you 

Lottery winner uses visualization to win Jackpot!!!! – Are your spirit guides speaking to you?

 Whats driving your life?

money4 Tips for Using Affirmations

  1. Affirmations should be said when you are in a relaxed state. Sit or lye down, or use them while in the shower. Be sure your breath is slow and consistent, then begin to say your Affirmation
  2. Dont say an affirmation when you are Angry. The universe knows the truth of your Feelings, and will send you more of your dominant emotion.
  3. Be consistent when using affirmations. I say My affirmations twice daily sometimes more. If you want to get results you have to be consistent. Try saying them while taking your morning shower, and at night just before you drift off to sleep then your affirmations will become a natural part of your Routine.
  4. Keep an Affirmations, Manifestation and Feelings Journal, then you will really be able to gauge the success of using Affirmations.

Below are some Wealth and Money Affirmations. I save the best for last so please read through to the end. The first two bunches are from some blogs online. The last is from a great book you might want to learn more about. So read everything. Blessed.

6 Money Affirmations

  1. I am loving and giving with my wealth so I receive more wealthAffirmations
  2. The Universe is friendly to all my plans
  3. I am at peace because I have an abundance of all things
  4. I am blessed on every side
  5. I feel blessed to have wealth in abundance
  6. Opportunities to make money come to me easily and frequently

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 5 Wealth Affirmations

  1. I release all opposition to wealth. I am only positive towards wealth.
  2. All my issues with wealth have disappeared. I welcome wealth with open arms.
  3. I realize that I can do a lot of charity with my wealth; hence I stay wealthy.
  4. The Universe has chosen me to be wealthy so that I can help humanity with my wealth.
  5. Every day in every way, my wealth is increasing.

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 1 Really Great Wealth Building affirmation

This one I got from the Book “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” The whole thing is one affirmation. He suggests reading it daily. Then see the results. The book,”The Power of the Subconscious Mind”  is by Dr. Joseph Murphy.


“I am one with the infinite riches of my subconscious mind.

It is my right to be rich and happy and successful.

Money flows to me freely, copiously and endlessly.

I am forever conscious of my true worth.

I give of my talents freely and I am (abundantly) blessed financially. It is wonderful!”